All ninth graders study at the local 4-H center in this Maine district

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BRYANT POND, Maine — EB Hoff, 14, was running for class treasurer of the Class of 2022. K-12 News achievement gap Graduation and dropouts Personalized Learning Rural schoolsAt the Telstar Freshman Academy in Maine, service learning is included as part of the curriculum.

Gates Foundation Gives Millions to Improve Teacher Training

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Early in the 2000s, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation put millions into creating small schools, believing that separating large high schools with growing dropout rates into several smaller schools would increase graduation rates. Bill and Melinda Gates never give up.

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Is California saving higher education?

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Colorado is dropping remedial courses beginning in 2022, and universities and colleges there have already started getting rid of them. Jaelyn Deas at her work-study job at San Jose State University.

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“ Is higher ed creating the next dropout factories? billion in revenue by 2022. (National) Education Politics. “Who Is Betsy DeVos ?” ” asks New York Magazine. “And how did she get to be head of our schools.” ” “Not An Advocate for Students or the Public Interest” – historian Sherman Dorn on “ Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.”