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Creative #SmartTeachingTips Using Scholastic Magazines


Teachers bring them into their classrooms because they provide invaluable instructional materials that meet current academic standards and prepare students for state tests. During our class meeting time, we have been discussing what it means to have empathy towards others.

What Makes Professional Development Work?

This approach can enable administrators to differentiate to meet the needs of all their teachers. The platform is content-agnostic and inter-operable with any learning management system and any learning framework or set of standards.

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The Benefit Of Making The Curricular More Like The Extracurricular

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Even in today’s age of standardized testing and emphasis on academic standards, perhaps even because of this recent emphasis, educators are increasingly aware of the need to nurture students’ complete development.

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This K-12 ‘data switch’ uses proprietary and open standards to talk to a wide variety of data sources, and merges data into a single store to provide a unified view of educational data - such as achievement, attendance and students at risk - in real time.

This STEM-focused district hands out paychecks along with report cards

The Hechinger Report

After the Denver Zoo’s James Garcia, who had been seeking a way to help Peruvian scientists save the frogs, saw students present a robot they had built at a local workshop, he asked if they could construct an underwater model. Today the group has swelled to 13 members and includes girls.). “We

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How to boost math skills in the early grades

The Hechinger Report

Small-group math work at Prairie Oak Elementary in Berwyn North School District 98 where, two years ago, just 14 percent of third-graders were able to do grade-level math. Turning this around isn’t something you can do during a couple of workshops,” said Ayala.

How to Boost Math Skills in the Early Grades


Turning this around isn’t something you can do during a couple of workshops,” said Ayala. Children sat together in small groups at tables and on the floor with large sheets of paper and markers spread out between them.