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However, at each level—middle school, high school, and college—these variations paled in comparison to a stunning and dismaying consistency.

Scrutiny of colleges that get billions in GI Bill money remains mired in bureaucracy

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The most trumpeted new approach focuses around a complaint system and a separate GI Bill comparison tool that flags schools the department determines are in trouble. Higher Ed News for-profit education Higher education access Higher education affordability Higher education completion

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Transfer students start getting more of the credits they’ve already earned

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” At La Verne, by comparison, he said in a cafe in the student union, “There was one person in charge of everything , and she put me in touch with the people I needed to talk to by the next day.” Gage Ramirez transferred twice in his college career.

These students are finishing high school, but their degrees don’t help them go to college

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My favorite comparison I see a lot is about asking a fish to climb a tree. Candace Cortiella, the director of The Advocacy Institute. And that’s not the case,” said Candace Cortiella, the director of The Advocacy Institute, a nonprofit based in Washington, D.C.,

At some colleges that recruit veterans and their GI Bill money, none graduate

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The findings “demonstrate more can be done to support the needs of these non-traditional students,” said Barrett Bogue, spokesman for the advocacy organization Student Veterans of America. Cuinn Mulinaro, 26, a U.S.

Short on financial knowledge, some school districts get bad deals on bonds

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The building is not completely ADA accessible. But Robbins, the University of Connecticut professor, takes a different view: It’s a matter of convenience for school districts that don’t want to put in the time and effort to seek out comparisons.

The Cost Trap, Part 3

Iterating Toward Openness

In my recent post I asked us each to consider what “what is the real goal of our OER advocacy?” ” Stephen answers that his goal is access for all, and takes me to task for wanting more. In my post I wrote, My ultimate goal is this: I want to (1) radically improve the quality of education as judged by learners, and (2) radically improve access to education. Stephen’s goal is access for all. Access for all means access for all.

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Schools in the poorest state become even poorer

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Nancy Loome, executive director and founder of the Parents’ Campaign, a nonprofit and grassroots education advocacy organization. By comparison, the national average is about 20.4 Access to technology is another funding-related struggle. “If

Hillary Clinton’s preschool revolution?

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As a young attorney, she worked for the Children’s Defense Fund, an advocacy group. Early education advocates have a whole raft of ideas to change that, from paid parental leave to expanded Early Head Start to universal preschool access.

Policies to help students pay for college continue to shift toward favoring the rich

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By comparison, Medina said he met with the overworked college counselor in his school only twice in four years. Eduardo Medina, a junior at Cornell, which temporarily kicked him out because of a past-due bill. Now he’s helping design a way to encourage the working poor to save.

Consumers get more information about a purchase they once made on trust: college

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They say it’s easier to learn the odds of winning Powerball than of graduating, or to comparison-shop for a mattress than to compare the actual cost of tuition, fees, and other expenses among schools. Every student should have access to that information,” Griffin said.

One of the worst states at caring for low-income babies and toddlers

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According to a 2015 report by the advocacy non-profit Child Care Aware, the average cost of center-based infant care in Louisiana—one of the four poorest states in the nation—was roughly $110 a week in 2014.

Education Technology and 'Fake News'

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By comparison, just 19% of Democrats believe that colleges’ and universities’ effect is negative.). Google’s motto , remember, is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

The Politics of Education Technology

Hack Education

Before I turn to the President-Elect’s campaign promises and potential education and computer technology policies, I want to note that this Presidential election was influenced by digital technologies in ways that make the “ digital masterminds ” who supposedly helped Obama win re-election pale by comparison: Hacks – perhaps by Russia – of the Democratic National Committee. ” Accessibility and Technology (and the Role of Governments and Corporations).