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Belief—the first key to blended learning success

The Christensen Institute

Instead, she dedicated most of their classroom time to collaborating on projects, learning online through content playlists, and meeting with her individually or in small groups. As we consider how best to scale practices like theirs more broadly across the K–12 education sector, what can we learn from their examples about motivating teachers to embrace change? She then found her sense of efficacy to affect change with the support of consultants from Education Elements.

SMATH: How to Turn 2 Subjects Into 1 Super-Class


As educators, we always encourage our students to work together; we promise them two heads are better than one. Technology was also providing a surplus of real-time data we still weren’t sure how to best use. This allows us to meet as a whole group for a 20-30 minute math and science mini-lesson at the beginning of the period, before dividing the students into small groups for the rest of class. They both worked with Education Elements to make smath a reality. .


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Communications Tips for School Leaders


There are many elements critical to the success of change management initiatives, including those involving blended and personalized learning. Think about how to use Twitter, surveys, and town-hall style meetings for your communications. Ask the media to join meetings with your community, capture what is happening in the classroom or interview key stakeholders involved in the work. Anthony Kim is the founder & CEO of Education Elements, a education consultancy.

An Open Letter to Appointed Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos


My work has exposed me to philanthropy, non-profit policy organizations, public schools, charter networks, and state departments of education where I have seen both success and failure when change was not implemented correctly. Betsy, this is why I am writing to you today, as you embark on your mission to “make American education great again” or, as I believe, prepared for the future. Increasing the pipeline of high quality individuals entering education.

A Word of Caution Before Hiring a Director of Personalized Learning


After five years of teaching, most recently as a technology teacher at an elementary school, I was recruited for a role outside of the classroom. In 2017, I began a new position as the director of personalized learning at a public charter school serving students in grades 7-12 in Phoenix. I knew the process of change should involve observing teachers, meeting with instructional coaches and communicating with administrators about what our staff needed and how they were growing.