5G and Edtech?


What could this mean for edtech? Saracco and other visionaries point to augmented and virtual reality technologies as two areas where 5G can make a real difference. The promise of 5G is similar to many promises made through the years for technology in schools.

Transitioning Edtech to the Cloud


At the beginning of the edtech wave, superintendents saw many benefits from using digital resources in the classroom. For administrators looking to take the focus of edtech away from upkeep and back to learning, moving to the cloud could be the answer.

AI and Personalized Learning That Goes Beyond Tech: The Latest Camelback Ventures Cohort


Meanwhile, the schools that shared their ideas focused on student-centered learning and models that honor the differences in students and “think about personalized learning beyond just technology.” It plans on opening to 50 fifth graders and 50 sixth graders in 2023. Education Technology Entrepreneurship Edtech BusinessAaron Walker, founder and CEO of an incubator based in New Orleans called Camelback Ventures, believes there’s talent everywhere.