Illuminate to Sunset Student Information System in 2021


Illuminate Education will stop support for its student information system in two years, before the 2021 school year. Education Technology Edtech Business Interoperability Student Achievement Assessments

Virtual and augmented reality to nearly double each year through 2021

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percent compound annual growth rate from 2017 to 2021. Uncategorized Augmented reality ed tech market research school technology virtual realitySpending on augmented and virtual reality will nearly double in 2018, according to a new forecast from International Data Corp., growing from $9.1 billion in 2017 to $17.8 billion next year. The market research company predicts that aggressive growth will continue throughout its forecast period, achieving an average 98.8

5G for Education Is Finally Here. First Stop? Cleveland.


In addition to hosting a public K-8 charter school, the former factory was recently outfitted with augmented and virtual reality stations, 3D printers and interactive screens in preparation for Saturday’s announcement: that it’s the first school in the country equipped with 5G wireless technology.

Adobe Flash 2020 Retirement: The 5 R’s Strategy for Teachers

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On January 1 st , 2021 all applications using Flash will no longer find their programs being maintained. Although anything created in the last few years most likely was developed on one of the newer platforms, nonetheless the technology in your classrooms may not as up-to-date.

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Teacher-Author? Me too! Let’s talk

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She is also the author/editor of over a hundred books on integrating tech into education, adjunct professor of technology in education, blog webmaster, an Amazon Vine Voice , a columnist for NEA Today , and a freelance journalist on tech ed topics.

6 Things Every High School Senior Should Have Access To Before Graduation

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Given that 50% of the expected economy will be in freelancing rolls by 2021, it is in every student’s best interest to understand how to find opportunities, solve problems, learn how to pitch a service or product, and find investors. Education News Featured Higher Education Technology

Why The High Achievers Have Moved to Shop Class


A 75 percent drop in the volume of old-style business courses since 1982 reflects shifts in technology; few students take typing and office-procedure classes anymore.

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With Brexit Looming, Is There a Place for the UK in Global Edtech?


technology companies, and is projected to be worth £3.4 billion by 2021. Education Technology Entrepreneurship Startups Market TrendsWith the Brexit limbo set to linger for a few months yet, uncertainty looks likely to continue affecting the U.K.’s s commercial relationships.

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Edly, a Marketplace for Income Share Agreements, Secures Seed Funding


The California legislature is currently considering a bill to allow its state university systems to pilot ISAs starting in 2021. Education Technology Access and Affordability Financing

Making Sense of School Data Is Hard Work. This Partnership Makes It Easier.


The goal is for DataViz to become sustainable starting school year 2021. Education TechnologySchools now have more data than ever before—from assessments, attendance, online programs, and elsewhere—but not every school can leverage this data effectively by making it visual.

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Why Esports in Schools is a Good Thing

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Students who are drawn to gaming are often equally captivated by the broader technology ecosystem. Sponsors at both the high school and college levels report that a substantial number of their esports participants are interested in science, technology, engineering and math.

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Adobe Flash 2020 Retirement: The 5 R’s Strategy for Teachers


On January 1st, 2021 all applications using Flash will no longer find their programs being maintained. Although anything created in the last few years most likely was developed on one of the newer platforms, nonetheless the technology in your classrooms may not as up-to-date.

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Degreed Raises $75 Million to Expand Corporate Learning Platform


A National Association for Business Economics survey this month put the odds of this happening before 2021 at 60 percent. He claims this is because corporate customers view Degreed as an investment in technology rather than part of their HR budgets. Education Technology Workforce Training FinancingDuring a recent trip to Bangalore to visit a prospective corporate client, Chris McCarthy didn’t know how many people to expect for a talk he was to give on the future of learning.

How the Internet of Things May Change K–12 Culture

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Some of those connected systems include smart lighting and HVAC, facial recognition technology, wireless door locks and temperature monitors, interactive whiteboards, IP surveillance cameras and other sensor-equipped items. How the Internet of Things May Change K–12 Culture. jena.passut_7651.

How K–12 Schools Have Adopted Artificial Intelligence

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A recent Gartner report predicts one in five workers will have some form of artificial intelligence as a coworker, and Forrester predicts by 2021 , automation technology will account for the work of nearly 4.3 How K–12 Schools Have Adopted Artificial Intelligence. eli.zimmerman_9856.

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Analysis: Is Higher Ed Ready for the Tech Expectations of the Teens of 2022?


But what if we took that to its logical conclusion and also made it the goal of our education technology predictions? We’d need to consider not just what technology products students are exposed to in the classroom, but also across the rest of their lives. You can extrapolate by drawing converging lines from K-12 education technology and home consumer technology to see how they might overlap and intersect. First is the evolving nature of education technology.

How one organization is changing the STEM education landscape

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Six years ago, I founded 100Kin10 , a national network focused on training and retaining excellent K-12 science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) teachers. 100,000 teachers by 2021.


What the Shifting Data Center Ecosystem Means for Education

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At Vertiv, we see a lot of K–12 schools looking for ways to integrate IT into their classrooms and curricula, despite being behind the technology curve due to shrinking federal and state funding and never-ending campaigns for local support. .

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Kahoot Earns a $376M Valuation After Disney Investment—and Is Looking to Acquire


Kahoot currently has 60 employees, and expects to nearly double its headcount to 110 staff in 2021. Education Technology Financing Edtech BusinessKahoot , an Oslo-based developer of a digital quiz tool popular with teachers, just started making money this year. But a recent investment from one of the biggest names in the entertainment business is valuing the company in the hundreds of millions.

Brace yourselves: AI is set to explode in the next 4 years

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percent through 2021. A new report predicts that artificial intelligence (AI) in the U.S. education sector will grow 47.5 The report, Artificial Intelligence Market in the U.S. Education Sector 2017-2021 , is based on in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts.

Personalized Learning’s Unknowns: Silicon Schools’ Five-Year Journey


What can technology do for them? We do not want school boards across the country adopting resolutions saying ‘Every school in our district will be personalized by the year 2021.’. We do not want school boards across the country adopting resolutions saying ‘Every school in our district will be personalized by the year 2021.’”. That’s going to require schools that are restructured a bit differently and use technology a little more differently,” he adds.

4 Signs that Disruption is Accelerating in Health Care Delivery

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The Amazon/JPMorgan/ Berkshire Hathaway health venture aims to leverage technology innovations toward that end, and Amazon’s extraordinary, tech-driven disruption of brick-and-mortar retailers bodes well for the venture’s success.

What Researchers Want Teachers to Know About Virtual Reality’s Health Risks


classrooms could jump to more than 15 percent by 2021, predicts Futuresource , a market research firm. What the researchers found in the third phase of the study, published last October, was that usage of VR headsets could impact a child’s vision, balance and spatial awareness—concerns they say educators should consider before adopting VR technology. Education Technology Learning Research ResearchVirtual reality has yet to become a reality in most classrooms.

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Schools Can Train the Next Batch of Cybersecurity Pros

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These classes are growing ­exponentially,” says Davina Pruitt-Mentle, lead for academic engagement at the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) , a division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Schools Can Train the Next Batch of Cybersecurity Pros.

In the Era of Microcredentials, Institutions Look to Blockchain to Verify Learning


Philipp Schmidt began thinking about the potential for blockchain in higher education long before the technology became a buzzword. Schmidt, who is the director of learning innovation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, began issuing non-academic credentials for his team around 2013. The majority of students who attend more than one school,” says Long, who is the chief innovation officer at UT Austin’s innovation initiative, Project 2021. “If

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3 Tips for 3D Printing Success

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Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) spaces are popping up in schools all over the U.S., Across all industries, 3D-printing spending is projected to reach $20 billion in 2021 , an IDC report found. “3D Jeff Faust, technology director at Charlottesville City Schools, shares these challenges and offers his solutions: 1. Wylie Wong is a freelance journalist who specializes in business, technology and sports. 3 Tips for 3D Printing Success. jena.passut_7651.

Digital Signage Growth Helps K–12 Schools Get Their Messages Out

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A recent report from Technavio found that revenue from digital signage in the education market is expected to grow 10 percent by 2021. Klein ISD , one of the fastest-growing districts in Houston, recently adopted 50 large-format TVs for digital signage as part of a three-year technology growth plan. They can promote activities to students while using the same technology to guide parents to the corresponding events.”.

Bill Clinton Reiterates Obama’s Commitment to Add 100,000 STEM Teachers to the Workforce


That call to action spurred the launch of 100Kin10 , a nonprofit that has been working with more than 280 organizations nationwide to achieve that goal by 2021. But you can work from anywhere with a technological background,” says Dr. Carol Fletcher, Deputy Director for the Center for STEM Education at the University of Texas at Austin. Education Technology Events Community


Survey: Students discouraged from seeking STEM teaching careers

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Though 90 percent of parents in a recent survey said they would encourage their children to pursue a career in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM), 87 percent of those surveyed also said they would be concerned if their child opted to pursue a K-12 STEM teaching career.

5 ways to reduce the harrowing STEM teacher shortage

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No technology can replace high-quality teachers. This led to the 100Kin10 movement, which aims to do just that by 2021. But what happens when high-quality STEM teachers become hard to find, and what happens when STEM teacher applicant pools dry up? And how can the U.S.


?Blockchain, Bitcoin and the Tokenization of Learning


But the underlying blockchain technology is complex, and attracting droves of interest from the likes of IBM and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In November, the Guardian wrote an editorial underlying the central conflict in the emerging technology: The blockchain technology underlying the various cryptocurrencies is meant to make human decisions redundant and to replace faith in governments with indisputable rationality.

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AES@NAMM Pro Sound Symposium: Live & Studio returns in 2019


This year’s AES@NAMM Pro Sound Symposium Program features a series of expert-level technical presentations, Training Academies and related sessions covering line-array technologies, live-sound mixing consoles, microphones, digital audio networking, wireless systems and studio environments.

Schools Explore Innovative Security Enhancements Ahead of the New School Year

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billion industry that is expected to continue growing through at least 2021, Marketplace reports. With this increased investment, technology vendors are developing leading-edge security technology, which includes everything from security cameras and alarms to new biometric systems like fingerprint scanning and facial recognition. Schools Explore Innovative Security Enhancements Ahead of the New School Year. eli.zimmerman_9856. Tue, 08/07/2018 - 14:20.

Schools Must Invest to Protect IoT Devices

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Top use cases are interactive devices, security-focused technology and energy-saving resources. billion in IoT security spending by 2021. Schools Must Invest to Protect IoT Devices. jena.passut_7651. Fri, 05/04/2018 - 11:39. Worldwide spending to protect Internet of Things devices is predicted to reach $1.5 billion this year , research firm Gartner recently announced. With spending at $1.2 billion last year, that’s a 28 percent jump.

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As the race to expand STEM education enters its next lap, here are three ways to recruit and train more teachers

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She says Rider’s program — which trains people from unconventional backgrounds for teaching science, technology, engineering, and math — taught her a lot more than how to teach math. But if all we do is train 100,000 STEM teachers by 2021, we will have met the goal but failed the mission.