Tennessee Gives Pearson ‘Emergency’ Test Scoring Contract, Seeks New Vendor

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Pearson has been awarded a contract worth about $18.5 The new seven-month contract with Pearson was finalized using an emergency procurement process after the education department collaborated with the state’s central procurement office, according to a “Frequently Asked Questions” document the department released. Pearson, a global education company that counts assessments as less than 10 percent of its total revenues , will score about 1.8 Pearson

‘Back to School’ Hijinks and Lessons for the Education Industry


From left: Kelly Fuller (BMO), John Rogers (The Rise Fund), Elizabeth Chou (Leeds Equity Partners), Waseem Alam (Weld North Education), Adriel Sanchez (Newsela) “Before, you used to concede 90 percent of the market to the Big Three,” said Scott Kinney, president of K-12 Education at Discovery Education, referring to Pearson, McGraw-Hill and HMH. About 1,200 adults in uniform went “Back to School” yesterday. No, not to their wooden desks, blue books and plastic seats.

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This K-12 ‘data switch’ uses proprietary and open standards to talk to a wide variety of data sources, and merges data into a single store to provide a unified view of educational data - such as achievement, attendance and students at risk - in real time. Combined, Faria and Rubicon will serve over 10,000 schools in 130 countries with curriculum support for over 600 academic standards.

Where in the World Is Planet3? An Educational Gaming CEO Seeks His Second Act


He based the content on the Next Generation Science Standards , a multi-state effort at K-12 science education content completed in 2013. have adopted the standards while 21 states have standards based on the framework. On the education side, the company enlisted Kelly McGrath, former head of K-12 science curriculum development at Pearson, who’d become Planet3’s chief operating officer. When Tim Kelly started Planet3 in 2013, he aimed for the stars.

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” Via The Chronicle of Higher Education : “George Mason’s President Says Some Donor Agreements Fell ‘Short’ of Academic Standards.” Via Techcrunch : “Thousands of academics spurn Nature ’s new paid-access Machine Learning journal.” Lots of suggestions this week for new academic disciplines where there may already be academic disciplines.