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The Winners and Filmstrips of An (Almost) Decade in Education Technology


But today, edtech is commonly understood to mean digital technology. So with these guidelines in mind, I’ve chosen six areas where edtech has made an impact this decade: Learning Management Systems. MOOCs. OER and open books. The Filmstrips of Edtech Like a filmstrip.


Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Online Education and the Once and Future “MOOC” Brown University joins edX. “ Y Combinator MOOC for Tech Startups Attracts Thousands of Views,” says Campus Technology. Not sure why this is called a MOOC. Once upon a time, I’d have put Udacity in the MOOC section above, but I’m sticking this profile by RealClear Education here in the job training section: “Online Educator Udacity Adapts Courses to Changing Labor Market.”


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Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” Online Education and the Once and Future “MOOC” Big HR news about Coursera in the HR section below. Here’s the headline from Inside Higher Ed : “For-Credit MOOC: Best of Both Worlds at MIT ?” ” But if you look closer, it’s not a MOOC; it’s just an online class at MIT. Via the press release : “ Amazon Announces More Than 10,000 Employee Participants in Career Choice and Expects to Reach 20,000 Participants by 2020.”

The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

Hack Education

At the time, David Wiley expressed his concern that the lawsuit could jeopardize the larger OER movement, if nothing else, by associating open educational materials with piracy. MOOCs are, no surprise, their own entry on this long list of awfulness.