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Social Media Mind Shift

The Daring Librarian

Warning, this post might load slowly because of a lot of embedded cool social media! We have 35% free & reduced lunch - some of the highest in our county - we've never had SMART boards, we're not 1:1 school, and I just lost my full time Library Media assistant.

Is there enough diversity in your social media?

eSchool News

As we consume more social media, our perspectives are getting less diverse. Since then, I’ve started using Facebook and Twitter to learn about all kinds of recent events and news happening nearby and around the world. And I’m not the only one using social media sites in this way.

How To Comment In Social Media - An Infographic Of Tips For High Quality Feedback

The ASIDE Blog

From text messages to social media, children and adults of all ages are engaging like never before with the written word. Instead, high quality comments on blogs and social media should create a dialogue that furthers the colloquy and deepens the learning.

Social Media Is An Opportunity - Not A Problem In The Classroom

The ASIDE Blog

Source: ASIDE 2015 The resolute attitude of many schools to resist the “ Social Age ” by blocking websites within their walls strikes at the core of what it means to collectively share ideas. Social media is not the culprit. We included our SlideShare presentation here.

Michelle Luhtala Wins AASL Social Media Superstars Award

edWeb is so excited to congratulate Michelle Luhtala, department chair at New Canaan High School Library in Connecticut, for being selected as a 2017 AASL Social Media Superstars winner ! I’m the founder of and had just started our social network for educators.

Scientists and social media: an important new study

Bryan Alexander

Pew researchers presenting to AAAS. When it comes to communicating with their peers, scientists use a variety of media, with an emphasis on old-school methods: When it comes to digitally communicating with one’s peers, the leading technology for scientists is… email.

A Teacher’s Guide For Creating A School Twitter Chat

TeachThought - Learn better.

A Teacher’s Guide For Creating A Twitter Chat In Your School. A twitter chat is an amazing resource for professional development AND gives educators the option to participate in their PJs, from the comfort of their own home! Give twitter tips and archive chat.

How to Integrate Live Tweets Into Your Presentation


Outside of the classroom, Twitter is huge, with 284 million users logging in each month from around the globe. But can—and should—this real-time social media be used during a classroom presentation? More teachers are beginning to incorporate Twitter into their lesson […]. The post How to Integrate Live Tweets Into Your Presentation appeared first on Edudemic. Updates edtech free presentation tools How To Social Media twitter

What Twitter Shortcomings?

My Island View

I was somewhat disturbed about a recent post by a friend and connected colleague concerning the state of Twitter and its use by some individuals in what is now fast becoming the education social media culture. My friend seemed to be longing for the “good ole days” of Twitter when it was smaller numbers and people knew their place in their interacting with others. I remember those days as well, since I was on Twitter years before my friend.

Costs and Benefits of Social Media in Education

Reading By Example

I cannot check Twitter, Facebook or a Google+ Community, so I seek different forms of cognitive engagement, such as connecting with my family more and attending to the immediate experiences in front of me. The opportunities provided through social media are not only couched in learning.

Costs and Benefits of Social Media in Education

Reading By Example

I cannot check Twitter, Facebook or a Google+ Community, so I seek different forms of cognitive engagement, such as connecting with my family more and attending to the immediate experiences in front of me. The opportunities provided through social media are not only couched in learning.

Twitter Chats for Learning Easy vs. Hard

My Island View

One Education Twitter chat that precedes all others is #Edchat. For those who are not Twitter chat savvy, a Twitter chat originally was a discussion that uses a specific hashtag to conduct a real-time chat on a specific subject. On more than one occasion the owners of the chats presented me with a number of questions they wanted to post over the course of the chat. It was founded July 30, 2009 and has run continuously ever since.

Ideas for Promoting Digital Diversity

Teacher Reboot Camp

The Center for WorkLife Law at UC Hastings conducted a survey in 2015 of 557 women in STEM and interviewed 60 minority women in STEM. Join our #DigiDiversity Twitter chat. Students can host a Twitter chat with the guest speaker.

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Ideas for Promoting Digital Diversity

Teacher Reboot Camp

The Center for WorkLife Law at UC Hastings conducted a survey in 2015 of 557 women in STEM and interviewed 60 minority women in STEM. Join our #DigiDiversity Twitter chat. Students can host a Twitter chat with the guest speaker.

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Social Media and Gamification Take Center Stage in Learning – Noelene Callaghan, Australia

Daily Edventures

At the recent Kent Technology Expo, Callaghan – a social media maven — presented on how to create Personalized Learning Activities using matrices that encompass Bloom’s Taxonomy and Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.

Resources from 25 Presentations at Miami Device 2015

Learning in Hand

Stephen’s Episcopal Day School hosted Miami Device , November 12 & 13, 2015. The conference featured awesome speakers, social gatherings, and quirky fun. I didn’t make as many infopics from Miami Device 2015 as I would have liked, but I did create a few.

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Giving a great presentation: some tips and advice

Bryan Alexander

What makes for a great presentation? Caveats: this post is about doing the presentation itself. This post doesn’t address content, just the means of presenting it. Sir Ken Robinson at BETT 2015. Check the presentation zone so you know where you can walk. (I’m

Giving a great presentation: what to do afterwards

Bryan Alexander

This is a followup to my earlier post about fine presentations. In general, I like to continue my audience and event engagement after my presentation. If there’s a presenter coming up after you, get your gear packed up, including leftover handouts, and be ready to exit.

Beyond Twitter: Virtually Connecting at Conferences


Her research and innovation interests are in the areas of online collaboration, social media, and blogging. By now, the concept of a Twitter backchannel at conferences has become familiar. But can someone participate in a conference virtually beyond the Twitter back channel?

Down with Twitter’s Project Lightning

Bryan Alexander

Twitter is apparently preparing a reboot. We don’t know how Lightning – I refuse to call it Twitter 2.0 – is actually structured and how it will really work once rolled out. Why is Twitter planning to shoot Lightning into the world? Twitter as tv.

8 Steps To Teacher-Led, Digital PD

TeachThought - Learn better.

But beyond any isolated parcel of teacher improvement lies social media. Long the plaything of adults and teens alike, social media has matured to become an incredible learning tool as well, connecting educators to ideas, tools, resources, and most importantly, each other.

How To Save a Periscope. #edtech


This summer, I Periscoped my co-presenter sharing an important segment of our session. Connect with me on Periscope and Twitter: @KleinErin View my saved Periscope videos from

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New Teacher Academy 2015 on #ntchat: Building Relationships

Teaching With Soul

I asked several talented educators, active in social media, to join me and contribute weekly to this series and it was a huge success! Now in 2015, I’m reprising this series weekly on my blog and on New Teacher Chat #ntchat !

Learn Tips and Ticks for Managing the Big 3 Social Sites to Grow Your Podcast Audience.


Lets examine a few methods to help our podcasts become visible on the “Big 3 Social Sites” For many podcasters, they create a show, and then title their show something like “ Three Ways To Use Google | TeacherCast Episode 101.” Twitter Audience. Need a Presenter?

7 Global Project Ideas from a Leading 3rd Grade Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

Vickie Morgado on episode 177 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. In her class, my class, and in another class, we used Twitter to communicate back and forth. Realistically, they will be on social media.

Twitter Equals Growth Mindset?

The Principal of Change

This could be something to applied the idea of educators using Twitter. With the Twitter now implementing video in the service, it will be something that people will not only be open to learn, but I am sure will do interesting and new things with. It is probably one of the reasons why Twitter moved from the idea of “what are you doing”, to “what’s happening” in the update box. For those reasons Twitter will never connect all educators.

Goal: Be Someone’s Champion

Teacher Reboot Camp

Join the movement by accomplishing any goal from any of the cycles then letting us know through a reflection or status update on our Facebook community , Twitter ( #30GoalsEdu ), or Find all the 2015 goals here !

Reading in 2015, a personal reflection with bonus Lovecraft anecdote

Bryan Alexander

Short form: I’ve listened to around a dozen short stories in podcast form ( some of what I listen to ), and read perhaps one hundred articles and blog posts, plus some number of social media updates (Twitter and Facebook primarily, plus Google+ and LinkedIn).

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Giving Students Voice - #TCEA15


Notes from Presentation at TCEA 2015 Zach Snow, Instructional Technology Coordinator, Royse City ISD @ZachSnow Kevin Worthy, Superintendent, Royse City ISD - @kworthy11 They have Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other stuff.

Goal: Inspire With a Graphic

Teacher Reboot Camp

Share this message visually on social media. In chapter 20, Goal: Spread Your Message, of The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers , I encourage teachers to write down the messages they wish to share with others, then spread these messages on social media. Lately, I have been working with various image editors and infographic tools and apps to present the 30 Goals. Try taking a past blog post or presentation of ideas and transforming it into an infographic.

Go on an Epic Selfie Conference Adventure

Teacher Reboot Camp

Selfie- a picture taken of oneself shared via social media. Each year, I present at various face-to-face and virtual conferences around the world. Find a list of hashtags, and a list of Educhats that take place on Twitter.

2015 Global Education Conference - Lots of Info + Proposal Deadline This Weekend

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The sixth annual Global Education Conference , a free four-day online event bringing together educators and innovators from around the world, will be held Monday, November 16 through Thursday, November 19, 2015 (November 20th in some time zones). presenters.

101 Ways For Teachers To Be More Creative

TeachThought - Learn better.

Change how your lessons are presented, assess students in different ways, or give them new and unexpected challenges. Don’t present a right way to do things up front, ask students to solve the problem on their own. Teaching classroom creativity social media teacher

Tweet Like a Ninja

The Daring Librarian

I've been blogging about my favourite Social Media outlet Twitter for a few years now. From Twitter: The Art of the Follow , header and background design tips with Are You Ready for a New Twitter? to What's YOUR Twitter Formula?

The Power of a Goal-Minded Teacher

Teacher Reboot Camp

Below is a 10 slide presentation listing these goals that I recently did for EFLTalks. Find my 10 minute video presentation and many others on the EFLTalks website. Presentation Notes. Provide students with examples of people their age accomplishing the incredible with social media or their. Click here to discover all the 2015 goals ! There are moments, days, and even years when teaching overwhelms us.

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Learning In The Heart Of Texas With #TCEA15

The Web20Classroom

This past week I spent some time with some fabulous educators gathered from in and around Texas at the 2015 TCEA Convention. People ask why I spend all week at these events when I could just come in, present and be gone. While here I presented three sessions.

How to Build Your PLN

Ask a Tech Teacher

The engine of a PLN is social media. You reach out through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, forums, and discussion boards. refer to it in your social media. always answer questions and acknowledge comments that show up on your social media accounts.

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5 things you should know about Periscope for education

eSchool News

Pros and cons for educators considering Twitter’s new live video streaming service. Ever since Twitter introduced its live streaming service, Periscope , earlier this year, educators have become enamored.

STEAM It Up with the 8 C’s! 50+ Ideas & Resources

Teacher Reboot Camp

Recently, I was in Indiana presenting about teaching Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (STEAM/STEM) in ways that engage digital learners. The first movement encourages people to record a six second Vine video of a science experiment or phenomena then post on Tumblr, Twitter, Vine with the #6SecondScience hashtag. Others are encouraged to create their own #EmojiScience videos and share them on social media with the hashtag #EmojiScience.

Assertions and Assumptions Skew Perceptions

My Island View

Now that we have an understanding of who attends these conferences, let us consider the “what and why” of the sessions presented at these conferences. Technology in education should not be limited to PowerPoint presentations and word-processed book reports. Administrator conference Connected Educator Education ISTE Leadership PD PLN Professional development Professionalism Reform Social Media Teched Technology Thought leadership Thought Provoking Twitter