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This lesson plan, though, adds a few digital native twists. take a picture of themselves with the iPad camera (or another digital camera). This has the advantage of tying into class discussions on digital citizenship (why use avatars rather than the real picture?).

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How to Qualify Online Tutoring Services

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However, if they are from a different country try to find out if that country’s educational system and academic standard is the same or at par with your own country. At some point in your child’s education journey, you’re going to feel the need for tutoring.

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Six Steps to Project Based Learning


The new legislation urged districts to embrace project based instruction aligned to academic standards and 21st century skills. Asking students to seek out and evaluate a variety of resources, sustained inquiry helps students to develop their digital citizenship and critical thinking.

The Characteristics Of A Good School

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Most modern academic standards take a body-of-knowledge approach to education. Why can’t education, as a system, refashion itself as aggressively as the digital technology that is causing it so much angst? The Characteristics Of A Good School. by Terry Heick.

How Technology Should Have Already Changed Your Teaching

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You may dislike standards-based reporting, using labels like “proficient,” or grading with a 1-3 scale. Digital communities. Of more pressing concern is the signage on the walls that focuses on learning strategies and digital citizenship.