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How Access to Technology Can Create Equity in Schools

Digital Promise

Students can access learning materials outside of school. One of the most straightforward ways that technology contributes to equity in schools is ensuring that every student has access to learning materials, even outside of the classroom. Educators and district leaders can use data to make informed decisions.

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New Partnership Provides Texas Educators Easy Access to Critical Data

eSchool News

As a part of this initiative, MAP Growth data will transfer seamlessly into DMAC , enhancing this valuable tool used by Texas educators by providing quicker access to student data that supports instruction and student achievement. Portland, Ore., We’re excited to have MAP Growth available for ESC 7 districts. About MAP Growth.


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More Than Half of High Schools Offer Computer Science, But Access Isn’t Equal


That’s according to the 2021 State of Computer Science report jointly released last week by the Advocacy Coalition, Computer Science Teachers Association and the Expanding Computing Education Pathways Alliance. The figure is based on data from public high schools in 37 states, a first for the report. “It

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After Recent High-Profile Data Breaches, Illuminate Education Quietly Gets Acquired


There’s been a lot of consolidation in edtech since the pandemic, with players like Renaissance making big moves, says Anna Edwards, chief advocacy officer and cofounder of Whiteboard Advisors. Data Breach The deal's low-key announcement may be connected to Illuminate’s recent high-profile failures when it comes to protecting student data.

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Addressing the Digital Access Gap: One District’s Success

In the case of Corpus Christi Independent School District (CCISD), it was narrowing the digital access gap, landing it CoSN’s Community Leadership Award for Digital Equity. Parents can also access the LMS to see what their children are learning. Installing classroom charging cabinets to secure the devices and keep them charged.

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Critical Guidelines for Ensuring Data Privacy in Districts

Data privacy, a multi-stakeholder priority for school systems, touches every aspect of operations. To provide safe learning environments, district leaders must stay abreast of data privacy regulations at the state and federal levels. Legal issues around data privacy can be overwhelming for the school community.

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World Backup Day March 31st: Student data security


These holes within school and other institutional databases can create vulnerabilities, exposing: IP addresses, location settings & browser data. Data breaches and other hacks can cause educators to be locked out of necessary accounts as a means of defense, but that can also lead to further data leaks or lost information in the process.

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