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Broken system: Child care subsidies ensure low-quality, limit access

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Credit: Photo: Lillian Mongeau/Hechinger Report. The family had just moved and now has to wake up earlier to make the half hour drive across town to Jaslynn’s elementary school, which is in their old neighborhood. Credit: Photo: Lillian Mongeau/Hechinger Report.

A semester of trauma, sickness and death at a New York school

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This story about Corona, Queens was produced as part of the series Critical Condition: The Students the Pandemic Hit Hardest , reported by HuffPost and The Hechinger Report , a nonprofit, independent news organization focused on inequality and innovation in education.

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How to reach students without internet access at home? Schools get creative

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A lot of our kids don’t have internet access,” said Coe, who knows students who routinely head to the library or the town’s McDonald’s to get online. For students who don’t have online access, we’re happy to be able to provide this,” said Seeta Pai, executive director of education at WGBH.

Homework in a McDonald’s parking lot: Inside one mother’s fight to help her kids get an education during coronavirus

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Her cellphone’s data plan — the only way she could access the internet at home — wasn’t up to the task. Widespread lack of broadband access complicates learning. By early April, Washington County reported two deaths from the coronavirus.

15 Websites to Teach Financial Literacy

Ask a Tech Teacher

Age group: Upper elementary, middle and high school. Age group: Upper elementary. Instructions are both written and audio, making them accessible to lots of learners. Age group: Upper elementary, middle and high school.

COLUMN: Defund the private schools

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Protestors Demonstrate at Mission Police Station in San Francisco, California on June 3, 2020, after the death of George Floyd. The Gray Commission’s 1955 Report to the Governor argued that “compulsory integration should be resisted by all proper means in our power.”

System 106

White men have the edge in the school principal pipeline, researchers say

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A new Texas study , published June 2020 in the peer-reviewed journal of the American Educational Research Association AERA Open found that Black principal candidates were 18 percent less likely to be promoted to principal than equally qualified whites. Educators who run U.S.

Study 107

Middle school is often difficult. Try experiencing it under quarantine.

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But studies show that many students aren’t being engaged in this way, especially kids who lack internet access at home.In a survey of teachers released in early April, only 39 percent reported interacting with their students at least once a day. appeared first on The Hechinger Report.

Survey 113

Breonna Taylor was shot by police in a city held up as a beacon of racial progress

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A protester holds a sign during a protest over the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, Monday, June 1, 2020, in Louisville, Ky. It focuses on access to programming. Elementary to High School News Race and Equity achievement gap Civil rights poverty Race Segregation

System 101

Improve Student Engagement and Learning with Technology Coaching

Digital Promise

When technology makes information more accessible, students are more engaged. Students reported that they enjoyed using technology to transform abstract ideas into something more tangible, and to search for information to help fill gaps in understanding.

OPINION: ‘For our many Black and Brown children, the threats to their physical safety now and into the future are eating away at their insides’

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Students would have access to adults who could help them process what is occurring and provide ways to ameliorate their terror. Elementary to High School News Opinion Race and Equity Leadership racismOur students are traumatized. They are living with fear and confusion.

When kids go back to school, who’s going to drive the bus?

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Related: Hundreds of thousands of students still can’t access online learning. 210,000 — The number of bus drivers working directly for elementary and secondary schools in the U.S. appeared first on The Hechinger Report.

Schools provide stability for refugees. Covid-19 upended that

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Her three kids were enrolled in middle and elementary school; she was working toward her GED. face a litany of additional obstacles to remote learning, including language barriers, access to technology. Covid-19 upended that appeared first on The Hechinger Report.

Overcoming security and privacy concerns with e-learning


More students than ever before now have access to a quality education, no matter where they live. It’s important to note that those impressive numbers don’t include remote students at the elementary or high school level.

Data 292

COLUMN: Now imagine if your school closed for good

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Adapted and reprinted from Know Your Price: Valuing Black Lives and Property in America’s Black Cities by Andre Perry, with permission from Brookings Institution Press, © 2020 by Brookings Institution.

Kids with disabilities blocked from bilingual programs

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The district confirmed that they are denied any access to the bilingual instruction happening in the same building. This story about bilingual special education was produced by The Hechinger Report , a nonprofit, independent news organization focused on inequality and innovation in education.

Schools on a screen: One tech-savvy school district has lessons for others going online

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Credit: Gail Robinson for The Hechinger Report. The Gates Foundation is among the many supporters of The Hechinger Report.). Credit: Gail Robinson for The Hechinger Report. It was the kind of report students traditionally deliver orally to their classmates.

12 of the Best School and Classroom Grants and How to Apply: A Guide for Educators


As schools adapt to teaching in these new circumstances, many educators are in need of resources to make their lessons accessible online. For more in-depth information, check out our full Foundations and Grants Guide 2020.

How To 130

Teachers need lots of training to do online learning well. Coronavirus closures gave many just days.

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Photo: Alexandria Neason for The Hechinger Report. Teachers are doing their best in an unprecedented and constantly changing situation, but the varying amount of training districts are providing has created a patchwork of quality and gaps in accessibility.

Why aren’t more school counselors trained in helping students apply to college?

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Photo: Yunuen Bonaparte for The Hechinger Report. Photo: Yunuen Bonaparte for The Hechinger Report. High school counselors also study alongside middle school and elementary counselors for whom college and career planning is less of a priority.

Planning ahead to catch up students when school reopens after coronavirus

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Ideally, Noguera said, kids would also have access to after school programming providing enrichment activities like art or robotics to balance out ramped-up instruction. The post Planning ahead to catch up students when school reopens after coronavirus appeared first on The Hechinger Report.

Diverse future of the Midwest has already arrived in one Iowan school

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Photo: Lillian Mongeau/The Hechinger Report. And yet the immigrant experience is still an unusual one in Iowa — a state that holds enormous sway over the 2020 election but looks quite unlike the rest of the U.S. Photo: Lillian Mongeau/The Hechinger Report. “I

Pandemic May (Finally) Push Online Education Into Teacher Prep Programs


It’s an opportunity for the future teachers who are enrolled at the college to apply what they learn in class in a practical setting, testing out lesson plans with real elementary students. McGhee, assistant clinical professor of elementary education at Auburn University.

Every student needs summer school this year to combat coronavirus learning loss

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Rising fourth graders listen as a teacher reads a book at an elementary school summer program in Silver Spring, MD. The seminal Coleman Report published in 1966 showed that student outcomes inside the classroom are predicated on their circumstances outside the classroom.

Coronavirus FAQ: Everything Schools and Companies Need and Want to Know


Tony Wan, Managing Editor Access and Equity How can we accommodate students who have learning disabilities in online instruction and practice universal design principles? Rebecca Koenig (March 16, 2020) Administration and Leadership How is all this being negotiated with teachers unions?

Khan Academy plunged into classrooms, then classrooms went online

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The version of the tool launched this fall focused on late elementary and middle school math, with new topics planned for the future. Another 8,000 had a documented exemption, such as no internet access or an inability to leave home to pick up academic paper packets.

A Teacher’s Guide to Toxic Stress in the Classroom


6] Students who are characterized as “difficult” or “bad-mannered” may be overwhelmed with toxic stress and unable to access the support they need because of the way others view them. In fact, one-fifth of all children report that they worry a lot.[14]

Lowest student-to-school-counselor ratio since 1986

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Graphic by Peter D’Amato/The Hechinger Report. My Hechinger Report colleagues have written many stories about how low-income students don’t get nearly as much help as wealthy students do when it comes time to apply to college. Graphic by Peter D’Amato/The Hechinger Report.

Report 112

Counseling kids during the coronavirus: A tough job made even tougher

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The extreme scarcity of counselors in Arizona, especially in elementary schools, puts students there at particular risk. Nearly a third of high school students surveyed reported persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness, according to the CDC. About 19 percent reported anxiety.

Survey 114

A new playbook for summer school

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Mississippi experienced a single-day record Monday with nearly 500 new coronavirus cases reported. Related: Hundreds of thousands of students still can’t access online learning. Nineteen districts reported they were using other approaches such as on-site small groups.

‘It’s very hard for us to get things we need’: Thousands of Mississippi teens face hunger and homelessness in pandemic

Bracey Harris

Youth aren’t able to make the most healthy decisions when they don’t have access to safe schools, clothing and shelter,” she said. Coronavirus and Education Elementary to High School Mississippi News Health and nutrition Mental health and trauma Mississippi newsletter poverty

Educators Share What’s Working in Distance Learning

MIND Research Institute

There is nothing black-and-white about how to best support our students and families,” said Dr. Barbara Adams, principal at Findley Elementary School in Des Moines, IA. May 5, 2020. March 31, 2020. March 31, 2020. March 31, 2020.

Some colleges start to confront a surprising reason students fail: Too many choices

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Photo: Maria Alejandra Cardona for The Hechinger Report. These students are increasingly the children of parents who helicoptered them through elementary, middle and high school or who didn’t go to college themselves and can’t provide much help with it.

OPINION: ‘We commemorate Juneteenth — why not make that sentiment last all year?’

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Students of color are less likely to be given access to accelerated opportunities in secondary schools, and more likely to be placed in remediation when they head to college. ’ appeared first on The Hechinger Report.

COVID-19 Education Innovations Solution Spotlight in New York, Florida and Free Internet Access


Several internet providers are offering free internet and Wi-Fi access to homes with K-12 or college students in an effort to help with distance learning. Also, many communities , including Palm Beach in Florida , are partnering with local companies to get more than 11,000 digital devices into the hands of students who need them to participate in online classes, as reported by WPEC on March 20. . Elementary school students will have a 2.5-