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It’s easy to see why when you look at fundamental programming concepts: abstraction and symbolism – variables are common in math, but also in education. Grade-levels below are guidelines. Besides Math Standards, Alice supports these Common Core writing skills: 8.3a

Getting Animated With Google Slides and Screencastify


Luckily, my students know that my class schedule is more like guidelines than actual rules. Blended Learning Common Core Standards Creativity and Imagination Education Technology Future Ready animation google slides stop motion

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The Four Biggest Challenges to Implementing Maine's Proficiency-Based Diploma


Indeed, Maine’s DOE recently released guidelines to help districts answer many of their continuing questions about developing systems that meet the needs of students with disabilities. Education Technology Competency-Based Learning Learning Strategies Assessment Driven Curriculum Differentiated Learning Common Core State StandardsMaine has long been an innovator in education, stemming back to the Maine Learning Technology Initiative.

Is the Socratic Method Right for Your Class?

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Set down conversation guidelines like 1) refer to each other by name, 2) participate by building on conversations, 3) participate often with comments and reactions to ideas of others, 4) don’t dominate the stage, 5) disagree, but don’t be disagreeable, and 6) wait your turn.

Design Thinking Process and UDL Planning Tool for STEM, STEAM, Maker Education

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Many of those same qualities are goals of the Common Core State Standards. The UDL Guidelines provide a deep dive into each of the principles to checkpoints that provide resources, examples, and research. Post by Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. jackiegerstein and Barbara Bray @bbray27.

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What is Standards-based Grading?

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Today, many educators want to not only evaluate progress at a point in time but optimize that against the ongoing standards their school mission is built on such as Common Core, International Baccalaureate, NGSE, or TEKS.

3 Teacher Money Making Opportunities Using Technology

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Listen to Jennifer Gonzalez talk about 5 Tech tools to try in 2017. But again, follow your guidelines. A conversation with Jessica Gordon on episode 87 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

The Professional Development Problem

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Appreciating that volition, engagement, and teaching excellent are all tied together, creating essential guidelines for every school’s planning for PD. The training in this area is mostly academically focused, such as common core standards and STEM.

Teaching teachers to relinquish control

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The first guardrail was a pacing guideline. Alpha set school-wide targets for where students needed to be in learning Common Core standards and scheduled interim assessments to check for that progress.

Multiple Choice

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a vibrant and accessible teaching guide packed with strategies for implementing Common Core standards using UDL. Autonomy is an essential gateway to engagement, according to the UDL guidelines ; when students feel empowered, they become more excited to learn. This article originally appeared on Usable Knowledge from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Read the original version here.

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A school where you can’t fail — it just takes you longer to learn

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In addition to fulfilling Common Core requirements, assignments are designed to help students learn critical thinking and workplace skills.

Here’s what schools need to know about ESSA right now

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The Difference between NCLB, ESSA and Common Core. To start, Rowley addressed any confusion regarding the Common Core State Standards. Since the Common Core is not a federal initiative, it is unaffected by ESSA.

An Update on What You Need to Know about ESSA

These systems involve four primary indicators: proficiency on state tests; English language proficiency; another academic factor that can be broken out by subgroup; and a “wild card” item that each state can choose within certain guidelines.

Amazon Inspire’s relaunch


Currently, resources in the portal are aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Math and ELA, as well as the Next Generation Science Standards, the Virginia Standards of Learning, and Florida State Standards. Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

The Business of 'Ed-Tech Trends'

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Among the major trends Meeker identified for 2017: mobile advertising, gaming, and healthcare. ” (For what it’s worth, Kleiner Perkins made just one major investment in education in 2017, participating in Coursera’s $64 million round this summer. There may be no better example of this in 2017 than “personalized learning.” Venture Capital in 2017. Here are some of the numbers from this one: Amount of venture capital invested in 2017: $3.48

The Carrot and The Stick: Are American Schools Actually Teaching Us?

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Despite claiming to have found a way to teach all American public school children to be successful, the Common Core website stipulates “while the standards set grade-specific goals, they do not define how the standards should be taught or which materials should be used to support students”.

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Hack Education — Shelly (@ShellySometimes) February 14, 2017. Via The New York Times : “ Trump Drops Defense of Obama Guidelines on Transgender Students.” Here’s a trend to watch in 2017 : companies and organizations who “help” schools buy ed-tech : The Hechinger Report looks at a couple of these , LEAP Innovations and LearnLaunch. Via Inside Higher Ed : “2017 Survey of College and University Chief Academic Officers.”

1st Grade digital PBL: Does it work?


What is not as common are PBL ideas using digital, rather than physical tools. Tech co-ordinator Susie Wren, and Kindergarten teachers Cari Bailey and Jennifer Brkich, generously shared their experience at ISTE 2017 recently, and all the resources can be found here.

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What Did Pence Do For Schools As Governor? Here's A Look

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Just how much does he have in common with Donald Trump when it comes to schools and education? Common Core "Got to get rid of Common Core — fast." She described a draft of the English exam as a warmed-over version of Common Core.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan to step down

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Obama doesn’t intend to nominate King or another candidate for education secretary before his presidency ends in early 2017, said a White House official, who wasn’t authorized to comment by name and spoke on condition of anonymity. Albert H. Teich /

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“High school students will be allowed to carry mace in the 2016–2017 school year after the Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education agreed to remove prohibitive language and amend its policy,” the Salisbury Post reports. Education Politics.

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” Republicans are made because the Department of Education issued guidelines about how ESSA should be implemented. Via Education Week : “New Test Pitched As Alternative to Common Core-Focused High School Exams.” “ Nancy Zimpher to Resign as SUNY Chancellor in 2017.” Education Politics. “ New Education Law: Bipartisan No More.”

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2016 Global Education Conference Starts Sunday - Important Information!

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Dr. Rachel Clarke, Principal Globalizing the English Common Core Reading Materials - Ashley Gwinn Master Teacher and Curriculum Specialist Gomabseubnida, Seoul: How My Summer in Korea Made Me a Better Teacher. - The 7th Annual Global Education Conference (GEC) Starts Sunday!