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Future Ready SchoolsⓇ (FRS) is a bold effort to maximize digital learning opportunities and help school districts, whether public, private, or charter, move quickly toward preparing students for success. The History of Future Ready Schools ®.

Just Announced: FREE Future Ready Schools Institutes

Tom Murray

As many readers of my blog know, I serve as the Director of Innovation for Future Ready Schools® , a project of the Alliance for Excellent Education , located in Washington, D.C. So, today, I’m excited to share that we have officially released our 2017 Regional Institute dates and locations ! Same as in past years, the 2017 FRS institutes are FREE with limited space available. All for the kids we serve, Director of Innovation, Future Ready Schools.

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Microsoft Eases Personalized Learning and Encourages Future-Ready Skills

EdTech Magazine

By Anthony Newbold A new collaboration tool creates a more on-demand classroom for teachers and students. Classroom Collaboration Digital Content Management Team Collaboration

Updates to Learning Spaces Make Schools Future-Ready

EdTech Magazine

By Jacquelyn Bengfort More flexible learning environments are important for improving student outcomes. Classroom Personalized Learning

Trending: This style of learning has teachers and students re-imagining Future-Ready

eSchool News

The 21 st -century classroom has undergone many changes, from the growing implementation of new tools and technologies, to new ways of thinking about teaching and learning. One of these new mindsets has to do with the how much control students have over their own learning.

7 Questions Principals Should Ask When Hiring Future-Ready Teachers


Every year thousands of educators gather for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference eager to learn about the newest features in favorite apps and to glean ideas from one another about how to effectively teach in new ways. Sarah Strong (@sstrong57) June 9, 2017.

?Reports: On Leadership from Future Ready


Strong leaders are essential for the developing and sustaining transitions to digital learning. The Office of Educational Technology (OET), in partnership with the American Institutes for Research, developed a research-based synthesis that defines a set of 27 policies and practices within four focus areas: collaborative leadership, personalized student learning, personalized professional learning and robust infrastructure.

?Framework: Future Ready Schools’ Commitment and Dashboard


“For personalized learning to thrive, principals must create a culture of innovation that brings together students, teachers, administrators, parents and the community to share a vision for an improved learning experience.”. This is one of the principles championed by Future Ready Schools (FRS), a project of the policy and advocacy organization, Alliance for Excellent Education. Education Technology Personalized Learning Learning Strategies

7 Tips for Rural Schools Jumpstarting Personalized Learning

EdTech Magazine

By Meghan Bogardus Cortez Future Ready Schools offers up a guide to ensure all students have access to the latest in learning. Access Points Classroom Leadership Management Networking Personalized Learning

Making Personalized Learning Real


Goals anchor learning, providing direction for teachers and students. These days, many educators are fueling their hope with visions of personalizing learning—of finding ways to help students articulate their goals, find pathways, take action and keep at it, no matter the obstacles. Even so, there is plenty of debate about “personalized learning,” starting with the core question: Is it a “thing”? Can “personalized learning” be the same in different schools?

It’s New Year’s…Yeah, But…


This is how things are done, it’s worked in the past, this is how they learned. Cell Project – 2017. But… When asked what they learned, both students replied: “We learned to look up a picture, copy it and label.” Happy New Year!!

Tool: A District’s ‘Look For’ Guide to Personalized Learning


Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine School District (KMSD) is featured in the Future Ready Leaders project’s professional learning resources as one of the nation’s leaders in personalized learning. KMSD became recognized as a Future Ready school after an evaluation based on the 27 points of policies and practice within the focus areas. Personalized student learning. Personalized professional learning.

7 ways rural schools can sustain personalized learning

eSchool News

Rural schools could get a boost from personalized learning programs as they strive to meet unique challenges and help students succeed, according to new research. ” (Next page: A 5-step planner and 7 “gears” for personalized learning).

Personalized Learning and Digital Tools Weave Strong Fabric for Student Success

EdTech Magazine

Personalized Learning and Digital Tools Weave Strong Fabric for Student Success. But, are the students ready for what awaits them? According to Project Tomorrow’s 2017 Speak Up Research Project for Digital Learning , 56 percent of parents of school-aged children are concerned that their child isn’t learning the right skills in school to be successful in college or a future job. Personalized Learning Aids All Students.

Omit College Ready, Focus On Career Ready

Battelle for Kids

But, it does seem to be great at both acronyms (CTE, PBL, EDI, ELL, SPED, PLC and so on) and catch phrases (21st century learning, personalized learning, future ready). One of the more popular catchphrases is College & Career Ready. Education may not be consistently good at many things.

What Actually Works in EdTech? with Tom Murray

The CoolCatTeacher

Murray @thomascmurray is the 2017 US “Thought Leader of the Year” and shares what actually works in edtech. In this podcast, Tom shares the research and highlights, some of which are included in the book Learning Transformed that he co-authored with Eric Sheninger.

EdTech 305

Scaling Innovation: A System’s Approach to Transforming Teaching & Learning

Digital Promise

To help overcome this, we have adopted the Future Ready Schools Framework , a systematic approach to scaling innovative digital learning practices while promoting long-term sustainability. Digital Learning Teams.

System 173

Measuring Impact with the Digital Practice Assessment (DPA)

A Principal's Reflections

Practices such as BYOD, 1:1, blended learning, personalized learning, classroom and school redesign, branding, makerspaces, professional learning, etc. It also provides insight on all elements of school culture and student learning.

8 Keys to Designing Tomorrow’s Schools, Today


Those experiences have sharpened our desire to prepare this generation of students to become successful citizens in a global society by putting to rest the weary industrial model of education and shifting to a more personal approach. Learning Transformed. Our new book, Learning Transformed , published by ASCD, outlines eight keys to intentionally designing tomorrow’s schools to prepare today’s learners for success far beyond earning a high school diploma.

?Tool: A How-to Video Library From the U.S. Office of Educational Technology


How about a video plan to help incorporate digital learning into your schools? This series of 50 short videos help schools and districts see how it looks to implement various parts of a personalized learning strategy into their systems. In support of the Future Ready Schools Initiative, where superintendents across the country pledge to actively work toward widespread, equitable digital learning, the U.S. Personalized student learning.

If we’re not irrelevant, what are we?

Dangerously Irrelevant

But we rarely foster ‘future ready’ policies, instructional and leadership practices, or school organizational redesigns. I learn lots every time I get to interact with them.

?Resources: Jefferson Education Accelerator, Mathematica, OET, RAND, WestEd


In May 2017, the. See also Mathematica’s research findings on charter schools and reviews of teacher readiness and effectiveness by. Department of Education, created a blog series sharing insights from schools with a particular focus on: Defining personalized learning. Design considerations of the next generation of personalized learning systems. The power of personalized learning to provide transformative learning opportunities for all students.

Study 60

How to Create a Vision


Get the right people in the room to start, and consider who will be involved over time This sounds simple, but spending time thinking about the type of team you want involved at the outset of your personalized learning vision-setting is critical. Creativity can flow from constraints; creating space for all to share what personalized learning means to them will bring new perspectives. Education Technology Personalized Learning Learning Strategies

How to Create a Vision


Get the right people in the room to start, and consider who will be involved over time This sounds simple, but spending time thinking about the type of team you want involved at the outset of your personalized learning vision-setting is critical. Creativity can flow from constraints; creating space for all to share what personalized learning means to them will bring new perspectives. Education Technology Personalized Learning Learning Strategies

?Expanding Access to Edtech Isn’t Enough. We Need to Make Sure It Works, Too


School, district, and state leaders make technology decisions every day that will affect student tech fluency, not to mention learning outcomes. But how do these leaders know whether their investments will lead to the student learning outcomes they desire? What methods of evaluating whether the tools work will lead to selection of the best tools for learning? A focus on college and career-training readiness.

Educators Question AltSchool’s Pivot: Where Does Silicon Valley’s Philanthropy End and Profits Begin?


This move to close brick-and-mortar locations signals that the company, which has raised nearly $173 million in venture capital, is focusing its efforts squarely on selling “personalized” technology to schools. says Francisco Castillo-Fierro, director of individualized learning at Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit High School in California, in an interview. “It’s Our schools could never afford a $150 dollar per person per year campaign.

The Next Stage for EdSurge Concierge


While this shift falls short of Concierge’s original vision of providing just-in-time human touch points throughout the edtech decision-making process, the Concierge team is proud of the learning experiences gained from our close work with administrators in public, charter, private and international schools. We are also excited to apply these learnings to EdSurge’s editorial efforts, R&D artifacts, Index updates and national conference programming, Fusion. (

Starting! Global Collaboration Day and the Global Education Fair (Detailed Listings)

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The third-annual Global Collaboration Day is a huge worldwide demonstration of the power of globally-connected learning. Let’s talk Learning Design! It’s now well into Thursday in the South Pacific--and that means Global Collaboration Day has arrived! One day, September 21st.

Nurturing the Neglected C (Communication) - #TCEA17


Nurturing the Neglected C (Communication) Lisa Johnson Eanes ISD Check out Lisa's book Cultivating Communication in the Classroom: Future-Ready Skills for Secondary Students. Positive Interdependence Tips: Give students a personality/learning types test before putting them into groups Discuss this with students and then have them think about what kind of group they'd do well in or what kind of role they might play.

What Makes Professional Development Work?


“Don’t call it professional development—call it professional learning.” Professional learning opportunities need to be designed with agency, fidelity, contextual learning, relevancy, sustainability, and iterant.

Texas’ Richardson Independent School District Selects Discovery Education to Support New STEM Education Initiative


May 16, 2018) – Texas’ Richardson Independent School District (RISD) today announced it has selected Discovery Education , the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms, to support the district’s new, three year “Future Ready: STEM for All” initiative.


Planning for the Total Cost of Edtech Initiatives


Student outcomes and budget management: Basically, this means schools need to balance their learning goals and desired impact on the students and teachers with a realistic budget. She was selected to participate in the Future Ready Superintendent Briefing with the U.S.

10 Edtech people to watch in 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC]


She believes that every classroom can be a place for these educational adventures — or student-centered, passion-based learning experiences — despite the many challenges facing schools today. E-learningYou know the saying “The only constant is change”.

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