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The Key Role of Tech in Accessibility for All

Every two or three years, state and federal laws regarding accessibility in education change. However, the goal is always the same: making sure that every student, at every level (classroom, building, district), has access to the resources they need to meet their learning goals.

How to reach students without internet access at home? Schools get creative

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A lot of our kids don’t have internet access,” said Coe, who knows students who routinely head to the library or the town’s McDonald’s to get online. For students who don’t have online access, we’re happy to be able to provide this,” said Seeta Pai, executive director of education at WGBH.

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Excellent Free STEM Strategies from TGR Foundation and Discovery

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You’ll want to download the companion guide and take a look at the information covered in the course to see if it is right for you. This resource can help you not only learn the techniques you need, but give you access to many valuable tools and resources to use with your students.

STEM 240

A Tiny Microbe Upends Decades of Learning

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Blaney Elementary School in Elgin, S.C., School buses provide Wi-Fi access for downloading homework assignments, as well as lunches, at various locations in South Carolina. With everything shut down, the chronic issue of home internet access became an immense and acute challenge.

To Raise a Reader

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It was a book I relied on when I taught elementary school. Educators feel the same way when we discover a new strategy or method and then think about all of the students we had in the past who did not have access to this better practice. MY STUDENTS ARE NOT IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Patrons can check out titles and download them on their smartphones, tablets, and computers. (I wrote this post last week for our families on my school blog.).

5 Ways to Bring Financial Literacy into Any School

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We’ll have free resources available for downloading. I was on a team that developed quite a few lessons that are downloadable. Brian Page on episode 295 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

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techlearning ) Alma Technologies has announced it is allowing any SQL-based business intelligence tool, such as Tableau and Jaspersoft, to access data from its modern, student information system and learning management system. Software & Online ALMA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.

Social and Cultural Literacy Resources for Classrooms

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Then you'll find lessons, videos, downloadables, and games organized by a few key topic areas like facilitating tough conversations, understanding bias and prejudice, and getting students civically engaged. Teaching and learning happen within cultural, political, and social circumstances.