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New Advocacy Campaign Calls for Banning Facial Recognition on College Campuses.


Indeed, last week saw the launch of “ Ban Facial Recognition on Campus ,” a nationwide campaign from the nonprofit advocacy organizations Fight for the Future and Students for Sensible Drug Policy. These advocacy efforts in K-12 schools, she adds, may have influenced the new college campaign.

A Teacher’s Guide to Toxic Stress in the Classroom


According to student stress statistics, nearly half (45%) of the teenagers polled reported that they’re stressed all the time, and 70% report that anxiety or depression are “major problems” for themselves or their peers.[9,11]

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STUDENT VOICE: Black boys need the guidance and mentorship of black male teachers

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students was produced by The Hechinger Report , a nonprofit, independent news organization focused on inequality and innovation in education. Her interests include research and advocacy for children of color, children from impoverished backgrounds and children involved in athletics.

‘You can’t help but to wonder’: Crumbling schools, less money, and dismal outcomes in the county that was supposed to change everything for black children in the South

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Photo: Rory Doyle for The Hechinger Report. White students account for less than 5 percent of enrollment in these districts, according to a Hechinger Report analysis of state data. Photo: Rory Doyle for The Hechinger Report. Photo: Rory Doyle for The Hechinger Report.

Some colleges start to confront a surprising reason students fail: Too many choices

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Photo: Maria Alejandra Cardona for The Hechinger Report. These students are increasingly the children of parents who helicoptered them through elementary, middle and high school or who didn’t go to college themselves and can’t provide much help with it.

2 Big Teachers Unions Call For Rethinking Student Involvement In Lockdown Drills


Now the advocacy group Everytown For Gun Safety is joining with the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association — the nation’s largest education unions, with several million members — in calling for schools to reassess the use of lockdown drills.

High school graduation rates for one important group are starting to get better

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Photo: Iris Schneider for The Hechinger Report. Since 2006, the share of California Hispanic 19-year-olds with a high school diploma has increased from 74 percent to 86 percent, according to the Campaign for College Opportunity, a California advocacy group.

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Betsy DeVos on Teacher Vouchers, Walkouts and Being Clickbait


This represents change only for those people who want to make a change,” she said, adding that schools can choose between using that money to fund elementary, secondary or pre-K programs (though that last one is up for debate ). Left unsaid: The 2020 federal budget proposal that would cut $8.8

What does ‘career readiness’ look like in middle school?

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Photo: Stephanie Strom for The Hechinger Report. South Carolina’s Charleston County School District is among the many school districts around the country now working to modify and extend those programs to its middle and elementary schools. “It’s In 2020, the C.E.

What’s school without grade levels?

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Photo: Chris Berdik for The Hechinger Report. By the fall of 2020, all Northern Cass students will plot their own academic courses to high school graduation, while sticking with same-age peers for things like gym class and field trips. Photo: Chris Berdik for The Hechinger Report.

Measuring success at San Antonio’s public preschool program

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Photo: Bekah McNeel for The Hechinger Report. The City Council, largely supportive of Pre-K 4 SA, will decide whether the program’s continuation will make it onto the 2020 ballot. The program currently reports spending about $11,500 per year per student, along with about $4.2

What Does ‘Career Readiness’ Look Like in Middle School?


This story about career readiness was produced by The Hechinger Report , a nonprofit, independent news organization focused on inequality and innovation in education. Stephanie Strom for The Hechinger Report). In 2020, the C.E. Stephanie Strom for The Hechinger Report).