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Pushback Is Growing Against Automated Proctoring Services. But So Is Their Use


It may be the biggest question in college edtech during the pandemic: Should tests be allowed to robotically watch students? The more recent rise of automated proctoring tools replace those humans with software robots, thereby reducing the cost.

The Learning Counsel’s 2019 National Digital Curriculum Strategy Survey Yielded Surprising Results

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The Learning Counsel released the results of its sixth annual Survey of School and District Digital Curriculum Strategy and Transformation. Schools and Districts responded to this year’s national Survey, which collects data to rate schools and mark national trends in how digital transitions are occurring, primarily from a lens of software sophistication, devices and network infrastructure. Social-emotional needs of students is now cited as the number one pressure point. .

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‘Our Technology Is Our Ideology’: George Siemens on the Future of Digital Learning


What does it mean to be human in a digital age? A researcher, theorist, educator, Siemens is the digital learning guy. He’s credited with co-teaching the first MOOC in 2008, introduced the theory of “connectivism”—the idea that knowledge is distributed across digital networks—and spearheaded research projects about the role of data and analytics in education. Rise of the robots Siemens has both an academic and an industry perspective on digital learning.

How We Turn Cybersecurity Concepts Into a Classroom Staple


Robot”-like hackers striving for the greater good to take down “The Man.” We the general public have a responsibility to learn how to better secure our devices and act on protecting our virtual identity with the same zeal that we have towards protecting our families and our homes. This is especially risky when you’re out and about checking your balance in your bank account, transferring funds, posting your life to social media and inputting passwords into multiple web forms.

Coding and Computer Science during CSEdWeek

This year, CSEdWeek took place from December 5th to 11th, and two of ’s professional learning communities (PLC) presented webinars that highlighted the importance of coding and computer science in education. The Coding & Robotics K-8 PLC, sponsored by Wonder Workshop , hosted the webinar, “ Beyond the Hour of Code: Implementation for All ,” on December 6th. In the year 2020 we’ll have 1.4 Join the Coding & Robotics K-8 Community.

Profile of Asbury Park (NJ) Superintendent Sancha Gray


and students are thriving under innovative initiatives that include blended learning, tech-rich classrooms, and exposure to hope and opportunities for lifelong success. When we support parents’ learning, they create a culture of learning at home.” Dream Academy students—chosen through a mix of GPA, interview, teacher recommendations, and academic portfolio review—can graduate from high school with an associate degree in social science.

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The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

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In 2017, just a week before Christmas, the New Media Consortium abruptly announced its immediate closure “because of apparent errors and omissions by its former Controller and Chief Financial Officer.” Again and again, the media told stories — wildly popular stories , apparently — about how technology industry executives refuse to allow their own children to use the very products they were selling to the rest of us. The key word in that headline isn’t “digital”; it’s “force.”