8 Reasons for and 8 Against Revisiting Software in the Classroom

Ask a Tech Teacher

I recently chatted with a tech coordinator on the East coast who asked about software alternatives to the webtools we were discussing. Usually, teachers want free, easily-accessible-from-anywhere webtools in place of expensive, installed software. When you purchase software, you get the entire program. The mobile version of this wonderful online reading website is a very limited version of the original. When you’re using software, it lives on your local drive.

Mobile learning: The good and the bad


Everywhere we go, here and there, people always seem to have a mobile device in their hands, be it a smartphone or a tablet. It’s almost a sin not to own a mobile device. Our mobile devices are online 24/7. Mobile learning of course. Mobile learning is now a movement and it’s not just about picking up a tablet and off you go. Mobile learning is about transforming how everyone can access shared knowledge and resources.


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District launches responsive website from Rediker Software

eSchool News

Waltham Public Schools chooses Rediker Software’s RediSite for their 10 schools and district office to meet the increasing mobile needs of parents, students and staff. Serving more than 5,500 students and 10 schools, Waltham Public Schools unveiled an improved approach to mobile communications recently by launching a district-wide responsive website from Rediker Software.

Scheduling Tweets? On Mobile?


Yesterday I suddenly wondered why I couldn’t just schedule tweets from an app on my mobile. So I searched and found this Mashable article recommending 3 free tools (it called them apps so I thought they were mobile apps, but they’re actually web-based) and I thought they worked better than Tweetdeck for some things but worse for others. I would use Future Tweets if on mobile, want to schedule on a different timezone, or want to post an upside down Tweet.

EXO U launches Ormiboard Pro Visual Creation Software

eSchool News

New whiteboarding software offers instant sharing to any student device, classroom management, and advanced interactivity building without an internet connection. At InfoComm 2016, EXO U Inc. , a software development company, launched Ormiboard Pro , a visual creation and collaboration tool. Ormiboard Pro gives teachers and students the freedom to build lessons, activities, and interactive games for use in any classroom that has displays and/or mobile devices.

How educators and teachers can get the most out of online forms software - guest post

Educational Technology Guy

How educators and teachers can get the most out of online forms software Online forms might not be the first thing that comes to mind as a helpful classroom tool. Interactive learning has come a long way, and online form builders have mobile-ready forms at the click of a button. Online form building software has increasingly become a fixture in schools all around the world over the past decade, and for good reason: it just makes collecting and organizing information easier.

The Best of Both Worlds: Android Apps Arrive on Chrome OS

EdTech Magazine

Hardware Mobile Apps Mobility SoftwareBy Alexander Slagg The availability of Android apps on Google devices is poised to alter the K–12 device market.

And the top e-learning trends for 2016 are.


It’s December, it’s almost the end of the year and it's time to talk about the 2016 e-learning trends. First, mobile learning. Sure, there were lots of devices released in 2014 and the years before, but 2015 was the mobile age. And learning platforms are starting to get mobile developers to publish mobile apps and have them updated on a regular basis. Now let's see what are the top e-learning trends for 2016. 2016 will be a big year in e-learning.

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Technology I use on a Daily Basis - 2016 Version

Educational Technology Guy

Here's my updated version for Spring, 2016. I like it, but I like LG's software and screen size better. I use it as a mobile hotspot for my Chromebook while traveling too. In the past, I've written about the technology I use on a daily basis (see bottom of page for links). I am a K-12 Education Strategist for CDW-G. In this role, I work with schools on selecting and implementing technology solutions to improve teaching and learning.

Promethean introduces new ActivPanel at ISTE 2016

eSchool News

Promethean, a global provider of educational technology solutions, introduced its new ActivPanel interactive display at ISTE 2016 in Denver. The new Promethean ActivPanel features wireless and BlueTooth® connectivity, pre-loaded applications for mobile device mirroring, digital whiteboarding, and free collaboration software from ClassFlow. Versatile classroom mounting options include fixed, height-adjustable, or a mobile stand to meet the needs of every learning environment.

Neurotechnology Could Lead to Thought-Controlled Devices

EdTech Magazine

By Steve Zurier The days of finger swiping may soon come to an end, thanks to an innovative headset and software that interprets brain function. Business Intelligence Data Analytics Enterprise Hardware Mobility Smartphones Software Startups

Google Sunsetting Play for Education Program

EdTech Magazine

Cloud Cloud apps Hardware Mobility Notebooks Software TabletsFrank Smith Google signals the departure of Play for Education, the company's educational lens into the Google Play storefront.

ISTE 2016: Edtech Companies Pitching a Mile High


The Colorado-based company was formed in 2016 from the merger of two existing organizations: Digital Directions International (est. Lessons are aligned to ELA standards and include at-home extensions that families can use. Ruvna : Mobile-based software that teachers and adminstrators can use to locate students during emergencies. Among the fun and games happening at ISTE in mile-high Denver this year is a pitch competition.

ISTE 2016: Educational Equity, Lifelong Learning, and a Simpler Approach to Edtech


Recognizing that public education can be an important site of social and political change, ISTE 2016 presenters and attendees spent much of the week discussing how to use technology to help students that are often underserved by traditional methods of instruction catch up with their peers. Throughout ISTE 2016, we had a chance to share a booth with JAMF Software, a company that’s reimagined mobile device management for educators.

What Studying App is Used by 1 in 3 High School Students?


Assessment Free Tools & Resources iPads and Other Tablet Devices iPhones and Smartphones Mobile Learning Resources best flash card app best review app for students best study app how quizlet keeps getting better multi language study app popular studying software appAnd What do you do to Keep Improving When You are Already one of the Most Widely Used Education Apps Around? I knew Quizlet was popular, but when I spoke with Quizlet CEO Matt Glotzbach recently, I.

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5 Tips for Integrating Ed-Tech Into Students’ Daily Lives

Ed Tech from the Ground Up

Although I personally believe the most effective solutions can draw on both approaches, it’s clear to me that software intended for students must be evolutionary as we consider the logistics of integrating technology in students’ daily lives. And optimizing your software for smartphones first and foremost can guide you on this path. The Startup Blog Ed-tech edtech entrepreneur leanstartup mobile SmartyReader Social Media startup student engagement students texting

Hitting the Library Circuit With Mobile Making

Educator Innovator

Mobile maker workshops are held at libraries throughout New Mexico. At the Rockwood Library in Oregon , for example, kids can come after school and on weekends to noodle around with robotics equipment and animation software. In an effort to bring hands-on learning and professional development to as many people as possible, libraries like CLP are going mobile with their “maker” programming. A new mobile program allows YOUmedia staff to share their equipment and skills.

Be Inspired This Saturday at the EduPassions Web Conference!

Teacher Reboot Camp

No need to download a software, plug-in, etc. ebook, Learning to Go , which has digital/mobile activities for any device and editable/printable handouts and rubrics. Tomorrow, on Saturday, Sept. 3rd, join Sarah Thomas ( @SarahdaTeechur ), Shelly Sanchez Terrell ( @ShellTerrell ), and 20+ inspiring educators around the world for the EduPassions free web conference.

Storms over liberal education: notes on the 2016 AAC&U conference

Bryan Alexander

Last week I participated in the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) 2016 conference. The event became much more dramatic than expected, once the hosting city, Washington DC, was clobbered by the great snowpocalyspe of 2016. I helped start the conference with a half-day workshop on “How Technology Can Enhance Liberal Education: The State of the Art in 2016.”

GAAD 2016: Raising Awareness About Accessibility


The purpose of this day “is to get people talking, thinking and learning about digital (web, software, mobile, etc.) Today is the 5th annual Global Awareness Accessibility Day. accessibility and users with different disabilities.” ” Who is GAAD for? The target audience of GAAD is the design, development, usability, and related communities who build, shape, fund and influence technology and its use.

Top 10 BYOD concerns — and how to overcome them [Part 1]


More and more schools adopt BYOD policies and allow students to bring their own mobile phones, tablets, eBooks, and other devices in the classroom, and use them as tools to enhance learning. Students from low-income families may not be able to afford new mobile devices, or the devices they can afford won’t be the top performing ones. Yes, mobile devices allow kids to play games, watch funny videos, or chat online on social media channels.

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EXO U to launch visual creation, collaboration tool at ISTE

eSchool News

At ISTE 2016, EXO U Inc., a software development company, will launch Ormiboard, a front-of-class visual creation and collaboration tool. Ormiboard gives teachers and students the freedom to build lessons, activities, and interactive games for use in any classroom that has displays and/or mobile devices. The device-agnostic, Google Classroom-integrated, collaborative tool allows teachers and students to build lessons, activities, and interactive games.

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Tech-Savvy Seniors: Myth or Present-Day Reality?

Ask a Tech Teacher

London-based bespoke software development company, has experience in this area and was willing to share her ideas. When mobility is an issue, elderly people can let technologies assist them. A topic I don’t cover enough in Ask a Tech Teacher is how seniors handle the onslaught of technology in their lives. Thankfully, Beata GREEN, Director of HeadChannel Ltd.

Web Tools for Video and Audio Feedback on Essays and Projects

Teacher Reboot Camp

Jing is a software you download that allows up to 5 minute recordings. ebook, Learning to Go , which has digital/mobile activities for any device and editable/printable handouts and rubrics. “I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.” – Elon Musk. This year I am teaching college English language learners reading and writing. My students submit their work on Canvas.

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Doing Things at School That Can’t Be Done At Home

User Generated Education

The resources we use might be low tech, such as everyday objects, games and materials, or high tech, such as specific software tools, social or mobile media and mobile apps. Many kids and teens are spending a lot of their time doing solitary screen-related activities. This most often occurs at home with their own devices. We are also living in an age where practically any and all content can be found via the Internet. The educator is no longer the gatekeeper to information.

10 Reasons to Screencast in Your Class and 7 Best-in-class Tools

Ask a Tech Teacher

Screencast tools may be web-based, software, or a browser add-on and include some or all of the following: a spotlight for the mouse. It works on the web, with Chromebooks, and on mobile devices, but be aware: Each is a bit different with varied set-ups. It is available only as a software download, though TechSmith (the creator) has other options that work nicely on Chromebooks and a browser. Record directly from the internet or through downloaded software.

The Path to Full Tech Integration: From the First Conversation to Powerful Learner Use

Digital Promise

It then becomes the instructor’s responsibility to provide lessons that teach and use this real-world mobile technology. Instructors can plan lessons that incorporate mobile devices for completing real-world tasks, such as applying for jobs, engaging in online discussions, and creating documents. A critical step in this path of transforming adult learners into confident users is designing and using software for any device the adult learner might have.

7 Innovative Writing Methods for Students

Ask a Tech Teacher

Paint Studio –fully featured art tool for mobile devices. There are three great options for audio writing in your classroom: Audacity –software download; free. Here are three popular tools that accomplish this task and more: PowerPoint–software from Microsoft. Knowledge is meant to be shared. That’s what writing is about–taking what you know and putting it out there for all to see.

Vernier app offers hands-on learning about thermal energy

eSchool News

Vernier Software & Technology developed a new free app to allow students to study thermal energy concepts by analyzing images and video captured with the FLIR ONE Thermal Camera for iOS. The new app provides students with an engaging way to study and to visualize thermal energy,” said John Wheeler, CEO of Vernier Software & Technology. Accompanying physics, chemistry and biology investigations have students analyze images and videos captured with the FLIR ONE Thermal Camera.

Guest Blog Post: 5 Incredibly Useful Apps That Every Educator & Student Needs.


That’s where security software comes in. Of all types of security software, VPNs are probably the one people are least familiar with. That means students can use everything from Word to PowerPoint whether they’re at home or working from a mobile device. Students of all ages face new challenges in a technologically dominated world. Simply showing up with a backpack, some pencils and some paper just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Review: HP EliteBook Folio 1020 G1 Offers Something for Everyone

EdTech Magazine

By Dr. Jeffrey Sheen HP's enterprise-class Ultrabook offers ruggedness and security, with very little extra software to clog the machine. Hardware Mobility Networking Notebooks Wi-Fi Wireless

AppEd Review Adds Rubric-Assessed WEB APPS for Teaching and Learning


Free Tools & Resources iPads and Other Tablet Devices iPhones and Smartphones Mobile Learning Resources rubric assessed internet applications school teaching rubric assessed web apps education rubric assessed web software teaching learning rubric assessed web tools for classroomMany of Today’s Web Apps Work Fine for Tablet Users, so Why Not Review Them Too? With this edition of the Roundup, we are announcing that App Ed Review has started reviewing websites!

Impero Software Announces New Version of its Flagship Product ? Impero Education Pro ? at ISTE 2018


Chicago, June 24, 2018 – Impero Software, a leading provider of classroom management, network and online safety software to schools today announced the latest version of its award-winning product, Impero Education Pro V7. The software has been updated to include a new mental health keyword library, google authentication, and improved scalability to support larger school districts, among other features. Founded in 2002, Impero software is now accessed by over 1.5

6 Pillars to Successfully Integrate Technology In Your 1:1 Classroom


Business and technology have become truly complementary: Forbes gives the example of engine manufacturers relying on software to push forward production. In addition, taking polls or mini quizzes using mobile devices before or after a lesson is a good way to assess student knowledge and retention rates. . This parallels robust and well designed infrastructure – make sure learning spaces are able to handle the introduction of mobile devices.

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11 Essential EdTech Action Steps for Back to School

The CoolCatTeacher

Simple Updates to Your Classroom Procedures and Workflow sponsored by EdTech Software From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Try Shelfit from EdTech Software. Lately, I have been using Shelfit software by EdTech Software. Try Shelfit from EdTech Software. Understand Where Textbooks Are Going: Test eBook “Mashup” Software to See How It Works. Try Shelfit from EdTech Software.

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