Mississippi’s Vicksburg Warren School District and Discovery Education Launch New Partnership

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Discovery Education is the global leader in standards-aligned digital curriculum resources, engaging content, and professional learning for K-12 classrooms. . Newsline academic standards career challenging classroom collaboration college college and career digital digital resources discovery

This STEM-focused district hands out paychecks along with report cards

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Related: An urban charter school achieves a fivefold increase in the percentage of its black and Latino graduates who major in STEM. Teachers push [academic] standards into these projects,” and schools don’t “want projects where kids are just an extra set of hands.”. In a Colorado district, 80 students work a combined 350 to 400 hours per month, earning $10 per hour doing STEM-related jobs. STEM gives me challenges to think about.


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New AI tool helps teachers tackle math

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Faced with the pressures of limited time, higher academic standards, diverse student needs, and the responsibility to teach many subjects and multiple grade levels, elementary school teachers have expressed a critical need for easy-to-use, well-designed math resources and ongoing support. Digital Learning and Tools eClassroom News IT Newsletter News STEM

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Blending Art and Algorithms, Desmos Sets Out to Reimagine Math Curriculum


The impact that we want to have on students’ education wasn’t possible with the supplementary activities we created, slotted in among other curriculums that teachers are using,” says Dan Meyer, Desmos’ chief academic officer and a renowned math educator and researcher.

Sphero Makes a Big Acquisition in littleBits to Bring Hands-On STEAM Learning to Life


Additionally, Sphero says it has more than a thousand lessons and activities that are aligned to Common Core and other state academic standards for math and computer science. Earlier this year, the two companies partnered to launch a nonprofit, Snap the Gap , in partnership with UC Davis to provide STEM education programs to female students. Education Technology STEM Maker and DIY Movement Mergers and Acquisitions

Age of Learning’s Latest Is a $100 Million Educational Game


Most of the content is aligned to state and national academic standards for grades 3 to 6, according to the company. Education Technology Language Arts STEM Game-Based LearningHow much does it cost to build educational games with all the flair and polish of their commercial counterparts? $10 10 million ? $13 13 million ? Try $100 million.

We Asked Teachers What They Want From Edtech. Here’s What They Said.


But while standardized test scores might improve, a recent study found that in 63% of classrooms, students aren’t using technology to “solve problems, conduct research, or to work collaboratively.” We’ve made it our mission to build lessons that nurture 21st century academic success and empower extraordinary teaching. Teachers need help planning lessons that meaningfully contextualize academic standards.

Game-based platform teaches computer science, coding

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Marvin Evins, computer science instructor at Gage Park, said, “Teaching computer science is challenging because you have to get beyond the abstract and rather dry learning material available, and there is no single standard curriculum. It provides my students with a very engaging framework that also maps to important academic standards. Digital Learning and Tools News STEMCodeCombat raises $2M seed round, launches platform to promote computer science education.

How to boost math skills in the early grades

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Although Illinois adopted Common Core standards in 2010, Berwyn North, a kindergarten through eighth-grade district with 3,084 students , had not yet incorporated the standards when Ayala and her new assistant superintendent, Amy Zaher, were hired in 2012. Related: Eight ways to introduce kids to STEM at an early age. K-12 News Data and research Solutions standards STEM teachers

Why do we group students by manufacture date?

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I have the privilege of working with 2nd through 6th graders in my gifted education classes and Kindergarten through 6th grade in my summer STEM and robotics camps. Academic standards used by almost all schools are based on the false and incorrect belief of the average student. Ken Robinson once famously said, “Students are educated in batches, according to age, as if the most important thing they have in common is their date of manufacture.” (Ken

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What Motivates Maker Educators?


Researchers also asked respondents to share how many students in their maker clubs or classes hail from underrepresented groups in STEM fields. Another challenge for teachers is the need for more professional development and help in connecting maker activities to curriculum and academic standards. Who are the people spearheading maker education? And what motivates them? These are just a few of the questions behind a new study (PDF) from SRI International on the.

FETC Future of Educational Technology… Orlando Florida… Please Join Me!

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First… I hope you enjoyed the over 150 STEM Resources in the last few posts. I also have also provided those over 150 STEM Resources. W021 | Making Makers Mainstream … Connecting Curriculum Standards and the 4C’s. Discover ways to establish not just a space but a culture connecting authentic learning and standards to making. Explore various models of PBL that allow for standards-based learning while facilitating the 4C’s.


Acceleration Is Better Than Focusing on Learning Loss. This Unique Summer School Shows Why.


Focus on gatekeeper standards. While acceleration strategy encourages exposure to grade-level standards, it also acknowledges that not all standards are created equal. Aligning complex instruction to standards ensures accountability and readiness.

IBM Foundation launches free online software to help K-5 teachers prepare math lessons and help students learn.

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Teacher Advisor then dips into its library of 1,000+ videos and lesson plans, all based on national standards and vetted by top educators. It makes it easier to find lessons, standards, activities and much more and includes a lesson planning tool. Even with the best resources, many teachers lack dedicated coaching and struggle to target effective teaching strategies that help students improve their proficiency in math, a linchpin academic subject.

How to Weave Advisory into Academics — Plus 10 Resources for Teaching SEL


Being in a New York City alternative high school serving at-risk kids , my students were academically behind and at risk of getting sucked into the school-to-prison pipeline. Webinars to learn more about using Kiddom A guide to standards-based grading to make grades meaningful Content integrations for teachers to save time Infographic illustrating how Kiddom inspires Personalized Learning Socio-emotional learning infographic. STEAM , the CCLS ELA standards, etc.),

Tomorrow’s New Normal: What It Means for Professional Development


She is a contributor to state and local academic standards and teaching exemplars that help create high learning expectations and opportunities for all students. By Eileen Belastock. WATCH THE EDLEADER PANEL RECORDING. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST.

#EIE19: Distinguished Panel to Reflect on Lasting Impact of Brown v. Board Decision


We must establish clear, high and common academic standards in the classroom. And finally, we need to promote rigorous exposure and engagement in STEM fields early in education – allowing students the ability to infuse real life projects in real world application—essential to 21 st century career success. Dear Friend, This year marks the 65th anniversary of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision, which changed the course of education in America.

Can technology solve the achievement gap?

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The reality is that there are still significant and persistent disparities in academic performance and educational attainment between students from different ethnic/racial and socioeconomic groups. Much of the achievement gap stems from larger societal issues such as poverty, racism, and disproportionate access to resources and opportunities; and technology is not a silver bullet for addressing these issues. One of the biggest challenges the U.S.

What the demise of Google Helpouts means for education

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” The more success is defined by achievement of common standards, the less likely teachers are to relinquish control of instruction—particularly live instruction. For example, Nepris , a company that connects STEM professionals to classrooms, started out trying to sell video-based sessions to a broad base of school districts. This is the third post in the #WhoYouKnow blog series on the overlap of social capital, EdTech, and innovation.

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Making Is Great Because It’s Chaotic. But Not Everyone Is Looking for Chaos.


That’s the first word that Anna Kwan, a K-5 STEM teacher at a public school in Aurora, Colo., “Messy.” offers when asked to describe the making-focused lessons and activities that she uses with her students.

KinderLab Robotics Announces New KIBO Guidebook to Enhance STEAM Education


Each lesson includes facilitation suggestions, materials lists, center setup, and academic standards alignment. Each lesson plan provides specific setup suggestions, facilitation tips, and information on addressing cross-curricular connections and academic standards. With its combination of coding, engineering, and art, KIBO is a STEM center, a blocks-building corner, and an imagination play area all in one!

Assessments and Curriculum: Be Responsive to Your Teachers by @danapiercy #litleaders

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Teachers have a lot to juggle: state standards, district expectations, literacy assessments, reading and writing workshop, STEM, social studies, RTI, and math. I am always working with teachers to make sense of our state standards. We had new state standards, a new STEM curriculum, new word study curriculum, and new reading curriculum. Our primary goal was to compare and contrast the standards for each subject.

Writing Is Still How We Communicate

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Among the biggest changes the Common Core Standards require is the shift in the burden of general literacy. And this has levied untold damage on student academic progress. And here we are, and the Common Core Standards (no matter what you might think of them) are asking all teachers to teach writing. But worried math and science (or STEM at large) teachers struggling to cover their own academic standards are missing the incredible learning potential that writing has.

The Real Problem With Multiple-Choice Questions

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Even the transparency and apparent relevance of a classroom activity factor into the “value” of a learning experience as much as how cleanly that activity aligns with an academic standard. Assessment Featured exams multiple choice questions questions standardized testing testing The Real Problem With Multiple-Choice Questions. by Terry Heick. Ed note: This post has been republished from a 2013 article. The multiple-choice problem is becoming a bit of an issue.

Seeking advantage, colleges are increasingly admitting students as sophomores

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Related: Universities and colleges struggle to stem big drops in enrollment. By sending them off to spend their freshman years elsewhere and requiring them to meet certain academic targets, for instance, colleges ensure that students are motivated and likely to make it all the way to graduation rather than cost revenue by dropping out. Most require that the students meet minimum academic standards and earn a predetermined number of credits.

Can Individual Tests Really Measure Collaboration?


That’s the idea at least behind the latest summative assessments from Project Lead the Way , a project-based STEM curriculum, which is introducing new tech-based question types to measure a raft of noncognitive skills from collaboration to general problem solving (in addition to subject-specific questions about engineering or coding concepts). “We


Where in the World Is Planet3? An Educational Gaming CEO Seeks His Second Act


He based the content on the Next Generation Science Standards , a multi-state effort at K-12 science education content completed in 2013. have adopted the standards while 21 states have standards based on the framework. White says developers often wrestle with building a product that’s fun and engaging or a product that’s more direct in addressing a district’s academic standards. When Tim Kelly started Planet3 in 2013, he aimed for the stars.

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Clinton looks to move Democrats away from ‘Education Wars’

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At a July meeting in Orlando, Florida to write the party’s platform, delegates appointed by Clinton’s main rival in the primaries, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, pushed through a slew of amendments to the original draft, which together represent a sharp turn away from the policies of the Obama administration which used federal funding to push states to raise academic standards and to tie test scores to teacher evaluations.

The Purpose Of School

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By calling it “school” (rather than learning), and “a job” (rather than work), we’re unwittingly creating a tone of drudgery and compliance that centers the institutions and their processes (grades, academic success and performance), and de-centers the end result (skills–>understanding–>creativity–>wisdom). This happens not by standards and accountability, but substantively changing how we do business.

Behind Closed Doors: Edtech Entrepreneurs’ Biggest Challenges in 2018


Unruly Studios (Boston) revolutionizes learning by combining coding and STEM education with physical play. For example, in the case of literacy companies in the market today, articles from around the web are curated and categorized by reading level, alignment to state academic standards, topics and connection to commonly-taught texts to give educators and students access to “real world” content.

What Happens When A Public University Buys a For-Profit Online One?


With the skills in STEM on the Purdue campus at West Lafayette we really have an opportunity to bring that learning and that forward thinking to all of our students at Purdue Global as well. But they had to get to know us, they had to get to know what we stand for and how we manage quality in our classrooms, how we maintain the integrity of our academic standards. A lot of traditional professors might object to that kind of standardization.

We know how to provide good child care, we just don’t insist on it

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Oh, and be sure to arrange some art projects, outdoor exploration, and reading time since loosely organized activities like these help toddlers develop their self-expression, explore their worlds, and learn basic pre-academic skills. Only 18 states meet or beat NAEYC’s standards for the entirety of the 2-year-old year, according to a 50-state scan by the Teacher Project and the Hechinger Report of licensing requirements for child care programs in each state.

High schools fail to provide legally required education to students with disabilities

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Their disabilities shouldn’t keep them from achieving the same standards as their peers — and experts estimate that up to 90 percent of students with disabilities are capable of graduating high school fully prepared to tackle college or a career if they receive proper support along the way. high school with a traditional diploma, proving that his disability didn’t prevent him from meeting the same standards as his peers.

Charters felt pressured to promise miraculous progress — but none met the targets

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About one-third of applications were either unavailable for review or failed to include clear numerical academic goals. People didn’t understand the low academic scores our kids had when they were walking in the door after Katrina,” said Jacobs, recalling how the state scrambled to open enough schools for the thousands of students returning from displacement in Texas and other states. She expected much more than ‘You’re going to meet state standards,’” he said.

Can ‘Sober High’ schools keep teenagers off drugs?

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While the academic program here leads toward a regular Massachusetts high school diploma, the teaching is often tailored to address individual areas of weakness. Drug use, suspensions and expulsions have put many students here far behind academically. While Massachusetts high schools adhere to the relatively tough Common Core academic standards, at Independence Academy the priority is on meeting students where they are. Matt Langley on a break from class.