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Cash Awards Honor Faculty and Institutions for Innovative Use of Digital Tools


Digital Learning Innovation Awards (DLIAwards) from the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) last November. The mission of the OLC DLIAwards is to discover student-centered active learning solutions that advance the world of digital learning for all students,” says Kathleen Ives, the CEO and executive director of the Online Learning Consortium. Fulé and her colleague Don Carter, the university’s director of e-learning, launched the.

Five New Year's Resolutions Every Teacher Should Make


Even after decades in the classroom, I still get butterflies in anticipation of the first day of school. Here are my five resolutions for the 2016 - 2017 school year: 1. For teachers without many seasons under their belts, check out this list of 50 classroom procedures ; it’s a good double check to make sure you’ve thought of everything—from group work to digital citizenship to classroom discussion. Sure, each tool and toy looked cool at the time.


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How Teaching Using Mindfulness or Growth Mindset Can Backfire


And even in a classroom setting, such practices are not helping creativity, according to research. Because the brain is a complicated organ; it's embedded in social systems, in cultural systems, and it's constantly learning. You can't raise somebody in a closet so that they don't learn a language, right? So actually forcing them to keep going back to things that learned before in an explicit way is really important. Art Markman is an expert on what makes people tick.

Inside an Adaptive-Courseware Experiment, Glitches and All


Just before professor Barry Spieler enters the classroom at Montgomery College to teach an introductory statistics course, he looks at a data dashboard and gets a sinking feeling. His course expects a “new workflow,” he explains, since it uses adaptive courseware software, as well as a flipped classroom model where lectures are replaced with the interactive material. We make the mistake of thinking that what we say is what they learn.”. “I

Not Another Dashboard: K-12 Interoperability Efforts Aim to Inform (Not Just Report)


Yet as teachers and students interact with a growing collection of digital tools and services, making data systems “talk” to each other has become a priority. This was one of the needs behind the development of Ed-Fi , a set of education data tools and standards, in 2011 with support from the Dell Foundation. As today’s education technology tools are used more frequently to drive instruction, expectations have grown for how data can support teaching and learning.

Has Online Learning Really Disrupted K-12 Education in the U.S.? The Answer Is Yes — and No

The Christensen Institute

Horn and Curtis Johnson predicted in their book Disrupting Class that online learning would revolutionize teacher-led instruction and catalyze a student-centered transformation in U.S. Mainstream news outlets highlighted the promise of Khan Academy and flipped classrooms.