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AV that Makes the Grade


Here is a sample of case studies that illustrate how AV can turn K-12 spaces into student-driven hubs. One example of a project that has sparked new ways of thinking in students is the 2018 collaboration between Riverview High School in New Brunswick, Canada, and Pheasey Park Farm Primary School in Birmingham, UK. She believes that gamification is the “first step” for K-12 and Virtual Reality. You used to have information at your fingertips—with Google, for example.

Gaming, VR Exploring, and App Building: The Ellis Island Hack-A-Thon


Introduction In my social studies classes we are learning about historical content in the United States from post-Civil War to the Present. This post is about our study of the immigration experience at Ellis Island with the following themes: Students will identify groups of people who moved into urban areas, and examine where they came from and the reasons for their migration into the cities. We kept notes on our Mission US City of Immigrants Notes (Google Slides). 2018.