Expensive Textbooks Are Still A Problem. Will Higher Quality OER Help?

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These days low-cost alternatives known as Open Educational Resources, or OER, are getting a boost as a potential solution. Officials plan to make an OER Statistics 101 course available by 2023. Cost savings are not the only benefit to OER , according to proponents.

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Mike Berlin: At the beginning of every year, experts proclaim that this is going to be the year of OER, and each year market forces and a lack of solutions with product-market fit have resulted in that prediction not coming true. That said, this will be the year that OER goes mainstream thanks to the launch of Cengage’s OpenNow, the other publishers’ inevitable response, and increased efforts of new courseware providers like Top Hat and Knewton.

The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

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At the time, David Wiley expressed his concern that the lawsuit could jeopardize the larger OER movement, if nothing else, by associating open educational materials with piracy. billion by 2023.