Software that Supports Multilingual Dialogue


There were instances where the translations made no sense and I would have to ask for clarification or try Google translate (yes, it provides different translations from Bing) or even try to read the thing myself, hoping that my moderate knowledge of French might help me understand the Spanish or detect typos. Google translate (also available as app). For Spanish, Caroline Kuhn suggested /Google followed by manual editing. Productivity Profession Software Teaching

How educators and teachers can get the most out of online forms software - guest post

Educational Technology Guy

How educators and teachers can get the most out of online forms software Online forms might not be the first thing that comes to mind as a helpful classroom tool. Online form building software has increasingly become a fixture in schools all around the world over the past decade, and for good reason: it just makes collecting and organizing information easier. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.


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District launches responsive website from Rediker Software

eSchool News

Waltham Public Schools chooses Rediker Software’s RediSite for their 10 schools and district office to meet the increasing mobile needs of parents, students and staff. Serving more than 5,500 students and 10 schools, Waltham Public Schools unveiled an improved approach to mobile communications recently by launching a district-wide responsive website from Rediker Software.

Technology I use on a Daily Basis - 2016 Version

Educational Technology Guy

Here's my updated version for Spring, 2016. I'm a huge user of Google Apps and Evernote. My day typically consists of email conversations and support with our account managers and customers, Google Hangouts with customers providing support, advice, strategy planning, training and professional development, and doing online research, as well as creating tools and resources, like presentations and reference materials. I like it, but I like LG's software and screen size better.

Dell debuts new collaborative software for Chromebooks

eSchool News

Dell Classroom, a new software solution available for Dell Chromebooks, helping foster student and teacher engagement. Dell announced the debut of three new, interactive display products, purpose-built for active learning, classrooms and conference rooms at ISTE 2016. The company also revealed Dell Classroom, a Chrome-based software solution aimed at bridging the collaboration gap between students and teachers with tools that connect their devices in the classroom.

Google Sunsetting Play for Education Program

EdTech Magazine

Frank Smith Google signals the departure of Play for Education, the company's educational lens into the Google Play storefront. Cloud Cloud apps Hardware Mobility Notebooks Software Tablets

A Beginner’s Guide to #EdTech Open Source Software

Fractus Learning

Did you ever explore a learning possibility only to realize that the software to make it happen costs a lot of money? Do you want to explore 3-D animation but don’t want to spend a lot of money on software you might not ultimately use? You might want to explore Open Source software! Open Source Software. In contrast, Open Source software groups allow you to download the source code, so that you can add to or alter the function of the software.

And the top e-learning trends for 2016 are.


It’s December, it’s almost the end of the year and it's time to talk about the 2016 e-learning trends. For those in the know, learning integration in the cloud isn’t just about using online cloud storage solutions here and there – it also involves the technical aspects of cloud computing such as learning platforms being offered as SaaS (Software as a Service) or PaaS (Platform as a Service), and the ability to access such platforms on any platform, and more importantly, 24/7 collaboration.

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How Google Apps Help Develop Online Learning Communities

EdTech Magazine

Classroom Cloud Online Learning Software as a ServiceBy Matt Renwick Principal Matt Renwick offers a few proven tools for facilitating better digital collaboration. .

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps—important lessons for edtech

The Christensen Institute

A few weeks ago, Michael Horn used the theory of modularity and interdependence to explain why Google’s Chromebooks are stealing market share in K–12 education device sales from Apple and Microsoft. In his post , Horn points out that “[t]he shift toward Internet-centric computing is creating demand for dis-integration between operating systems and software.” Chromebooks can only run cloud-based software that interfaces with the devices using standardized web browser protocols.

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Hour of Code Website and App Suggestions for K-8

Ask a Tech Teacher

Google Spreadsheets–decode and fill in color coded pictures. Build with Chrome –kind of like Minecraft, more like Google Earth Warehouse; use virtual Lego blocks to build in your browser. Build with Chrome –kind of like Minecraft, more like Google Earth Warehouse; use virtual Lego blocks to build in your browser. Squeakland –build etoys with downloaded software. Google Spreadsheets–code the spreadsheet with color that will reveal a secret picture.

Lots of great new things coming to Google Apps and Chromebooks!!!

Educational Technology Guy

Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks have become truly awesome resources for schools and Google just keeps improving them. With this new announcement, the Google Play Store and most of it's app will work with Chromebooks. I have over 100 apps on my smartphone, sync Evernote offline (9,000 notes) and sync Google drive offline and I am only using 9GB (18GB if you count the hundreds of photos and videos of my daughter). Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

Exploring Google Sheets


Apparently Google released this feature over a year ago, but only recently did I notice the “Explore” button in Google Sheets — likely because, for whatever reason, Google decided to call it to my attention by splashing a notice over the lower right quadrant of my browser window. I did nothing to create the chart in question; Google automatically created it for me when I clicked the “Explore” button. Software data analysis GoogleSometimes you miss things.

Top Tips, Tools and Techniques for Easy Formative Assessment

The CoolCatTeacher

If you are taking the grade for the quiz or test, you can send those grades to your Gradebook software in a snap. Google Forms. a Talk with Tony Vincent From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. A secret to great teaching is to understand what students know. I’ve had times when one or two students begged me to move on because what I was teaching was “so easy” or they were “bored.

Battle in the Clouds: Google Apps for Work Vs. Office 365

EdTech Magazine

Cloud Cloud apps Office Productivity Software Software as a ServiceBy Rob Pegoraro See how these two popular cloud-based office productivity packages compare. .

Story Wars?—?Prompted, Interactive Web App Makes Student Writing Fun


Students Enjoy Writing With a Collaborative Platform That Gives Them Choice Earlier this year, Story Wars was selected as one of the “Chosen” apps on the Chrome Web Store by Google. Collaboration & Brainstorming Story Telling & Timelines _ Miscellaneous Tools and Topics choose your own adventure app software collaborative writing platform getting students to write with writing prompt software prompted interactive writing web app writing prompts app software

Quick photo scanning: Google PhotoScan


Google recently released an application (available for both Android and iOS) for converting those old photos to digital format: PhotoScan. There was virtually no glare on any of my scanned images, images were clear, and colors were good — and where I thought they needed a little tweaking, a quick tap on the “Auto” button in Google Photos’ editor was sufficient to the task. Yes, if you use Google Photos, PhotoScan will automatically upload them to your account.

Google Classroom + Apple Classroom = The Complete iPad Classroom – From Ben Sondgeroth


First, Google Classroom allows teachers to organize their class content while integrating Google Drive to support workflow and student organization. If you are teaching in an environment using both Google Apps and iPads, then combining these two products will help take your classroom technology skills to the next level! Google Classroom. For more information on Google Classroom, visit EdTechTeacher’s Google Classroom page.

Educators: The lessons we learned in 2016

eSchool News

[ Editor’s note: This story is Part 3 of our 3-part series on Lessons Learned in 2016. Educators made much of their learning opportunities in 2016, whether through professional development sessions, webinars, product demos, or even conferences. In 2016, among other things, I took the time to focus on learning the ins and outs of ClassFlow collaborative learning software. 2016 was a year of firsts for me as an educator.

8 Essential Books Every Tech-Minded Teacher Should Read

Ask a Tech Teacher

50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom. One of the most interesting reads for teachers ready to embrace modern technology is this particular book, which draws from the extensive experience of its authors regarding the use of digital apps, such as Google Apps, in the process of educating the young minds of tomorrow. The authors focus on Google Classroom in particular, not just as a piece of software, but as a means of enhancing the traditional teaching methods.

14 Websites That Will Excite Students About Tech

Ask a Tech Teacher

Backwards Google. This site shows the Google search engine backwards as is everything you type into the search field. This is from the creative minds at elgooG (not affiliated with Google) and only for entertainment. When you’re done giggling over the oddity of a backwards world, try some of their other geeky options included at the top of the screen like: Snake Game (at the top of the Backwards Google screen). Guitar Google. Pacman Google.

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Considerate Collaboration: Google Docs


A large portion of the work I do exists on Google Docs – whether working on internal documents within my department, for committees, within my classes, or collaborating online to co-author articles, organize events, or provide feedback to other writers. Over time, I realized that just because many people can use Google Docs does not mean they are always considerate in the ways they collaborate on Google Docs.

The Best of Both Worlds: Android Apps Arrive on Chrome OS

EdTech Magazine

By Alexander Slagg The availability of Android apps on Google devices is poised to alter the K–12 device market. Hardware Mobile Apps Mobility Software

End-of-Year Tips: 22 Steps To A Speedier Computer

Ask a Tech Teacher

Keep your antivirus software active. Update any software that needs it. If you get Google alerts, set them for weekly (unless you really must know when someone posts on the term ‘Labrador puppies’). If you get reports on Twitter usage or Google Adwords, schedule those weekly. This week, I’ll share three holiday activities that will get your computers, technology, and social media ready for the new year.

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22 Digital Tools You Must Have in Your Classroom

Ask a Tech Teacher

Google Apps. They are fun to create, can be saved to the student digital portfolio, and uploaded to all manner of online accounts from Google Drive to KidBlogs. The most popular calendar tool is Google Calendar. If you don’t have Google Classroom, excellent options are , Ighome , Netvibes, or a collection site like Symbaloo , MentorMob , Portaportal , or LiveBinders. Google Apps. Popular tools are Google Hangouts, Skype , and Blab.

Image Copyright Do’s and Don’ts

Ask a Tech Teacher

Show students how to adjust the Google search engine to provide only images in the public domain. Students can use software such as KidPix, Paint, Photoshop, and GIMP, or an image creation tool like: BigHugeLabs. When I teach professional development classes, by far the topic that surprises teachers the most is the legal use of online images. And they’re not alone.

The One Present I Wish Parents Would Give My Students

The CoolCatTeacher

They are collaborating in Google Docs with their partners out of town. Artists can use graphic tablets, software, or apps. From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. The gifts that change your life are the ones you didn’t know you wanted in the first place. I can tell the kids who get this kind of gift. They are different. Let me tell you how. This post is written as part of Cathy Rubin’s Global Search for Education.

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11 Things Students Need to Know to Be Successful

The CoolCatTeacher

All software is useless if we don’t invest in the greatest software in the world… the human brain. The software within our children is the most important software being created. As Facebook, Google, and other sites we use watch our behavior, they give us more of what we like. But to get there, we’ve got to care about the software that matters.

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Web Tools for Video and Audio Feedback on Essays and Projects

Teacher Reboot Camp

Adding comments through Word or Google Docs is time consuming and rarely do students check these comments. Screencastify is a Google Chrome extension and my favorite way to provide quick video feedback. When you first click on the extension you will need to allow the videos to go to your Google Drive. Jing is a software you download that allows up to 5 minute recordings. Another way to screencast is through Youtube Live (formerly Google Hangouts on Air ).

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Using Google Forms for In-class Polling


As I listened to the concerns being raised, I thought that, if I needed to do in-class polling (which I’ve not as yet had occasion to do), I’d probably just use Google Forms. Google Forms may not be a good solution for everyone, but for those who don’t need to do in-class polling very frequently, or who only need to use very short polls, it has the potential to work very well. turns out, others have also thought of using Google Forms this way.

What is a digital classroom?


A digital classroom is one which mostly or indeed wholly relies on electronic devices and software. We use Google Classroom as our core online communication tool. Image courtesy of . Is it always a good thing? I feel that the balance needs to be right. We are not yet at the stage where we can ditch the pen and paper however we need to be mindful that we are teaching children whose digital futures are uncertain – we simply don’t know where technology will go. “If

Bloom’s Taxonomy and the implications it has for a digital classroom.


Ask them to work on Google Docs so that you can guide them through comments and feedback and encourage application of knowledge. A good tech tool to support this would be graphing software. I would suggest presentation software is an effective way because it is great for structuring and exploring the evaluation of a project or challenge. Bloom’s Taxonomy is a teaching framework that classifies learning from lower order to higher order thinking.

Top 10 BYOD concerns — and how to overcome them [Part 1]


Besides BYOD funding programs, and allowing kids to use school devices, more measures can be taken in order to standardize the software students use. If the school uses a cloud-based LMS , or at least a file-sharing solution like Google Drive, students can log in to their accounts from one of the school computers. BYOD at school is more than the latest buzz phrase you hear at every corner of the teacher’s rooms or along school hallways. It’s really happening.

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Why new technologies often don’t help students

The Christensen Institute

Edtech enthusiasts promote the benefits of innovations such as open educational resources (OER), learning management systems (LMS), and adaptive learning software. One of LPS’s lead math teachers, Mike Fauteux, wanted to improve student engagement and address his students’ individual learning gaps, so he began experimenting with new instructional practices that used Google Sheets and OER to provide students with self-guided learning experiences.

Last Chance to Join Tech-infused Class

Ask a Tech Teacher

Use blogs, wikis, discussion forums, Google Spreadsheets, and Google Hangouts to collaborate and share. Class starts July 11, 2016 and ends July 31, 2016. Weekends, discuss issues, concerns, and projects in a virtual group via Google Hangouts or Twitter Chats. Track your progress via a Google Spreadsheet (link provided). Accounts for blog, Google, Twitter, various web-based tools, class wiki. Last chance–class starts Monday, July 11th!

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