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How Much Artificial Intelligence Should There Be in the Classroom?


We can build robot teachers, or even robot teaching assistants. And if the answer is yes, what’s the right mix of human and machine in the classroom? in AI technology by the year 2030, so there is almost a Sputnik-like push for the tech going on right now in China. to the idea of bringing in robots for some teaching functions. When we are in a classroom, we know what the teacher knows and we know what the teacher will teach us.

Can Creativity Be Taught?

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In fact, 85 percent of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet, says a report by the Institute for the Future and a panel of 20 tech, business, and academic experts from around the world. Time, she notes, is one of the biggest factors limiting the cultivation of creativity in the classroom. “We’re She notes that students are demonstrating creative solutions more than ever, giving an example from a recent English Language Arts class.

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Look Here: Predicting 2020 Requires 20/20 Vision

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Families are just saying “No” to the public classroom experience and instead are opting for homeschooling, charter and magnet schools, virtual schools or a blending of multiple options. If trends continue unabated, by 2030 we may be looking at nearly 50 percent of school-aged children walking away from traditional public education in this country. It’s the 800-pound gorilla in the classroom. By LeiLani Cauthen.

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The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Issue a Press Release

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These predictions are often accompanied with a press release touting the size that this or that market will soon grow to – how many billions of dollars schools will spend on computers by 2020, how many billions of dollars of virtual reality gear schools will buy by 2025, how many billions of dollars of schools will spend on robot tutors by 2030, how many billions of dollars will companies spend on online training by 2035, how big will coding bootcamp market will be by 2040, and so on.

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” The article is accompanied by a photo of a classroom full of Asian students – as if Asian is not American. “How Silicon Valley Plans to Conquer the Classroom” by The New York Times’ Natasha Singer – through some pretty shady practices, no doubt. Nice timing to promote “picting” in the classroom.). ” Getting Smart reviews The Flexible SEL Classroom. But anyway… Robots and Other Ed-Tech SF.