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Schools and Colleges Try Virtual Reality Science Labs. But Can VR Replace a Cadaver?


When Case Western Reserve University launches a new health education campus with the Cleveland Clinic next year, one feature will be conspicuously absent. Google has partnered with science education company Labster to create an online biology degree program with virtual reality labs. Microsoft's partnership with Pearson includes HoloChemistry for primary, secondary and college students, and HoloPatient for nursing students. Students will use Google’s Daydream VR technology.

What is Blended Learning? Tips from 3 Bett Speakers

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Pupils can continue their studies away from the classroom using the environment too. Dr. Neelam Parmar; Director of E-learning for Primary & Secondary Schools. In this type of strategy both participants are present in physical space, with an element of student flexibility and control over time, place, path and pace of study. This helps to promote independent study and develops an entirely new learning environment for students.

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” And the latest on the court case/Trump University scandal: Via NPR : “ Texas Governor Linked To Trump University Fraud Case.” ” Via the AP : “ Florida AG asked Trump for donation before nixing fraud case.” “ Light Sentence for Brock Turner in Stanford Rape Case Draws Outrage.” ” Also via The New York Times : “Judge Aaron Persky Under Fire for Sentencing in Stanford Rape Case.”