Mississippi’s Vicksburg Warren School District and Discovery Education Launch New Partnership

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SILVER SPRING, MD (Thursday, May 20, 2021) —Mississippi’s Vicksburg Warren School District (VWSD) today launched a new multiyear partnership with Discovery Education that helps educators connect current classroom instruction to students’ possible future career paths.

Ethics in the Classroom

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Written by a range of practitioners — from classroom teachers to district leaders to African American Studies professors to philosophers — these commentaries each dissect the cases differently, introducing new solutions and new ways to consider what is “right.”. Sigal Ben-Porath , an education and political science professor, notes that high-poverty schools are more likely to define students solely by academic standards, and disregarding noncognitive skills.


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A Classroom Of Proficiency: 6 Factors Of Academic Performance

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A Classroom Of Proficiency: 6 Factors To Guide Your Teaching by Terry Heick First, a definition. An academic classroom is one where the primary goal is to promote proficiency of academic standards. The class, curriculum, and instruction, by design, are built to move students in their academic proficiency. […]. The post A Classroom Of Proficiency: 6 Factors Of Academic Performance appeared first on TeachThought.

It’s Time To Think Differently About Writing In The Classroom

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It’s Time To Think Differently About Writing In The Classroom by Terry Heick Among the biggest changes of modern academic standards is the shift in the burden of general literacy. The post It’s Time To Think Differently About Writing In The Classroom appeared first on TeachThought.

6 Professional Opportunities for Learning More About Classroom Design!


6 Professional Opportunities for Learning More About Classroom Design Back to school is always an exciting time filled with rich opportunities to learn and share with colleagues, grade level teams, and friends in your professional learning network. It will be a great collection of amazing classroom spaces, and we''d LOVE to feature your space. TeacherFriends LIVE Chat on Twitter Join me tonight on Twitter to discuss classroom design and brain-friendly learning spaces.

I Can’t Tell Them What They’ll Do (Classrooms, Justice, and Legacies)

The Jose Vilson

I arrive in my classroom every morning at around 7:20 am, 40 minutes before my students trickle in. I expect them to acclimate to these academic standards while sympathizing with their hunger and growing pains. I have guidelines in my classroom, not rules.

7 Shifts To Create A Classroom Of The Future

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Tomorrow’s Learning Today: 7 Shifts To Create A Classroom Of The Future. This is stuff that’s available not tomorrow with ten grand in classroom funding and 12 hours of summer PD, but today. While it’s possible to tack these ideas on to a traditional classroom, and then sit back and wait for the clouds to part and the sun to shine brilliantly, you’ll likely be waiting a while. Shift From Standards To Habits.

Adding a Computational Boost to Your K-8 Lessons

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How can K-8 teachers integrate computer science (CS) and computational thinking (CT) into classrooms? We hope teachers find these examples to be relevant and useful tools to integrate CS/CT lessons and to replicate and adapt these lessons for their classrooms.

Pre-K may boost math scores even eight years later

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It found that in fourth through seventh grade, graduates of the Georgia pre-k program were one and half to two times more likely to meet the state’s academic standards on math tests than their peers who did not attend public pre-K.

Why Learning Innovation Can’t Come From Teachers Alone

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Why Learning Innovation Can’t Come From Teachers Alone by Terry Heick A few years ago, the late Grant Wiggins, a learning expert who inspired me since my first year in the classroom, wrote about the intersection of academic standards and creativity. “Why do people insist on viewing the Standards as inconsistent with teacher creativity and […].

What the demise of Google Helpouts means for education

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That’s the same challenge we have to tackle in EdTech as we try to open school systems up to bringing outside experts, mentors, and peers into classrooms. Another problem is figuring out who in the current system is willing to pay for products that connect classrooms to experts. In Bebko’s estimation: The real challenge lies not in budgets or privacy, but in the expected role of our classroom teachers and their success metrics.

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Why do we group students by manufacture date?

User Generated Education

Academic standards used by almost all schools are based on the false and incorrect belief of the average student. In addition, the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI) lists the following benefits of multiage classrooms: Children are viewed as unique individuals. Ken Robinson once famously said, “Students are educated in batches, according to age, as if the most important thing they have in common is their date of manufacture.” (Ken

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In one state, students are ditching classrooms for jobs

The Hechinger Report

At 8:00 on a chilly spring morning in this rural Vermont town, while most kids his age are filing into classrooms and preparing for a day of school, 17-year-old Silas Woods rolls up the sleeves of his plaid button-down shirt and hoists a tire up to a mini Cooper, suspended a few feet above ground in the corner of the noisy Duxbury Auto Shop. Woods is calm and confident as he moves around the garage, which serves as an unconventional math and science classroom.

eSpark–Self-paced Learning for Math and Reading

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Each targeted quest curates a collection of third-party apps, webtools, videos, games, and other resources that focus on particular math or reading skills identified by the teacher or from the student’s earlier work as an area of academic need. eSpark works on all devices–desktops, Chromebooks, iPads (with the free app)–pretty much whatever digital device you use in your classroom. This can be incorporated into Google Classroom or another LMS that you use.

Integrate OUR Curricula into Your Kiddom Digital Platform

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They received excellent ratings from EdReports , a leader in evaluating textbooks and curricula for rigor, usability and alignment to academic standards. OUR stood out for a lot of reasons: 1) it is authored by experts in their fields, 2) it is designed for diverse classrooms, and 3) it includes a full-service professional learning suite to support teachers. A growing body of research names curriculum as a critical factor in academic success.

OPINION: New leadership at the top should mean big changes for English language learners

The Hechinger Report

One included academic standards for my state. The other was filled with the English language development (ELD) standards. That’s because the curriculum I was given didn’t consider their language needs and was devoid of the cultural richness EL students bring to the classroom.

An Expanded Definition of Student Success

Digital Promise

In a recent presentation to the League of Innovative Schools Assessment working group, Erin and Eric shared the Cortex platform and described the academic growth and progress they have seen among their students since the platform’s implementation. Brooklyn Lab’s model includes whole group instruction often occurring in a co-taught classroom, small group instruction, independent work with personalized playlists to develop mastery, and passion-driven enrichment.

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10 Ways to Re-Imagine the Classroom: 5. The Focus of Class

The Playground Advocate

This post is part five in a series in which I offer some ways that we can work together to re-imagine our classrooms so that students are more engaged, our work is more relevant, and student learning is more enriching. Meanwhile, in the academic world, the forces that create the canon of content in any given field tend to respond to the laws of inertia.

New AI tool helps teachers tackle math

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The IBM Foundation announced the availability of Teacher Advisor With Watson 1.0 , software that uses Watson AI technology–trained by some of the nation’s leading math experts, with feedback from more than 1,000 teachers–to provide elementary school teachers with targeted math resources for their kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms.

The Bare Minimum Of Technology Integration

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What is the bare minimum of learning technology integration in a classroom? In that light, we felt like it represented another kind of idea–a bare minimum of technology integration in an average classroom. What might be considered a kind of basic standard for education technology in 2016. In theory, it’s not necessary to have any degree of education technology at all, though even that depends on your content area’s academic standards.

KinderLab Robotics Announces New KIBO Guidebook


Each lesson plan provides specific setup suggestions, tips, and information on addressing cross-curricular connections and academic standards. KIBO Shape Search: Exploring geometry, students program KIBO to draw shapes they find in the classroom. KinderLab Robotics today expanded its KIBO™ curriculum suite by introducing KIBO Activity Center Guidebook : Activities and Setup Recommendations for a KIBO Activity Center.

Me Learning: A Student-Centered Learning Model

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The what is decided by academic standards, and the when by curriculum maps and pacing guides–and all of it by anyone but the student. Without that as a context, the ‘learning’ is really a kind of academic training. What standards? What Is Me Learning?

Learning Impact Conference Report: How Can We Create More Seamless Digital Ecosystems?


Some sessions dove into the weeds, exploring systems like IMS CASE (Competencies & Academic Standards Exchange), which supports learning standards and competencies, digital resources, and assessments. Others featured practitioners who shared their successes and challenges of making data systems work together in a variety of learning environments, from traditional classrooms to completely virtual schools.

OPINION: We need more teachers of color. Getting there requires ambitious equitable solutions

The Hechinger Report

Marie Lewis in her classroom at New Providence Middle School in Clarksville, Tennessee. Better preparing candidates for licensure exams and rigorous academic standards.

Play Is Disappearing From Kindergarten. It’s Hurting Kids.


I still remember the first time a student refused to step into my classroom. We were a few weeks into my first year teaching kindergarten and I had begun to think of my classroom as a warm and inviting space. By contrast, most kindergarten classrooms today look very different.

Tomorrow’s New Normal: What It Means for Professional Development


All agreed it is essential to the success of any professional development program to have specialists like Moreno sitting at the table and being a part of instructional conversations to bridge both the district and the classroom needs. By Eileen Belastock. WATCH THE EDLEADER PANEL RECORDING.

In Successful Edtech, Pedagogy Comes First—Devices Second

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In terms of student proficiency, today's classrooms are more diverse than ever. In these classrooms, teachers face a seemingly impossible task -- providing effective instruction to all the unique students under their care. These tools help us identify and then address -- through intervention or enrichment -- individual students' needs around each of the major academic standards.

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Professional development should make teachers feel urgent, not small and isolated

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Technology, collaboration, and new standards are changing the classroom at a rapid pace. As teachers, we are entrusted with our nation’s children, and their futures, yet many of us find ourselves isolated in classrooms without the right training or support. The need for more practical and effective professional learning opportunities for teachers is especially important right now, with new academic standards being introduced and adapted in schools across the country.

In 2019, What’s REALLY the Definition of a Teacher?

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If so, are you also a classroom work foreman, logistics manager, guide, drill sergeant, disciplinarian, cheerleader, data entry clerk, cultural advocate, or analyst? They deliver specific chunks of knowledge that are outlined by academic standards and required by school policy in the curriculum, not random tangents of knowledge. Managing paper/printer and other supplies in a classroom. Cleanliness of classroom as needed. By LeiLani Cauthen. Are you a teacher?

On the importance of making a (reopening) plan


Eliminating school library programs and certified school librarian positions deprive students of rich learning opportunities, jeopardize academic and reading achievement, and perpetuate educational inequities.

Making Is Great Because It’s Chaotic. But Not Everyone Is Looking for Chaos.


By “messy,” Kwan means two things: both the appearance of the classroom and the style of inquiry and learning that students must adopt in order to thrive during making lessons. “If “Messy.” That’s the first word that Anna Kwan, a K-5 STEM teacher at a public school in Aurora, Colo.,

A Project-Based Learning Spectrum: 25 Questions To Guide Your PBL Planning

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I focused more on creating compelling and student-centered projects, rather than creating a list of questions to use as a checklist for pure academic planning. classroom, home, digital) work together? Which academic standards are the focus of the unit? How will data from formative assessment (that target these standards) help teachers and students respond within the project? Progress towards mastery of academic standards?

IBM Foundation launches free online software to help K-5 teachers prepare math lessons and help students learn.

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Teacher Advisor then dips into its library of 1,000+ videos and lesson plans, all based on national standards and vetted by top educators. It makes it easier to find lessons, standards, activities and much more and includes a lesson planning tool. There is also instructional context support available to help teachers implement the content in the classroom.

Seeing the Pandemic as an Opportunity for Change


Disconnection between teaching and learning: Teachers often confuse covering the material with teaching to the kids—if they teach to understanding, then the classroom becomes a different environment. By Stacey Pusey. WATCH THE EDWEBINAR RECORDING. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST.

The myth and reality of heroic teaching

The Christensen Institute

A popular theme in movies about K–12 education is the archetype of the heroic classroom teacher. By itself, supervising young people is exhausting; then, add to that responsibility the work of trying to maximize the productive use of every minute of the school day in order to help students master rigorous academic standards.