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9 Resources for National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

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You think they’re OK because you disabled the online access — think again. These clever digital natives take figuring out how to circumvent your protections as a challenge. Digital Citizenship cyberbully

How to Cope with Bullying

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90% of teens who report being cyberbullied have also been bullied offline. ( “Seven Fears and the Science of How Mobile Technologies May Be Influencing Adolescents in the Digital Age,” George and Odgers, 2015 ). Right to digital access. Curriculum on digital citizenship.

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Zapzapmath adds multiplayer option and more to their popular app

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This is perfect for the many different ways students learn math, the wide variety of digital devices being used, and gives a nod toward the lifelong learner who is as likely to play math games because they love learning as that it’s part of teacher-directed activities.

Looking for a Summer Volunteer Opportunity?

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When you sign up, you choose a topic, access mysimpleshow, and create your explainer video. Note: School guidelines vary depending upon their missions. in conjunction with integrating technology into classwork (creating the digital explainer videos).

12 Fresh Ways to Assess Student Learning

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Thinglink is a free cross-platform digital tool where users turn any image into an interactive graphic by adding “hot spots” that connect to text, images, video, audio, or weblinks. Teachers post questions, provide guidelines and expectations, and students respond.

What is Standards-based Grading?

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This means students have clear guidelines for how to define success over time, making it easy for all stakeholders in a student’s learning to determine if they are accomplishing what must be done for college and career.

TOP TIPS for Classroom Management in the Digital Age


Classroom Management in the Digital Age: Effective Practices for Technology-Rich Learning Spaces (2016) by Heather Dowd and Patrick Green Cross-posted from Learning Light Bulbs by Nate Gildart Get your own copy of Classroom Management in the Digital Age!

Parenting in the Screen Time Era


In October 2016, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) updated its recommendation and guidelines for “Screen Time” use for children and adolescents. The revised AAP guidelines now focus on support and guidance for parents about how to use technology responsibly with children of all ages.

Free Lesson Plans and Other Resources to Prevent Cyberbullying and Promote Online Safety


She believes we need to teach students about digital safety “and how to make appropriate choices online.” At , we work hard to do just that, by supporting educators with a positive, researched-based curriculum that offers a rich exploration of digital citizenship topics. A Safer Digital World As educators, it is our job to arm students to succeed in the digital community in which they’re growing up. That way, no one can access your info.

Messaging - Tool of Engagement or Weapon of Mass Distraction?

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The verdict: Allow students to message Letting your students have access to instant messaging can be great for you and them, if they learn to do this responsibly. To be or not to be? That is the question for some teachers when it comes to allowing messaging (text or instant) in the classroom.

Education Technology and 'Fake News'

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It’s also an opportunity – surprise, surprise – for lots of folks to try sell us some sort of “digital literacy” product.). The lying did not start on Inauguration Day – 20 January 2017.

Technology and Digital Media in the Classroom: A Guide for Educators


By learning to view it as a means of enhancing your lessons and resources, you can provide your students with tools and opportunities they may not otherwise access. 4] Technology is best used to augment non-digital lessons rather than the other way around. Stronger digital literacy.

Protecting Student Privacy on Social Media: Do's and Don'ts for Teachers

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To be true digital citizens, our students need teachers who model pro-social, creative, and responsible social media use. There's also a huge upside: Many teachers have used social media to share best practices, provide an authentic audience for student work, cultivate digital citizenship among their students, and build more connected school communities. DON'T: Start using social media in your classroom if there are no guidelines or consent forms.

14 Education Advancements in a Year

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The past decade saw significant improvements in the application of technology to learning and 2017 became a tipping point where embedding technology into education finally moved from fringe to mainstream, remaking classrooms in the image of the future. More online access to class materials.

Teachers' Essential Guide to Teaching with Technology

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How can digital citizenship lessons help me get the most out of teaching with technology? One way to do this is by encouraging students to learn how to use digital creation tools. An internet filter that blocks student access to risky apps that might be collecting students' data or lack effective platform and content moderation. Procedures should be posted and visually accessible to all students and, if possible, should utilize mnemonic devices to help them stick.

How to Keep Kids From Being Mean Online


Homayoun’s latest book is about what she’s learned over the years on this topic, and it’s called “ Social Media Wellness: Helping Tweens and Teens Thrive in an Unbalanced Digital World.” EdSurge sat down with her to learn more about what’s happening in this space, and how parents and educators can make sense of the digital and social media world that’s happening all around us. You worked with Instagram around creating parent guidelines.

What’s New: New Tools for Schools


ASSIST EDUCATION & APEX LEARNING ( ) & ( ) ASSIST Education and Apex Learning enhanced their partnership with the addition of adaptive content and digital tutorials into the ASSIST Integrated Education Management System for K-12 schools.