Why We Should Expand Our OER Advocacy to Commercial Publishers

Iterating Toward Openness

Effective Advocacy. They understood the outsized influence that billion dollar behemoths like Microsoft would continue to have, and knew that the only way the open source model could “win” would be if proprietary software companies adopted it. This was an extremely contentious position to take in the late 1990s, when many “free software” advocates described Microsoft as “the Great Satan” and felt similarly about all companies who produced proprietary software.). Preface.

Advocacy Group to DOJ: Cengage-McGraw Hill Merger Could Create a ‘Platform Monopoly’ in Education


An open-access advocacy group on Wednesday sent a formal filing to the U.S. This week’s filing was made by the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, or SPARC, and it says that in the short run, allowing the marriage of the companies would create a duopoly in the textbook market, with the new combined publisher rivaled in size only by Pearson. It also enables a more sustainable business model for the company and our authors.”.


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Nine New Lawsuits Target ?Inclusive Access? Textbook Programs, Alleging Antitrust Violations


Nine lawsuits filed in March, April and May against major textbook companies and retailers take aim at their bulk deals with colleges to offer online course materials, sometimes referred to as “inclusive access” programs. And in February, nonprofit advocacy organization U.S.

When Colleges Sign ‘Inclusive Access’ Textbook Deals, Can Students and Professors Opt Out?


Yet the contract terms for these subscription arrangements—which some publishers call “inclusive access” programs—raise questions about whether publishers and colleges pressure students into participating.

The Challenges of Broadband Access in Rural Schools


Rural school districts face many unique trials, and access to educational technology is no different. But in order to take advantage of edtech, they first need broadband access. Telecom companies often forget about rural areas because they don’t have high population density.

TCEA 2011 Legislative Update Advocacy Panel


Second barrier is lack of access to digital high speed connections at home. We need to make sure people have a way to access the content. How can we budget for digital access for those who need it without budgeting for those who don''t? Equal access for children of poverty is an issue. We spend rediculously large sums of money to the same companies every few years for repackaged content. Notes from TCEA 2011 Panel.

Colleges are withholding transcripts and degrees from millions over unpaid bills

The Hechinger Report

million students can’t obtain their transcripts from public and private colleges and universities that block them from access for having unpaid balances as low as $25 or less. Think about getting on the phone with your insurance company and multiply that times 1,000.”. “I

Arne Duncan Joins Board of Ed-Tech Company Pluralsight

Marketplace K-12

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has joined the board of directors for Pluralsight , a Utah-based ed-tech company that provides online courses in various subjects, including software development and information technology, the news site Fast Company reported Thursday. Pluralsight CEO Aaron Skonnard said he hopes to eventually have the company provide free or discounted subscriptions to the courses to people from low-income and otherwise disadvantaged communities.

#AskExcelinEd: How has access to computer science education increased in the past year?


In order to keep this technology wave going, we need more people with these skills—not just in Silicon Valley firms or technology corridors—but in diverse businesses like banks, manufacturing plants, power companies and farms. However, employers are finding these jobs hard to fill, forcing companies to miss out on growth, employees to miss out on good jobs and states to miss out on revenues for education and healthcare.

Beer making for credit: Liberal arts colleges add career tech

The Hechinger Report

In a survey conducted by Quest Research and the Kaplan test-prep company, they were four times more likely to say they’d hire an English major with a credential in cybersecurity than an English major without one. “We STRATFORD, Conn. —

With a degree no longer enough, job candidates are told to prove their skills in tests

The Hechinger Report

They give companies another reason to stop relying principally on academic degrees when hiring, since candidates who are Black are less likely than white candidates to have one , according to the U.S. Department of Education, for reasons including cost and access.

More Colleges Are Offering Income-Share Agreements. Are Students Buying In?


Such claims have caught the attention of consumer-protection advocacy groups like the Student Borrower Protection Center, which has found marketing language that it contends is deceptive and predatory. The company says it has since updated the information.)

Students Need More Financial Aid Than What They Applied for. A Free New Tool Can Help.


The nuanced world of college finances is one familiar to Seldin, who previously founded and sold College Abacus , a company that helps prospective college students and families calculate tuition, costs and what financial assistance is available at different institutions.

Experts call for an end to online preschool programs

The Hechinger Report

It just goes against everything we know about child development and what’s best for children,” said Josh Golin, executive director of the nonprofit advocacy group Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. Most online programs are offered by for-profit companies, although perhaps the fastest-growing is UPSTART, which was developed by the nonprofit Waterford Institute and is advertised as a kindergarten-readiness program.

Digital Equity in Rural School Districts


The goal of digital equity is to ensure that all students have access to devices, high-speed internet, and opportunities to learn both in school and out. edWeb Blog CoSN Digital equity and access district leadership equity rural districtsWATCH THE EDWEBINAR RECORDING.

Few preschool apps are developmentally appropriate, report finds

The Hechinger Report

Josh Golin, executive director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, a nonprofit advocacy group, said many apps have been “falsely marketed as educational” for years, even though there is no evidence that the apps actually help children learn. Companies know if you want parents to download their apps, claiming it’s ‘educational’ is going to increase those chances,” Golin said. K-12 News online learning Technology access

In Puerto Rico, the odds are against high school grads who want to go to college

The Hechinger Report

The only way I know that this can be changed is when there’s access to higher education.”. The only way I know that this can be changed is when there’s access to higher education.”. Of those who do enroll at universities on the island, fewer than half earn degrees, even after six years , the advocacy group Excelencia in Education reports, compared to more than 58 percent of college students nationwide. How is it going to be accessible?

Universities try to catch up to their growing Latinx populations

The Hechinger Report

based advocacy group Excelencia in Education, said universities need to go beyond that sort of passive outreach, especially for students who may be hesitant to seek out help. “We Ortiz knew she had Pell Grant aid coming in, but didn’t know how to access it. Her years of assembly line work at Ford left her with debilitating carpal tunnel syndrome, but Perez said she wanted to make it back to the company — off the assembly line, as a manager.

As jobs grow hard to fill, businesses join the drive to push rural residents toward college

The Hechinger Report

It’s that fewer than one in five of adults in the entire surrounding Humphreys County have at least an associate degree, according to census data analyzed by the nonprofit advocacy organization Complete Tennessee. With worker shortages hitting industries nationwide, their companies — and many states’ economies — depend on it. “No After a few supplementary classes at a local technical college, said teacher Alan Bivens, local companies will be clamoring to hire them. “We

Universities increasingly turn to graduate programs to balance their books

The Hechinger Report

Even with that, financial documents show, the company has yet to turn a profit , thanks to the high cost of recruiting new students. The National Association of Graduate-Professional Students and other advocacy groups are lobbying Congress to mandate training for graduate mentors and advisors. Higher Ed News Adult learning Higher education access Higher education affordability Higher education completion Universities Inc The St. Thomas University School of Law.

Excellent Free STEM Strategies from TGR Foundation and Discovery

The CoolCatTeacher

The professional development on TGR Edu: Explore provides everyone, especially those from under-resourced communities, the access and materials needed to transform teaching during COVID-19 and beyond.

STEM 268

Left in the lurch by for-profit college direct loans

The Hechinger Report

Campbell’s loan is a tiny fraction of the more than $30 million owed to Florida Career College’s parent company, the International Education Corporation. The company doesn’t care whether she and thousands of others ever pay it back.

Colleges welcome first-year students by getting them thinking about jobs

The Hechinger Report

And just a third of all students say they have ever used each of four principal types of career services — help with resumes and interviews, networking opportunities and career fairs — according to another survey, by the education technology company Cengage. Picking a career early not only helps students better organize the rest of their time in college; it can help them graduate on schedule, the advocacy organization Complete College America says.

More high school grads than ever are going to college, but 1 in 5 will quit

The Hechinger Report

or a solid B, according to the education consulting company Civitas Learning. At least half a million students a year are placed into such courses, The Hechinger Report has found , and many of them give up in frustration, according to the advocacy organization Complete College America. Access without success is not really solving the problems we need to solve, especially for the most disadvantaged,” said Vandal.

Silicon Valley aims its tech at helping low-income kids get beyond high school

The Hechinger Report

Those entrepreneurs have created a platform, and company, called Siembra — a Spanish word for sowing seeds — that reaches out to low-income, first-generation and racial and ethnic minority high school students on their ever-present smartphones, nagging them to stay on track the same way college-educated parents of wealthier kids do. Siembra, a for-profit company that’s paid by participating school districts and colleges, has only early results to share.

A Tale of Two American Education Systems: An Edtech Investor’s Perspective


She shares one computer with her family of five, lacks home internet access and uses a smartphone to connect online. As the years pass, the gap between Jennifer’s and Maria’s access to technology widens: Jennifer has everything she needs at her fingertips, while Maria does not.

System 146

For rural colleges, good vocational teachers are hard to find

The Hechinger Report

The United States is facing a dramatic shortfall of skilled workers , and the economic-modeling company Emsi says a huge wave of retirements will hit blue-collar industries particularly hard in the next few years. Higher Ed News Adult learning community college Higher education access Higher education affordability Higher education completion Rural schools

Edtech, Equity, and Innovation: A Critical Look in the Mirror

Digital Promise

In our current education system, we continue to see gaps in graduation rates and unequal access to high-quality public schools. True equity can be achieved when one’s zip code, race, disability status, household income, native language(s), and other factors out of a student’s control don’t impact that student’s access to the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that open doors to a happy, fulfilling life.

EdTech 261

Students get much-requested climate change curriculum

eSchool News

Portland Public Schools (PPS) is partnering with Portland General Electric Company on the creation of a comprehensive K-12 curriculum exploring the causes and consequences of climate change, along with potential solutions. This partnership is a direct response to student advocacy.

Column: As Betsy DeVos steps down, critics hope it is time to put the public back in public education

The Hechinger Report

DeVos “enthusiastically sent our taxpayer dollars to schools that explicitly and actively discriminate against LGBTQ+ students,” Eliza Byard, the executive director of the advocacy group GLSEN , said in a statement.

Telehealth is taking off. Stakeholder alignment can ensure it lasts.

The Christensen Institute

By enabling health professionals to diagnose and treat their patients remotely via video and audio, telehealth stands to greatly increase access to healthcare, and as a result, reduce costs through preventative screenings. For years we’ve talked about the disruptive potential of telehealth.

CMS 193

Five Top Technology Trends In Special Education


(TNS) — Fueled by technological advances, changing state policies, and a continued push from advocates, ed-tech companies and researchers are crafting new tools and strategies to better serve students with disabilities. “Developers and [K-12] consumers are now very tuned in,” said Cynthia Curry, the director of the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials for Learning , more commonly known as the AEM Center. Making Computer Science Accessible for All.

Trends 171

OPINION: Time to rebuild the economy, not just stimulate it

The Hechinger Report

To keep pace with the 21st century workplace, workforce development programs must provide better advocacy, choices and career pathway guidance for every American. It would be affordable, with companies paying.

School Counselors Helping More Women Go Into Computer Science: Tips and Advice to Find the Fit

The CoolCatTeacher

So what are some of the resources that counselors can access that will help them in this area? It’s completely free and very accessible. When they see that there’s a way for them to achieve this goal and support their students, it actually feels very accessible to them. Angela’s advocacy has earned her recognition, most recently the “2017 NJ State School Counselor of the Year” award and was featured in Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls blog.

GoGuardian and Pear Deck Merge to Expand K-12 Classroom Management Offerings

eSchool News

GoGuardian, a K-12 EdTech company dedicated to maximizing each student’s learning potential by providing solutions that enable more productive and safer digital learning, today announced a merger with Pear Deck, an award-winning and market-leading student engagement platform.