5 Ways Adobe Premiere Rush Encourages Creativity in the Classroom

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Product Review: Features, Lesson Plan Ideas, and Tips From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Adobe Premiere Rush is a simple to use video creation tool that includes powerful camera features, video editing, and publishing features.

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ISTE 2019: Adobe Spark Makes It Easy to Create and Collaborate

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ISTE 2019: Adobe Spark Makes It Easy to Create and Collaborate. Adobe Spark gives students and teachers user-friendly tools to make and share videos, web pages and social media posts. Because it is web-based, students can access their work easily on any device.

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Adobe Spark — All-purpose Desktop Publishing Tool for the Classroom

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Adobe Spark is a free graphic design app that allows students and teachers with no design experience to create impactful graphics, web stories, and animated videos. You can access files in Dropbox, Google Photos, YouTube, Vimeo, or upload them from your local computer.

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Adobe Spark: Easily create and share videos, images, and newsletters

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What it is: Adobe Spark is a collection of fantastic (free!) Create social graphics that are stunning and easy to share (you know the kind: flyers, memes, posters, ads). Produce and share impressive videos for storytelling, projects, or to share to social media.

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A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


Claims on Social Media : Students consider the sources of a tweet and the information contained in it in order to describe what makes it both a useful and not useful source of information. Social Media Video : Students watch an online video and identify its strengths and weaknesses.

Global Education Conference 2017 #globaled17

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All sessions are recorded so you can access later. He has worked as a technology entrepreneur in a variety of different fields related to children’s media. Steve: Lucy’s our social media guru… Lucy: Yes there is.

Five tools for global educators

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In effect, through the use of social media and telecommunication technologies, these teachers are becoming global educators. Twitter: This social networking tool is deceptively simple, but deeply sophisticated and versatile due to its inherent filtering facilities.

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20 top edtech tools for the classroom

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Adobe Spark : This flexible design tool lets teachers and students design everything from a web page to a social media post. At Common Sense Education, the edtech reviewers have seen it all.

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6 Great Apps to try on the new Windows 10 | @Microsoft_EDU


Once you have marked up your website, you can then share it with your students using OneNote or other social media tools. Adobe Photoshop Express. Adobe Photoshop Express is the perfect lightweight companion to get students started in graphic design and photo editing.

Class Tech Tips: How To Tell Your School’s Story on Instagram with Spark Post


Our school had a Twitter account and a blog, but in the years since I’ve left the classroom, the way educators use social media to share the story of teaching and learning has definitely changed. There are new tools, platforms, and strategies for using social media.

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Final Project #EdTech Ideas @AdobeSpark @EDpuzzle @PowToon @weebly @SutoriApp @PearDeck @flippitynet


Adobe Spark – Pages, Posts, & Video. Use Spark Posts to create images optimized for social media or Pinterest. Use Adobe Video to create a video presentation with voiceover. Students have the same access to Pear Deck that we have as teachers if they go to peardeck.com and choose “Teacher Sign In.”. Note: you can access all of the tutorials I share with teachers at my school through this Google Spreadsheet — Tech References & Tutorials

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7 Free Edtech Things. Cause Free Edtech Things are Always a Good Thing


Adobe Spark – I love Adobe Spark even more. Videos, quick and easy to create websites, and social media graphics all in one shiny package. don’t forget, your school basically owns and controls access to all of it.

Typito: Your post production buddy


Post-production is what makes your media feel professional and done. But not everyone has access to, or the chops to use, a robust video editor like Final Cut Pro or Adobe After Effects. More and more we communicate through video.

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The Learning Mixologist – #ISTE19 (FREE Preview) – SULS017

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We share some of our favorite recipe cards for Shaking Up and Infusing your lessons by utilizing a variety of technology platforms in the classroom, such as Adobe Spark, G Suite, and podcasting.

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How to Use Your Private School’s Website to Increase Enrollment


Encourage social sharing. Another call to action is to ask your readers to share the blog post with their social media followers. Sharing on social networks is a great way to drive more traffic to your school’s website. Every school has a website these days.

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Top Edtech Classroom Tools


Adobe Spark : This flexible design tool lets teachers and students design everything from a web page to a social media post. It makes math more accessible because students can make and learn from mistakes. Social Studies Stunners.

LinkedIn’s New Learning Platform to Recommend Lynda Courses for Professionals


Today the social media site for professionals. Lynda.com users will have the opportunity to combine their accounts and access courses in both platforms. It is marketing the solution as a professional development tool that can help faculty learn how to use classroom tools such as Moodle, Adobe Captivate and learning management systems. LinkedIn loves to learn.

60 Tools to Inspire Students with Chromebooks – SULS009

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This will give you access to features like the teacher dashboard, personalized takeaways, and more. 14:38] – The last content creation tool for today is Adobe Spark. Adobe Illustrator Draw. Adobe Photoshop Mix. Adobe Spark.

How One High School is Helping Students Craft Eportfolios People Will Actually Read


Our school’s original eportfolio program became these brochure websites that no one went to,” says Lisa Gottfried, New Technology High School’s digital and interactive media teacher, in an interview with EdSurge. “I Gottfried wanted a platform that was accessible, shareable, allowed her students to update their work regularly and helped them build their digital brand with followers. You have to use social media with it, to promote it.

How You Can Bring Creativity Back Into Your Classroom With Project-Based Learning


Adobe) Now, imagine kids getting that feeling every time we introduce a new concept or ask an essential question. Are these freedoms only limited to the area of English Language Arts or Social Studies? Social Media Profile Page.

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Things I Wish My Teacher Knew… – SULS007

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Post your answer in the Shake Up Learning Community on Facebook , or share it on your favorite social media platform with the hashtag #shakeuplearning. Adobe Spark. Post your answers in the Shake Up Learning community or on your favorite social platform.

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A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 30 Edition)

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Thirty-six said they did not have adequate internet access. Sci-Hub can instantly provide access to more than two-thirds of all scholarly articles. But we are starting to get our key players on board with understanding that you can't clear-text Social Security numbers and credit card numbers and personally identifiable information (PII). Knorr of Common Sense Media.

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The Cause That Unites Chief IT and Academic Officers


That’s what an Adobe-commission survey , published in partnership with futurist Bryan Alexander and the New Media Consortium, revealed. How might a sociology class analyze human interactions and behaviors on social media?). West summarizes their overall attitude as: “Tell me what data is available, give me access to it, give me the time to use it, and give me guidance in using it.”. Switches, routers, panels and projectors.

Google Document URL Tricks

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Documents are only accessible by you (the owner) unless you turn link sharing on. You’ll then see the version with menus and you can then access the File menu to make a copy. G Suite apps include Google Documents , Sheets , Slides , and Drawings. These apps can provide shareable links.

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Testing Giving You The Blues? Get Creative with EdTech Formative Assessments


I wish my teachers had access to the digital tools and resources available in our classrooms today. We are living in a very unique and digital world, which is much different from the way our teachers accessed and shared information.

Social Marketing EDU and the Art of Learning While Doing


The other day, I was given my superintendent’s request for our district convocation surrounding integrating a social media experience for our staff. And of course, fresh from my Adobe Education Exchange course on visual data literacy, the obvious next step was to create a chart.

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Tools Harvard Computer Science Students Use to Collaborate, Stay Organized


Malan has been pleased at how these meetups have gradually begun happening in social spaces, becoming a connection point between digital and analog support. He attributes some of his success with students new to computer science to the intentionally social aspects of the class.

Errors in Innovation and Call-Out Culture of Edtech


We stick too closely to our embedded social media norms to use the tool that personally connects us to those creating for our classrooms. It’s just the right mix of “Remind” to get teachers using Classroom, even when kids lack consistent access to devices.

Learning on the move

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The university has quite a strong research group in this area, and my talk, presented online via Adobe Connect had to be on point. One report suggests that as many as 8 out of every 10 people now having access to some form of mobile communication device.

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Hack Education Weekly News

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was named in an investigation by The Associated Press last year for sharing racially charged content on social media.” Via The Guardian : “ Trump bans agencies from ‘providing updates on social media or to reporters’ ” This ban has been targeted at scientists at the EPA and USDA in particular. The American Library Association announced its youth media awards. A reminder to avoid Adobe products.

Hack Education Weekly News

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Department of State has received emergency approval from the Office of Management and Budget to collect additional information regarding certain visa applicants ’ travel and employment histories, familial connections, and social media usage in accordance with a notice it posted in the Federal Register May 4. ” “When UConn broke up with Adobe : A parable of artists and copyright” by Tom Scheinfeldt. (National) Education Politics.

Show Off Your Creative Side With Infographics

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With the dawn of social media the use of these graphics to represent all sorts of information has blossomed into a whole new category of image. Images for social media, slide decks and more can be created there. By our very nature humans are drawn to images and graphics.

Adobe Spark offers visual storytelling capability

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Adobe has launched Adobe Spark , an integrated web and mobile solution for creating and sharing impactful visual stories. With Adobe Spark, anyone can create authentic, professional looking visual content for their project, passion, cause or business.”