Can Creativity Be Taught?

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In fact, 85 percent of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet, says a report by the Institute for the Future and a panel of 20 tech, business, and academic experts from around the world.

Home visiting in high school: Trying an intervention for toddlers on teenagers

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West Virginia unveiled a campaign this year for 60 percent of adults ages 25 to 64 to have earned a degree or certificate by 2030. Higher Ed K-12 News achievement gap Graduation and dropouts Higher education access Higher education completion poverty Rural schools

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Change Agents: Tech & Learning’s Most Influential People in EdTech In 2018


It’s important that everyone who has access to data is trained properly to use and protect it,” Vance says. Parker was recently honored by ISTE with their 2018 Award for Outstanding Leadership, “in recognition of her commitment to ensuring that technology has a positive impact in schools.”

How Do You Prepare Students for Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet? Karen Cator Has Some Ideas.


A lot of people say that by 2030, when our current kindergartners are high school graduates, automation will have phased out many career paths that are available today. Some of the research by the McKinsey Global Institute says that by 2030 the transitions will be challenging, the transitions to different kinds of jobs. We can create open education resources and publish them online for people to access and use.

Kinders Can Code — Featuring the Voices of Lisa Guardino & Shea Smith


The most accessible first lesson was a phonemic awareness lesson that could be turned into an independent literacy center. Flourish in 2030. Our kindergarteners will graduate in 2030. Is the activity we are asking our students to do preparing them for life in 2030?

Pearson’s Former Product Chief Reflects on the 4 Megatrends Shaping Global Education


Yet at the same time, I was also dismayed by the enormous challenges many learners face just trying to gain access to affordable, basic, high-quality education. Even in markets where access to learning is readily available, I’ve watched the gap widen between what students are taught, and what they really need to be successful in today’s world. I started working with classroom technology in 1989 at The Dalton School in New York City.

General Assembly to Be Acquired By Swiss HR Firm for $412.5 Million


The rise of automation also creates a critical need to re-skill workers, with as many as 375 million employees globally needing to transition to new roles by 2030. By offering General Assembly’s services alongside the Group’s existing talent development, career transition and professional staffing solutions we will be able to better respond to these client needs, enhancing both access to and the supply of the most in-demand skills.”

TalentFound Helps Communities Find Success

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TalentFound Helps Communities Find Success Demand for higher cognitive skills, such as creativity, critical thinking, decision making and complex information processing, is expected to grow by 19% in the United States and 14% in Europe by 2030, according to a recent report by McKinsey and Company.

Ready to Become a MY World 360? Creator?

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As we approach 2020—the start of a “decade of action” leading up to the 2030 deadline set for achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—we are pleased to announce the launch of a new round of MY World 360?. Since 2018, MY World 360?

What Service-Learning and Global Goals Taught Us About Promoting the Greater Good


This kind of learning is happening in schools and youth programs all over the world and many of the people leading this work are purposefully connecting it to the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development , a set of 17 goals to make the world a better place by 2030. Perhaps students can write to a school board official suggesting how to improve accessibility for all children on the playground.

How to prepare students for the unknowable

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At the same time, a survey of business leaders shows than eight in 10 (82 percent) expect that humans and machines will work as integrated teams within their organization inside of five years, and 84 percent expect that all of their workers will be digital experts by the year 2030.

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“The world has become my classroom! Skype has become my window to the world!” – Kristine Holloway, Canada

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This year, her classroom has focused on finding solutions to the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. I also recently shared this project work at the E2 Education Exchange in Singapore as part of my presentation on Taking Teaching Global with the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.”.

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” Also via NPR : “‘I Hope This Will Set A Precedent,’ Says Trans Teen Who Won Case Over Bathroom Access.” ” The Washington Post claims that , “2018 has been deadlier for schoolchildren than deployed service members.” Economy by 2030.” ” From the Google blog : “ Google Science Fair 2018 : Resources for educators to get ideas flowing.”


Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

At least some people heard her message: #BeBest [link] — Chuck Schumer (@SenSchumer) May 10, 2018. Department of Education plans to hold a negotiated rule-making session aimed at changing regulations for federal aid eligibility to try to ‘promote greater access for students to high-quality, innovative programs,’ according to a Wednesday posting from the Office of Management and Budget.”

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

SeanMcElwee) April 11, 2018. Via Inside Higher Ed : “The governor of Virginia has approved a bill requiring all public higher education institutions in the state to take steps to adopt open educational resources – freely accessible and openly copyrighted educational materials.” ” Via Edsurge : “Transcription and Accessibility – New Partnerships from Microsoft and Amazon.”

Where education systems stumble, grassroots groups step in to raise success rates

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High school graduation rates in Mobile are way up, from 55 percent before 2011 to 86 percent in 2018. Their goal: for 75,000 Mobile residents to earn new degrees by 2030. “It’s High school graduation rates are way up , from 55 percent before 2011 to 86 percent in 2018.

K–12 Educators Embrace Ingenuity and Adaptation to Prepare Students for the Future

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CoSN leaders recognized the significance of this dynamic in this year’s conference theme , “Envision 2030,” a nod to the fact that the Class of 2030 is just starting their educational journey. K–12 Educators Embrace Ingenuity and Adaptation to Prepare Students for the Future.

The Past Decade Forecasts a New Wave of Economic Opportunity in Education


Since 2018, she has been a partner at Learn Capital, a venture capital fund focused on the global education sector. According to Dell Technologies and the Institute for the Future, 85 percent of the jobs in 2030 don’t exist yet.

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Memorization is Not a Bad Thing

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Here is a scenario: The year is 2030, and you are having a conversation at a dinner party. With access to all of the information in the world, we should focus on creating schools that develop our students to become smarter and more knowledgeable than we ever could be without it.

What the World Can Teach the US About Education Technology


Long-term planning and investment in infrastructure for widespread and improved access to the internet and mobile devices is critical. China’s Education Modernization 2030 Policy and Ten Year Development Plan for ICT and Education 2010-2020 are among government initiatives named that intend to improve the country’s education in the long run. Extending access to education technology beyond schools is also key.

Students Face a Troubling Skills Gap Around Career Readiness. We’re Fixing It With Data.


In early 2018, when I took over as superintendent at Garland ISD, which is located near Dallas, we were invited to join the steering committee of a community initiative dedicated to tackling a troubling skills gap.

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The 2019 Global Education Conference - Full List of 130 Sessions and 10 Keynotes!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Click here to register to attend the conference live or to have access to the conference recordings afterwards. Click here to register to attend the conference live or to have access to the conference recordings afterwards.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

’” Via Education Week : “ FCC Seeks Comment on Access to WiFi for Schools and Libraries.” Via the Future of Privacy Forum : “ Law Enforcement Access to Student Records : What Is the Law?” From the World Bank blog : “A crisis in learning : 9 charts from the 2018 World Development Report.” ” Getting Smart’s Tom Vander Ark on a new report from Pearson : “ The Future of Skills : Employment in 2030.”

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” Via : “ Brooklyn Public Library and Bard College to Offer Free College Degree Programs in 2018.” ” Inside Higher Ed looks at “ inclusive access ,” which is a very misleading way of saying you’re forcing everyone to buy the course materials or digital textbooks thru a fee tacked on to tuition. “ Tech is making ed more inclusive, accessible to students with special needs,” says Education Dive.