Making Sure your Meetings are Productive and Effective

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Meetings are something that all managers and leaders need to be able to plan, organize, run and follow up on. When I was a project engineer, I had to run lots of meetings and had training in effective meetings at a couple different companies. Keys to Effective Meetings 1.

Calling All Podcasters! Announcing the #ISTE15 Podcasters Meet Up! #PodcastPD


What would happen if we had a meet and greet for educators who listen to our shows. If you are a fan of Educational Podcasts we welcome you to come and check out the meet up to learn more about our shows. We would LOVE to meet you. Tweet. Calling All Podcasters!

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Summer Reading: 2015 Edition


Best Summer Books 2015 ( Publishers Weekly ). Now for (at least part of) my own list: Unbecoming (Rebecca Sherm) A staff recommendation from Shakespeare & Company (A side note: Wolf Winter was also one of their recs).

Join the edWeb Team at ISTE 2015

Come and meet up with the edWeb team at ISTE in Philadelphia next week. At ISTE 2015, Common Sense Education will provide a sneak preview of the latest version of Graphite, designed to help educators learn fundamental edtech teaching skills. Connect with CDW*G during ISTE 2015.

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Meet the New, Self-Appointed MOOC Accreditors: Google and Instagram

Wired Campus

Some of the biggest MOOC producers, including Daphne Koller’s Coursera, may have figured out how to get employers to accept free online courses as credentials: Get big-name companies to help design them. We’re getting to the point where we’ll be profitable as a company.”.


'Impact Investing' Forum Features Education Companies

Marketplace K-12

Three education companies took center stage in a meeting with financiers, philanthropists, and researchers about "impact investing" that was co-sponsored by the Aspen Institute. Leadership NewSchools Venture Fund Venture Capital charterschoolinvestment impactinvesting stringtheoryschools tales2go

Meet The Mind-Reading Robo Tutor In The Sky

NPR Learning and Tech

An ed-tech company says its free online platform will revolutionize individualized learning. Skeptics call it digital snake oil. » » EMail This

Why Teachers Need to Keep Going Even When It’s Hard

The CoolCatTeacher

Not the black of mourning, but the formal black of a musician of a prestigious opera company. Smailovic rose from his seat and walked down the aisle as Ma left the stage to meet him.

Why I hired a brand manager

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C lever companies want to advertise. Companies who advertise with me can have more impact. I love traveling and meeting people, so AWAY is great. The teachers I meet are incredible. Five different companies wanted my “opinion” on their product.

Meet the Edtech Grantees of Google’s $25 Million AI Impact Challenge


Those are among the social issues addressed by 20 non-profit and educational institutions that are getting grants from the Google AI Impact Challenge , announced today at the company’s annual I/O developer conference. public school students in 2015, and that number is expected to rise.

10 Terrible Traits of Lousy Leaders

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Updated: April 20, 2015. Toxic meeting syndrome can cause meetings to be little more than face to face announcement sessions. You become a misleader when you mistake meetings for action. “People who enjoy meetings should not be in charge of anything.”

2015 Student Book Budgets Step Two: Goal Setting

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

Finally, we all met in the library for an official meeting to look at the data on the survey. — Andy Plemmons (@plemmonsa) April 13, 2015. — Andy Plemmons (@plemmonsa) April 13, 2015. The students in this year’s book budget group have been busy.

21 AWESOME EdTech Companies To Connect With At ISTE | #ISTE15 #ISTE2015


With hundreds of venders and more than 20,000 educators in attendance the question always comes up… “Who Should I meet at ISTE?” ” TeacherCast is proud to announce the ISTE2015 EdTech Companies that are a MUST to meet up with during the conference this year.

Meet Your Staff Where They Are: Streamlining with Google Classroom

Fractus Learning

Announcements and to-do lists are sent, files are shared, and companies and associations sell their products and services. I can cover those questions during our first staff meeting, so send those questions my way! Information is sent to educators daily through email.

The Maker Movement In Education

Ask a Tech Teacher

It doesn’t take a whole lot of planning to set one up either – heck, a lot of the best makerspaces are informal and unofficial small-group meetings after school or during lunch when students can simply be found tinkering with technology or testing out new tools with their teachers.

To Find Diverse Talent, Some Companies Look to College Clubs


College career fairs look like an awkward high school dance: Students circle around company booths, unsure whether to stop and drop off a resume. Companies blindly court juniors and seniors to their floorspace, hoping that they’ll be the right fit for internships and full-time positions. One company is making a business out of helping student associations and companies connect beyond the walls of tri-folds and stacks of resumes at career fairs.

Website Review: Prodigy Game

Ask a Tech Teacher

Here’s one I think meets all these basic requirements as well as makes students want to practice their math: Prodigy Math Game. I was introduced to this math game through an email from the company.

Companies Are Bought, Not Sold: M&A Advice From 3 Edtech CEOs Who Survived the Process


The industry has since consolidated, due in part to an uptick in mergers and acquisitions by education companies and private equity firms. Source: Berkery Notes data from 2015 , 2017 and 2018. So what is it like—and what does it take—to sell a company? You don’t just one day say, ‘I’m going to sell,’ meet someone and they buy you,” says Kim Taylor, CEO of Cluster and former co-founder and CEO of Ranku. Justin Kan: “ The Founder’s Guide to Selling Your Company.”.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Change to Meet School Food Regulations

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“But let me say that one of the things we were absolutely expecting and appreciate is that the food companies would look at these recommendations and they would, in fact, reformulate their products.”

Thriving SAT Scores: Meet Shaan Patel, Founder of Prep Expert and Shark Tank Winner

EdNews Daily

The maximum SAT score 2015 is vastly greater than today’s SAT. A few weeks after the first meeting, Shark Tank called me with a request to send in a an eye-catching and creative video pitch. Average SAT scores 2015 and highest SAT scores 2015 are broken down state by state.

K-12 Educators and Administrators: Share Your Ed-tech Pilot Approach

Digital Promise

8 PM ET, March 27, 2015. Digital Promise will award up to ten school or district leaders who submit a response by March 27 with a $1,000 stipend for a trip to San Francisco, including workshops with leading software companies, in partnership with the Education Technology Industry Network.

Resource Review: Mentoring Minds

Ask a Tech Teacher

Mentoring Minds is an education publishing company and resource site created by former teachers.

Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution


As an introvert, for example, after attending several sessions at an academic conference and interacting with lots of people, I’m likely to head off to my hotel room for some quiet time before meeting up with a couple of friends for dinner.

What schools can learn from corporate mentoring

The Christensen Institute

Today, companies are investing upwards of $164 billion per year on employee learning and development, including mentoring programs. Take Everwise , for example, a company that functions like an eHarmony for matching professionals with the right career mentor.

Breaking Down Barriers of Distance Learning through Technology

Digital Promise

The school has a lot of students like Edwin, and it looks for ways to meet them where they are by breaking down any psychological distance they might face due to a lack of confidence in their academic abilities. In essence, PTCC has created mini-MOOCs (massive open online courses) for over 300 workers from 38 different companies, with the goal of giving those employees more education and training that will lead to credentials in their fields and better paid work.

Editor’s Picks 2015, No. ten: The 3 trust questions to ask every ed-tech vendor

eSchool News

note : This year the editors selected ten stories we believe either highlighted an important issue in 2015 and/or signaled the beginning of an escalating trend or issue for 2016 (look for No. Do you trust the established companies fighting ever harder to keep their market share?

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Innovative School District Seeks Middle School Science and Social Studies Apps

Digital Promise

The school district will review submissions and select product(s) that meet their needs and can be up and running in classrooms by March 2. Depending on the number and level of detail of submissions, some additional communication with companies may be required before making a decision.

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The EdTech Disconnect

The Christensen Institute

Based on my initial research, the relatively short list of tools that meet these criteria tend to pop up in four main segments of the education market: project-based learning curricula, tutoring services, college access and guidance tools, and career exploration services.

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It’s not that you don’t have enough money, it’s that you don’t spend it wisely

Dangerously Irrelevant

Plus we need hundreds of millions of dollars to give to companies so that they can create a dozen or so jobs. That bonus you didn’t get at work (aka Iowa education reform in 2015).

EdTech that connects: Learning relationship management systems

The Christensen Institute

Moreover, companies increasingly leverage technology to enhance employee mentoring programs. A consortium of LRM companies is trying to help the field see that integrating relationships into a students’ educational journey ought to play a key role in the design of our education system. Although all five companies offer different products to different customers, they share a common set of features and functionalities that focus on people, purpose, and pathways.

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Pearson, AFT Square Off Over Company’s Profits, Focus

Marketplace K-12

The American Federation of Teachers is pressuring Pearson PLC, the global education company, to conduct a business strategy review with an eye to becoming more profitable. “Our strategy is clear,” the company said in the March 17 statement. posing a threat to the company.

When Students Design Their School: If You Give a Kid a LEGO, He's Going to Ask For.


The company partnered with the Smithsonian to provide resources and guides to help facilitate the activities. So, I could see the importance of creating a holistic creative space that meets all desires when developing an ideal learning space.

Meet The Gates Foundation’s New Deputy Director in Higher Education


She began a long career in education, which included cofounding two social enterprise organizations (one of which helped get 4,000 women off welfare), serving as a Commissioner of San Francisco Unified School District’s Board of Education and starting two edtech companies. Hiles raised $12 million between 2011 and 2015 for her company, Pathbrite, which she sold to Cengage Learning in October 2015. Heather Hiles towers above most other edtech entrepreneurs. Truly.

iPad App Review: iCanConduct is a Great Tool For Teaching Pulse and Rhythm To Young Musicians | @beansinmyears


Kyle is currently working at an internet technology firm and Paul is a key account manager at a science technology company. iCanConduct was born on one of Paul’s visit’s to meet Kyle’s son, when the two decided it was time for them to stop talking and start programming.

iPad 179

LIVE: Access All Of Your Files On All Of Your Devices Using @Microsoft_EDU OneNote | @MSOneNote


One of my favorite moments at ISTE 2015 came while interviewing the OneNote team and I had the opportunity to meet the guys who actually CREATE Microsoft OneNote. It is also one of the world’s most valuable companies.