5 Resources Connecting STEM, the Arts, and the World

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The world has changed dramatically since the National Science Foundation coined the term STEM in 2001 (though they originally called it SMET). With STEM back then, content was king and there was a critical need in our industries for content area expertise. STEM Career Challenges.


What U.S. Companies Should Know About Asia's Edtech Market


On the one hand, China’s private education market is projected to grow 9 percent per year until 2020, reaching a value of $330 billion—an enticing market for many American entrepreneurs. After a summer of market research and competitor analysis, the company eventually signed off on a collaboration with a Chinese partner, TAL Education. company that has eyed Asia as the next big market. But their story is not a blueprint that will make sense for every company.

Women In STEM Speak Out To Girls Everywhere

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Their interest in math and science decreases and they become less likely to pursue the growing STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) innovation careers awaiting the next generations ( Generation STEM ).


How a Blind Student Who Felt Locked Out of STEM Classes Challenged—and Changed—Her University


Wichita State now has until 2020 to complete all of its pledged reforms, and officials are working to share their process with other colleges so those institutions can help their students before lawyers have to get involved. Because the materials are produced by a company, he says, many professors assume that that means they must be accessible. But some STEM textbooks are produced by smaller and more niche publishers who may not have the same awareness of the issue, she adds.

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Hillary Clinton Releases Tech Agenda Highlighting Student Loan Debt and STEM


Her boldest claim: That her administration would close the digital divide by 2020 with 100 percent of American families having the "option" of quality broadband. She also hopes to facilitate the training of 50,000 computer science teachers over the next ten years by engaging private sector companies, increasing federal aid and supporting a wider array of professional development programs.

Creating a Vision for Your School and Getting Buy In from Stakeholders

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But Lynn, right now, you’re excited about what you’re calling TL 2020. What is TL 2020? TL 2020 is our teaching and learning initiative in Salisbury Township School District. We spent quite a bit of time visioning for TL 2020, and continuing to evolve our vision.

James O’Hagan: 5 Reasons to Bring ESports to your School

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Because these kids are going to be AP- and IP-focused, going to have higher GPAs, going to have interest in STEM-related fields. But I don’t feel we’re really doing enough to draw them in because this is an industry that by the year 2020 that is going to grow to be a $1.5

Backed by $27M, Bitwise Plans More Tech Training and Jobs for Underserved Communities


Bitwise’s accelerated tech training program, called Geekwise Academy , is one of the company’s three business segments. The company offers bulk pricing discounts to institutions that want to train large groups of staff. The company has two more Fresno locations planned to open by 2020.

New early-college high school to pair students with neuroscientists

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The students are in a pilot class of what will become the Max Planck Academy, set to enroll between 35 and 50 high school juniors in 2020. K-12 News Personalized Learning STEM Technology access

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Why It's Important to Teach Your Students Financial Literacy—and Three Ways to Do It


In 2015, we launched the FutureSmart Digital program—a gamified, web-based financial education course, in partnership with education technology company EVERFI. Images credit: EVERFI Lessons on The State of Financial Capability The FutureSmart Digital program has an ambitious goal of reaching 2 million students by 2020. Education Technology 21st Century Skills Technology in School Assessment Driven Curriculum STEM Education Video Instruction Game-based Learning Financing

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Colleges are adding programs in a once-decimated industry — manufacturing

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But the strong economy, and the return of manufacturing operations to the United States as labor costs rise abroad , have led some companies to add jobs. Vermont is looking to increase employment and production at manufacturing companies throughout the state.

The Beginner’s Guide to the Hour of Code

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Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by the year 2020, there will be one million more computer science jobs than graduates prepared for these jobs. Keep in mind–most of these curriculums are tied in with the tools of the companies that created them!).

Coding in the Classroom: Six Tips to Get Even Reluctant Teachers—and Students—Started


Problems (that we all know about) Educators across the globe are increasingly familiar with the staggering statistics: Between 2010 and 2020, STEM jobs growth will outpace all other jobs at 1 8.7% , leading to an estimated 1.1 Companies like Intel and Apple have launched diversity initiatives, but we have much work to do. Education Technology Coding Technology in School Teacher Community Community Products Visual Arts Game-based Learning ELL STEM Education

Survey: Science education needs more support

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Parents, teachers and the STEM community need to work together to encourage girls’ and minorities’ interest in science. News Research STEM Top NewsTwenty-year benchmark survey reveals critical need to improve U.S. science education.

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How Educational Leaders can Become Technology Visionaries Today.

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Education funding challenges hurt Arizona tech industry, STEM advocates say. Many companies in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) industry have locations in Arizona, including Uber, Intel and PayPal.


An Rx for poverty? A career in nursing

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Benjamin Pring, co-founder of the Center for the Future of Work at technology company Cognizant. In 2010, the Institute of Medicine and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation issued an influential report calling for 80 percent of nurses to hold bachelor’s degrees by 2020.

Have a Bold Idea for Education? Here's How to Apply for Funding from NewSchools


In fact, it prompted us to increase our goal for Black and Latino leaders in the education sector—from 30 percent to 40 percent—by the year 2020. For this challenge, we are looking for companies and nonprofits creating tools to support young learners’ academic and social development in Pre-K through second grade. Education Technology Movers and Shakers Community Differentiated Learning STEM Education ELL Data and Research Charter Schools Charter Management Organizations

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Equality Starts With Education: Why the Tech Industry Should Help Lead the Way


I often find myself at Salesforce —a leading San Francisco technology company—looking out the window at the Bay, remembering the little girl who used to dream of this view. While computing jobs are likely to more than double by 2020 , underrepresented minorities currently earn only 11% of engineering degrees and women earn only 17% of computer and information sciences degrees.

5G and Edtech?


As part of a $400 million initiative to fund STEM education, the company has announced plans to double the number of in-school programs it supports—from 100 middle schools in September 2018 to 200 middle schools by the end of 2020. First, there was sneakernet.

From Mexico to China: Why the World is Interested in the United States Edtech Market


In the past, experts have made big projections for the global edtech market, with some groups estimating as much as $252 billion pouring into the market by 2020. companies. In addition to shopping for applications, he hopes to build partnerships with companies that can support him and his school throughout the tech implementation process. She is following some of the tutoring companies at ISTE, noting that many are seeking partnerships with United States companies.

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The Clock Is Ticking for This Edtech Buyer to Find a Deal


If it seems baffling that companies with no revenue can raise money from private investors ( ahem , as some edtech startups did in the early 2010’s), then EdTechX Holdings might just sound outright crazy at first. EdTechX Holdings is a “special purpose acquisition company,” or SPAC for short. It raises money from the public with the explicit purpose of acquiring a private company. That company then becomes publicly-held, usually through a process known as a reverse merger.

Notes from the UNI Education Summit

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Could we take the billions of dollars that are going to testing companies and put it into rich, developmental pre-K? 2020 = 125,000; 2040 = 185,000+. 2020 = 75,000; 2040 = 110,000+. 2020 = 11,000; 2040 = 13,000. David Drew , Reforming STEM Education in America.

Owl Ventures Just Closed a $315M Edtech Fund. Here’s What It Sees From Its Perch.


Already, one New York-based edtech company has raised $100 million. Accelerate Learning, a provider of preK-12 STEM resources, was bought by The Carlyle Group. Companies like DreamBox have worked for years with researchers at Harvard and SRI to evaluate its program. When companies are having profound, verifiable outcomes from third-party [research], it’s to everyone’s advantage to make those results publicly available,” says Patterson. based companies.

Marc Benioff Wants to Make Bay Area Schools ‘Best in Country’


Lee kicked off the program, sharing the vision for schools working with Bay Area companies like Salesforce. The jobs just a few years around the corner for all [students] demand that you’ve got to have a better STEM education.”. Lee, who co-chairs mentoring program TAC 2020 , says Congress is working on supporting STEM education on a national level. Salesforce announced its fourth donation to Bay Area schools to fund computer science education Thursday morning.

Betsy DeVos on Teacher Vouchers, Walkouts and Being Clickbait


Private companies and donors would contribute to the fund and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit in return. Left unsaid: The 2020 federal budget proposal that would cut $8.8

Pearson asks N.J. students for help designing new digital products

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Nine New Jersey elementary middle school students are joining forces with Pearson designers and developers to help the company design features for digital learning solutions. According to the STEM Coalition , by 2020, there will be 9.2 million STEM jobs in the U.S.

Why I’m Optimistic About the Next Wave of Education Technology


Although the pessimists correctly observe that many questionable edtech startups have been over-funded and over-hyped these past few years (and some of the biggest are likely to crash to Earth in the near future), it’s simultaneously true that the next decade is likely to see the birth and growth of some of the most transformative education companies of this century. More than 80 percent of the edtech startups created in the past five years will not survive through 2020.

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Hillary Clinton Lays Out Multi-Point Tech, Innovation Plan

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Hillary Clinton, in a wide-ranging technology plan outlined at a Denver campaign stop today, proposed student loan deferment for startup founders, and connectivity to high-speed internet in every American household by 2020.


Why Building a Diverse Workforce Requires Computer Science Mandates in Schools


African-Americans and Latino/Hispanics make up a tiny fraction of the overwhelmingly white, male-dominated workforce of major technology companies. based technology companies is African-American or Latino/Hispanic, and only one is a woman—Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM. The WEF projects that this revolution will displace five million jobs across 15 major developed and emerging economies by 2020. In the Silicon Valley, they call it the “3 percent problem.”

What’s school without grade levels?

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By the fall of 2020, all Northern Cass students will plot their own academic courses to high school graduation, while sticking with same-age peers for things like gym class and field trips. Even Waukesha STEM Academy gives grade levels a cameo in student progress reports.

The Asian Money Fueling US Edtech Investments


So states a recent Wall Street Journal report on the tens of billions of dollars that Chinese companies have poured on U.S. To adapt, many companies are investing domestically, particularly in China, where edtech companies raised more than $1.2 Increasingly, Asian companies are also investing abroad to find fresh ideas and tools to bring to their local markets. Edtech Companies With Asia-Based Investors. Based Company. Company.

We must not shut low-income students out of computer sciences

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I tell her about what I do and how my company addresses society’s need to educate citizens for millions of unfilled jobs — in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) jobs, as well as jobs in computing. Department of Labor, one million jobs in computing will go unfilled by 2020.

This Year’s ASU+GSV Summit Is Hard to Describe. Here’s Our Best Attempt.


Women entrepreneurs made up more than a third of the presenting companies. In an interview with EdSurge at the conference, General Assembly CEO Jake Schwartz said he was excited to continue to lead the operation, which will retain the brand and operate as a division of Adecco, and gain better connection to industry partners through the new parent company. One of its investments announced this week is in Aula , a London-based company that just closed a $4.2

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science and student exchange programs through the end of the current budget cycle in 2020.” ” This stems from a protest at the University of Connecticut. ” I’ll be adding student loan company Quiklo to the ed-tech dead pool. The company, which sells subscriptions to boxes full of kids’ activitites, has raised $7.33 (National) Education Politics. RIP Net Neutrality.

What Skills Do Google, Pinterest, and Twitter Employees Think Kids Need To Succeed?


What about in the year 2020? In fact, we interviewed three individuals—Alexandrea Alphonso, Ryan Greenberg, and Trisha Quan—from each of those aforementioned tech companies. especially at these big companies, who are starting out, just going with the flow—like someone suggested they join a team and they just do the tasks that are presented to them. Here's the start to an interesting story: a Google program manager, a Twitter engineer, and a Pinterest employee walk into a bar.

Hack Education Weekly News

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“ President Trump Earmarks $200 Million in Federal Grants for STEM , Computer Science Programs ,” says Edsurge , later swooning that “ Google , Facebook , Amazon Among Tech Titans Committing $300 Million to K–12 Computer Science.” Edsurge profiles the latest from Degreed : “This Company Wants to Help You Hire for Skills, Not Credentials.” ” ( No disclosure that Edsurge shares investors with the company.).

"We Don’t Have Resources to Keep Up with Technology": 2016 Teacher of the Year Jahana Hayes Talks to EdSurge


What does it mean, then, for the teaching profession to prepare for 2020? I’ve met well-intentioned policymakers, legislators, and textbook companies, and they have all these consultants, done this research… and they’re doing what they think is the best thing for teachers. Mary Jo Madda ( @MJMadda ) is Senior Editor at EdSurge, as well as a former STEM teacher and administrator. Want to hear the whole interview?

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“These Universities Are Training the World’s Top Coders,” according to Fast Company , which claims the best “coders” (whatever the hell that means) come from the Russian Federation College, ITMO University (Russia), Sun Yat-sen Memorial Middle School (China), and Ho Chi Minh City University of Science (Vietnam). My bet is he joins the Trump administration; Edsurge thinks he’ll start a new company. Education Politics.

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Some internet-access advocates say EBS is underutilized at best, and wasted at worst, because loose regulatory oversight by the FCC has allowed most of the spectrum to fall into the hands of commercial internet companies. As Edsurge observes , “New CEO at Coursera Comes From Financial Tech, Not Higher Ed” – he was the co-founder of Financial Engines, a retirement planning company. ” The company has raised $16.5 It’s a digital worksheet company.

Even with help, Olympic athletes struggle to balance their sports with college

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About 1,600 paying students at DeVry have filed claims for loan forgiveness, saying the school defrauded or misled them, according to the Century Foundation , a nonpartisan think tank, and its parent company has reached a tentative deal to sell it.).