‘Back to School’ Hijinks and Lessons for the Education Industry


But to the BMO’s annual education industry conference, where company executives, investors, bankers and financiers of all stripes descended in their suits and slacks (but very few ties). Sigelman, of Burning Glass Technologies, captured this point succinctly: “40 percent of the skills required today for the same job are different than the skills required a decade ago.” I think the supplemental-core division is a construct of the publishing industry.”

What the demise of Google Helpouts means for education

The Christensen Institute

It bears noting that Google Helpouts did not face a technology problem; video-based connections are relatively reliable with sufficient bandwidth. ” The more success is defined by achievement of common standards, the less likely teachers are to relinquish control of instruction—particularly live instruction. Within these, Nepris is finding that schools demand clear curricular alignment between what experts can offer and the standards that teachers are expected to teach.

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A Common Language: 30 Public Education Terms Defined

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that include rigorous, robust, and well-rounded curriculum aligned with college- and career-ready standards (as defined in this document) that cover a wide range of academic and technical knowledge and skills to ensure that students leave high school ready for college and careers. College- and career-ready standards. For additional information regarding their application to technology, please refer to www.ed.gov/ocr/letters/colleague-201105-ese.pdf

ThinkCERCA Raises $10.1 Million to Build Critical Thinkers, Readers and Writers


According to her, the education industry looks at “reading and writing as two separate kinds of tools.” There are also upstart competitors offering writing tools such as Turnitin and WriteLab, which are attempting to use artificial intelligence technology to parse a student’s submission and offer constructive feedback. Each lesson, Murphy shares, will “break down academic standards around literacy into discrete subskills.” (For

7 Principles Of Sustainable Learning: An Agrarian Learning Model

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What would the opposite of the industrial learning model–the existing vision of most public education systems worldwide in the 21st century–look like? How To De-Industrialize School: An Agrarian Learning Model. This is a kind of standardization.

Me Learning: A Student-Centered Learning Model

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The what is decided by academic standards, and the when by curriculum maps and pacing guides–and all of it by anyone but the student. Without that as a context, the ‘learning’ is really a kind of academic training. The Industry Of Learning. What standards?

Schools Say Highest Pressure from Students’ Social and Emotional Needs

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Then a re-write of academic standards that had to be mapped to teaching and learning, constantly in revision. 42 percent gave a high-pressure rating of 8-10 to “increasing technology complexity.” . Fixers are almost universally introspective insiders, tweaking the existing standard structure. .

Making the case for common K-12 standards

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In this ever-dynamic landscape, “common” standards for education seemingly get a bad rap, but they’re useful, particularly for the development and distribution of open education resources (OER). The key to creating and curating great OER that will survive the choppy waters of policy changes is to maintain education standards that can operate independently from Common Core, or any state or federally mandated standards. Types of Standard Alignment.

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Why Efforts to Improve Teacher Productivity and Efficiency May Not Pay Off


In a previous EdSurge piece , I described how economics and technology trends tend to drive educational innovation by providing models that reformers build into their visions, sometimes unconsciously. There are similar efforts to apply this model of the modern front-line worker, now more productive thanks to technology and coordinated support from highly trained and skilled experts, to the teaching profession.

In 2019, What’s REALLY the Definition of a Teacher?

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Maybe, we need to look at educators in a new context of what teaching really is in most schools, and whether it should be given cultural, economic and technological change. Plus, Teachers are supposed to be maestros of all technologies and personalizing separate paths for every single one of their students. Causing others to know something is, in fact, at the core of every single industry. New themes, directions and/or technology rollouts annually if not more often.

Twelve Years Later: What’s Really Changed in the K-12 Sector? (Part 1)


A growing corps of entrepreneurs, supported by record-setting investments in education, are creating new technologies, experimenting with business models, and living their own bouts of euphoria and terror. A follow-up post will explore what’s changed (or not) on the supply side—both industry and investment. But poorly integrated standards, curriculum, assessment, and intervention materials have always been a problem.

Game On: Kahoot Snaps Up DragonBox for $18 Million for Its First Acquisition


These titles racked up dozens of media accolades and industry awards, from organizations that include Common Sense Media and Games for Change, an industry association for serious game developers. The program includes tablets and apps, along with print workbooks, lesson plans and physical manipulatives aligned to national academic standards. Education Technology Mergers and Acquisitions Game-Based Learning

From Silos to Sharing: Why Are Open Educational Resources Still So Hard to Find?


A common set of academic standards could alleviate the discovery issue, but several states have withdrawn from the Common Core State Standards and decided to adopt their own. Foundations and other nonprofits should invest in solutions to some of the harder problems that the industry faces. Education Technology Open Educational Resources Technology in School

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How to Teach the Human Body and 16 Sites to Help

Ask a Tech Teacher

Besides learning about their bodies, this integrates technology transparently into student learning, as a process rather than a product — as a tool used to complete their project. There are also lots of teacher resources to help in using this unit such as lesson plans, training, and academic standards met. Code Fred (from the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry) is a virtual adventure game where Fred, who’s out for an evening jog, is threatened by a dire wolf.

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Take Two: Clever’s Newest Effort to Help Teachers Try Before They Buy Edtech


There are at least two truisms when it comes to education technology: 1. That gung-ho initiative is something that Mark Racine, director of technology at Boston Public Schools, applauds. The San Francisco-based company is best known for its rostering technology that provisions user accounts for software, and a single sign-on service that makes it easy for students and teachers to log into and use tools purchased by district officials.

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Autonomy, the future of education.

Linways Technologies

As presented by Dr. Shajimon K John at the Discussion BarCamp hosted by Linways Technologies Pvt Ltd. Discuss Education BarCamp was organized by Linways Technologies Pvt. Autonomous colleges, on the other hand, are granted freedom and in some or all the academic matters.

How to Build a High-Functioning Remote Team for Your Edtech Company


Policies At Big Universe, we developed SOPs (standard operating procedures) for every department, in the form of checklists, which served us well for employee onboarding and establishing norms for accountability, expectations and a reminder of what needs to be done when. Education industry conferences can also offer a good opportunity for employees to not only meet customers and potential clients, but also see what other companies (or competitors) are up to.

Can Individual Tests Really Measure Collaboration?


Testing for such skills relies heavily on technology and required a significant retooling. A Question on Testing When building the new tests, PLTW gathered panels of industry experts, educators and psychometricians, or scientists who study how to make tests fair. To infuse both real-world scenarios and academic standards into the new exams, as well as topics like leadership that college admissions reps would care about.


MasteryConnect Cuts 30 Percent of Staff, Brings Co-Founder Mick Hewitt Back as CEO


MasteryConnect aims to help teachers plan lessons and track how students perform against academic standards. MasteryConnect was one of hundreds of edtech companies that capitalized on investors’ enthusiasm and optimism for the industry in recent years. Yet market uncertainty in 2016, fueled in part by global political instability and China’s slowdown—has dampened investors’ eagerness across all industries. Education Technology Startups Edtech Business

Six Steps to Project Based Learning


The new legislation urged districts to embrace project based instruction aligned to academic standards and 21st century skills. And while experts agree that a hands-on approach to core standards leads to significant student growth, even the most innovative districts can struggle to design research projects that are differentiated to meet the needs of every learner. In 2015, the bipartisan Every Student Succeeds Act signaled the end of one-size-fits-all instruction.

#AskExcelinEd: What is CTE, and how can it serve students in your state?


ii) provides technical skill proficiency or a recognized postsecondary credential which may include an industry-recognized credential, a certificate, or an associate degree. As we continue our work with Burning Glass Technologies on Credentials Matter 2.0,

Where in the World Is Planet3? An Educational Gaming CEO Seeks His Second Act


He based the content on the Next Generation Science Standards , a multi-state effort at K-12 science education content completed in 2013. have adopted the standards while 21 states have standards based on the framework. A Most Difficult Game The struggles of Planet3 are not unique to the educational game industry. Magnates from the gaming industry have attempted as well. Education Technology Financing Game-Based Learning

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The End of the Promise of Personalized Learning?

EdNews Daily

Recently, Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo)and Senator Ed Markey (D-Ma) drafted some modifications to COPPA that have the potential to create an catastrophic damage in the Ed-Tech industry, particularly for all publishers and schools who use literally anything on the internet in educational ways. Digital Digital Learning Featured Technology

How to Qualify Online Tutoring Services

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The internet and the rapid technological improvement are making the world a little bit smaller and are eliminating barriers to learning. However, if they are from a different country try to find out if that country’s educational system and academic standard is the same or at par with your own country. A great online tutoring company will have a great customer support, as this is an essential element for almost all industries.

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Understanding ESSA: How the Every Student Succeeds Act will Change U.S. Educational Policy


Higher standards are right. have expressed frustration with No Child Left Behind, an educational policy that has been derided by educators as placing too much emphasis on standardized testing and failing to address racial and socioeconomic achievement gaps. Furthermore, No Child Left Behind’s one-size-fits-all method of evaluating schools has been criticized as incentivizing low academic standards.

Digitizing Curriculum Development: Think Efficiency


Masterson, Vice President of Government Solutions at LearningMate, discuss how coordinated digitization can help teachers more efficiently create standards-aligned curricula. While developing curricula within a grade level, he was also looking at the vertical articulation of standards.

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Insanity In Education: 52 Mistakes We Make Over And Over Again

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From realizing our collective potential as a construct, field, and industry? Plan backwards from standards. Resist allowing technology to radically alter our classrooms and ways of doing business within them. Actually believe that every single student can master every single academic standard–without making them think they hate learning. Blame technology when the pedagogy is bad. Blame pedagogy when the technology is bad.

8 Myths about online education debunked


Many students and teachers — and other individuals or professionals having a stake in the academic sector — are of the opinion that the quality of instructions offered for online classes is inferior compared to the traditional system. This might be true to a certain extent as the academic standards might differ from one institution to another. Today’s students feel at ease in an online environment and use technology and the internet to support their learning.

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McGraw-Hill Education Latest to Adopt Knovation Open Ed. Curated Content

Marketplace K-12

The digital resources in the Knovation repository—including videos, games, podcasts and articles—have been selected, evaluated, tagged and aligned to academic standards. While some industry observers see OER as a challenger to the content and curriculum that schools pay for, others are more sanguine. Marketplace K-12 academic content curation open education resources Publishing

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In one state, students are ditching classrooms for jobs

The Hechinger Report

Woods, who has never liked school, says that being able to earn academic credit by working with cars is ideal. “I’m Students at Harwood have earned academic credit — or are working toward credit — for teaching ski lessons at a nearby ski resort, working for a financial investment firm, and writing music reviews for a blog. However programs like Harwood’s that offer academic credit in core subject areas are rare, Parton said. K-12 News Solutions standards

Hack Education Weekly News

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Each week, I gather a wide variety of links to education and education technology articles. ” Via The Chronicle of Higher Education : “George Mason’s President Says Some Donor Agreements Fell ‘Short’ of Academic Standards.” Via Techcrunch : “Thousands of academics spurn Nature ’s new paid-access Machine Learning journal.” Via Campus Technology : “When Learning Analytics Violate Student Privacy.”