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Q&A: Lea(R)n CEO Karl Rectanus on Lessons Learned From the Top 40 EdTech Tools

EdTech Magazine

RECTANUS: I think it's worth noting that our mission as an organization is to expand equitable access for all students to the tools that work for them. What you've just highlighted are two ends of the spectrum when it comes to personalizing learning at scale. That's our mission. One of those pieces is the overall EdTech Top 40.

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The pandemic’s remote learning legacy: A lot worth keeping

The Hechinger Report

times the rate of white students, according to an analysis of federal data by the New York Civil Liberties Union. While students ultimately may go back to in-person learning, remote learning will remain a possibility for suspended students “whenever feasible,” he says. Millions of students still face access issues.

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Bringing Tech to the Tundra: Educators Are Bridging the Technology Gap in Alaska


The access to technology that students have is just as varied as the students and schools themselves. After conducting a survey in 2015, district leaders found that while a surprising number of students have access to broadband, the biggest obstacle to technological access rural students face is the lack of devices.

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Resources for Teacher and Instructional Coaches – March 2021


As we are blossoming into the spring months, in-person learning is also started to spring as schools are reopening across the county. Expert suggestions for redesigning your in-person learning spaces. Help your students see themselves when teaching American history. Here are a few of the highlights. .

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29 K-12 edtech predictions for 2021

eSchool News

It will provide more support for students who are struggling in the online environment, it will take some of the burden off of the teachers, and it will help schools support educational equity by creating greater access to services that previously were only available to families that could afford it. – Scott Kinney, CEO, Discovery Education.

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OPINION: Online homework tools trade ‘busy work’ for feedback to help end inequities in schools

The Hechinger Report

However, while the benefits of moving some student homework to interactive, online platforms are clear, we can’t ignore the question of access. These programs can only work — and narrow, rather than widen, gaps — if all students have equitable access to digital resources. Related: The ‘dirty secret’ about educational innovation.

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A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 14 Edition)

Doug Levin

Tagged on: April 9, 2017 California lawmakers want to mandate internet for kids in juvy | CNN → Internet access brings all sorts of benefits: Education, jobs, and connection to friends and family. But youth in the criminal justice and foster care systems often don't have access to it. Who paid for the legal analysis?

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