7 Ideas for Student Genius Hour and Passion Projects

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I’m writing this post inspired by the young man, Tyler Haggerty, on episode 537 of the show that is being released on August 6, 2019. From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Genius hour and passion projects are transformational.

Can EdTech enable Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?


A fascinating case study involving one of California’s largest and poorest school districts Fresno Unified School District involves the smart use of data to understand the social and emotional challenges facing their students.

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Squid Notes - Take digital handwritten notes for class, work, or fun! Markup PDFs, sign documents, & more

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They have a site dedicated to using Squid in the Classroom with tips, resources and use cases. link] Squid recently published a series of how-to videos about Squid and have a product overview video and a case study with a 6th-grade math teacher. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

The Google Certified Trainer Ultimate Planner and Checklist

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The post The Google Certified Trainer Ultimate Planner and Checklist appeared first on Shake Up Learning. The journey to becoming a Google Certified Trainer can be quite daunting! There are so many things to do–exams to pass, application requirements, case study, and application video–and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Shake Up Learning 2019. Google Google Certification Google Certified Trainer google certified trainer

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Gaggle for Google: Student Safety in a 1:1 Chromebook District

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The district implemented Gaggle to gain full visibility over students’ email and Google Drive activity, allowing them to react quickly and seamlessly to any situations that put students at risk. Read our full case study to learn more about how the district uses Gaggle to keep its student safe.

What is Blended Learning? Tips from 3 Bett Speakers

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Pupils can continue their studies away from the classroom using the environment too. In this type of strategy both participants are present in physical space, with an element of student flexibility and control over time, place, path and pace of study.

How to Build a High-Functioning Remote Team for Your Edtech Company


A study by the International Workplace Group estimates that 50 percent of people globally work outside their headquarters for at least 2.5 We screened them using a pre-interview questionnaire built in Google Form.

Offering School Districts a Better View of Blind Spots

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We had this incredible blind spot; we couldn’t see what was in our students’ Google Drive folders or what they were doing on email and with other Google apps,” said Dr. Teresa M. Read the case study to learn more about how this small district uses Gaggle to keep students safe.

Giving Students a Safe Way to Ask for Help

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One particular student who feared retaliation if they reported a situation directly decided instead to write something inappropriate in a Google doc, knowing that the platform would catch it. Read the full case study to learn more about how OKCPS keeps its students safe with Gaggle.

GoGuardian Develops a New AI-Enabled Cloud Filter for K–12 Schools

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For the School District of Lee County in Florida, administrators used GoGuardian’s cloud infrastructure to manage over 22,000 Chromebooks across 93 schools, according to a case study. . GoGuardian Develops a New AI-Enabled Cloud Filter for K–12 Schools. eli.zimmerman_9856.

3 Things I'm Proud of This Week: Explosive Disposal. A Few Good Men

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A Few Good Men I have written in the past about how I love to use medical case studies to spark inquiry in biology class. I then created a blank Google Slides preso, altered the settings, shorted the URL , and shared it with my students.

A Single Sign-On Platform Revolutionized How This District Uses Tech—and Saved $120,000


Now students are using Google Classroom. They’re using robotics software, animation software, Google Drawings, Microsoft One Note. Case Study: Technology director rallies behind SSO at 3 NY districts. “A ball of crazy!”

Twelve Years Later: What’s Really Changed in the K-12 Sector? (Part 1)


In fall 2007, Larry Berger, CEO of Wireless Generation (now Amplify) was invited to submit a paper to an “Entrepreneurship in Education” working group led by Rick Hess, the director of Education Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute. This “Google and good luck” approach throws a lot of options, confusion, and competing agendas at teachers. As a case study, consider a typical district literacy initiative, which is anchored on one of the big basal reading programs.

To un-muzzle upstart Negros, we need black-owned news media

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Over the decades, journalism’s power has eroded, buffeted by the rise of the Internet, the wide availability of free content, and the siphoning of advertising dollars by Internet giants Facebook and Google.

Investing in Your Students’ Safety

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Along with their 1:1 initiative, CPS also uses Google Apps for Education, which houses content that’s filtered through Gaggle. Read the full case study to learn more about how CPS uses Gaggle to ensure both physical and cyber safety without compromising student privacy.

Knowing the Unknown: Monitoring to Keep Students Safe

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We started looking for software that could monitor the email and document collaboration taking place in Google Docs,” said Director of Technology Ryan Adkins. Read the case study to learn more about how Yorkville CUSD 115 keeps students safe using Gaggle.

Leveling Up Language Learners’ 21st-Century Skills with Minecraft


Students recorded these reflections on a Google Doc as a reference for the next time we played. And these discoveries were added to the student's Google Doc log so that descriptive or instructional language was captured and refined as necessary. Learning English in Minecraft: a case study on language competences and classroom practices. “Can we set the story in Minecraft?” We had been working for several weeks on a storytelling unit in my ESL classes in 2012.

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Encouraging Appropriate Student Behavior in the Digital World

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The district turned to Gaggle to implement their safety management platform, which features artificial intelligence (AI)-based screening capabilities to monitor student email and Google Drive accounts.

Global Collaboration Week Begins - Find a Project and Connect!

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Global Collaboration Week is a series of free online education events taking place during the week of September 23 - 27, 2019. DIRECTIONS: The Google Slide presentation will be made available for viewing after the presentation.

Shining a Light on Student Safety

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She writes about her problems in a Google doc at school, getting her thoughts and feelings out. Download the case study. Picture this: A student is struggling with issues that she hasn’t shared with any of her friends, classmates, or even her family.

30+ YouTube Channels for Teachers

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You can learn just about anything on YouTube: how to fix your dryer, how to create a blog, or how to use Google Docs. Alice is a fantastic blogger and Google Certified Innovator who freely shares her Google tips and tricks online. Google for Education. Google Chrome.