Give me some credit, please! (Exploring plagiarism through a series of clever case studies by Jen)


Jen describes the thinking behind the workshop: As a social studies teacher, students’ plagiarism was always an issue for me. I am usually pretty darn proud of my MLIS students’ work.

A Recipe for Keeping Students Safe When Using Google Apps

Gaggle Speaks

When Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) made the switch to Google Apps for Education, there was one important, missing ingredient from bringing safe communication and collaboration to its students and teachers. Safety Management for Google Success Stories

4 NEW Google Certifications! Plus a NEW Google Training Center!

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4 NEW Google Certifications! Plus a NEW Google Training Center! New and Updated Google Educator Certifications! I spend a lot of time helping other educators prepare for Google Certifications, and I am happy to share some new information today.

How Much is Student Safety Worth?

Gaggle Speaks

Along with implementing new technology come new concerns about student safety, so when sixth graders at Warsaw Community Schools received Google accounts as part of a 1:1 iPad initiative, district officials knew they needed to do more. Is Your School Using Google Apps for Education?

Turn any exisiting PC or Mac into fully functional Chromebook - for free!

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Neverware, a startup that has developed a software product, CloudReady , in partnership with Google, which turns almost any computer from the last 8 years into a full-fledged Chromebook. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

Student Safety Doesn’t Take the Summer Off

Gaggle Speaks

After deciding to give Gmail accounts to students starting in fifth grade, the district quickly realized that the controls inside Gmail and Google Apps for Education were not enough to ensure the safety of its students. Safety Management for Google Success Stories

Investing in leadership capacity: The amazing, wonderful District 59

Dangerously Irrelevant

both positive and negative) – Organizational self-assessment – Getting set up with our new Google+ community. So powerful to work collaboratively with table mates to plan a unit of study.

Disruptive innovations in higher ed emerging from outside mainstream

The Christensen Institute

In many cases, this just-in-time education is offering learning opportunities that would not even be available on many traditional campuses. It reports having a 95 percent job placement rate into a student’s field of study and is transforming higher education from a destination into an experience that one returns to over and over again through a journey of lifelong learning.

Moving Instructional Technology in the Right, and Safe, Direction

Gaggle Speaks

Providing a safe forum for students to collaborate and share ideas had been a challenge at Little Rock School District. The largest school system in the state of Arkansas needed a way to reduce the often-lengthy process of monitoring online student behavior.

20 YouTube Channels for Educators

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You can learn just about anything on YouTube: how to fix your dryer, how to create a blog, or how to use Google Docs. This is a great way to stay up-to-date with innovative tools like Google Apps. She is my go-to resource for all things Google Classroom.

Learning to Learn – From Sabba Quidwai


Prior to endocrinology, the modules focus predominantly on one system, however endocrinology requires them to integrate both new and baseline information from the multiple systems they have studied thus far. Learning to Learn: Self Assessment Through Patient Case Studies.

Resources for Using Edmodo in the Classroom

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Follow me on Twitter and Google+. Edmodo is a learning management system. Edmodo is a great resource for teachers, students, and parents, allowing communication, collaboration and sharing. It has forums, messages, files, calendar, and more to create an online presence for your class.

Edmodo 155

Friday 5 — 4.24.2015

Perry Hewitt

” Back when the “Mobile-friendly” text first appeared on Google search results on mobile browsers, many assumed this was a first step toward an algorithm change rewarding mobile-first design.

Addressing Schools’ Concerns About Moving Email to the Cloud

Gaggle Speaks

Gaggle’s hosted backup and archiving product, combined with Safety Management for Google Apps , solved this problem by providing the district one solution to address all of its concerns. Read more about why Kim believes students shouldn’t be using cloud-based products without Gaggle Safety Management in place, and why combining valuable services from one vendor has been a great benefit to the school district, in the case study, “St.

Flipping Instruction for Struggling Students

Teacher Reboot Camp

Try getting your students instead to learn about the topic with podcasts , infographics ( Piktochart , , Visme , and Canva ), games , scavenger hunts, interactives ( ReadWriteThink ), tutorials or how to manuals ( Howtoons ), simulations, case studies, digital scrapbooks , mindmaps ( Mind42 , Wiki Mindmap ), virtual trips , interactive timelines ( Timetoast , MyHistro ), ezines ( Issuu ), or curated boards (Pinterest board, Educlipper board, or Blendspace).

What to do with a good old wiki resource?

Bryan Alexander

Consider this a case study in evolving social media. So now it’s 2015 and I’d like to revisit this project. People on Facebook and Google+ were positive, generally, although at least one commentator thought Yelp was doing a good job.

Wiki 66

The 5 Best STEM Animations For 2016

The ASIDE Blog

Source: scenes. , WWF Brazil - Marine Program 2015 was a banner year for animations to engage students. This beautiful stop-motion animation offers a moving case study about the effects of urbanization on pollution.


A helpline for schools tackling cyberbullying

eSchool News

Available via email or a toll-free phone number, the helpline has gained in-kind and financial support from Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pilot program lets schools tap into a helpline with close ties to Twitter and Facebook.

The GAFE vs. MS Question For K-8

There is no box

— Robert Pronovost (@pronovost) September 11, 2015. A few more thoughts for Robert’s particular case study: Go all in with GAFE. Why support Exchange, AD and Office on the Instructional side if you are already paying in the Google playground? When you get to 1:1, 95% of your “users” will be in the classroom, go with the collaborative web based platform that works best for learning (that would be GAFE, in case you missed the hint).

Giving Students a Safe Way to Ask for Help

Gaggle Speaks

To make sure students were using the service in a safe and professional manner, the district implemented Gaggle beginning in the 2015–16 school year. “We Read the full case study to learn more about how OKCPS keeps its students safe with Gaggle.

5 Ed-Tech Ideas Face The Chronicle’s Version of ‘Shark Tank’

Wired Campus

So, for example, if you’re building timelines, we want you to do that with assembly tools that articulate well with WordPress, Google, and other kinds of platforms. And if you’re using maps, we want you to use Google Maps or GIS and those kinds of things. Patrick Jones: Our classic use case is, for example, when I’m on campus and I’ll talk to someone and I’ll say, What’s your major?, The textbook in many cases becomes more of a reference point.

Chegg 37

Classroom Design Trends: Update Classroom Layout to Boost Engagement

ViewSonic Education

A landmark 2012 study found that classroom design alters academic progress over a school year by 25%. The study found five key design factors account for 73% of the variation in student performance. Follow up studies provided insight into the relative impact of each of these factors.

Trends 254

Passwords, Permissions and Student Data—How One District Got Account Provisioning Right


The OneRoster standard was established in 2015 by a Florida-based group of vendors, districts, and others known as the IMS Global Learning Consortium , so, by tech spec standards, it’s fairly new. Case Study: Clay County School District. The district plans to use it as a hub that automatically connects disparate data sources—including student information systems (SISs) and human resources—to one or multiple directories, such as Microsoft’s AD, Azure/O365, and Google.

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AV that Makes the Grade


Here is a sample of case studies that illustrate how AV can turn K-12 spaces into student-driven hubs. Interactive display solutions like the Microsoft Surface Hub and Google Jamboard are popular on the enterprise level; in K-12, affordability and scale are critically important.

2014 Global Education Conference - Day Four

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Thursday, November 20th, is day four of the fifth annual Global Education Conference. Actually, it started already, but I was so exhausted yesterday I fell asleep without realizing I hadn''t posted the next day''s schedule!)

Hack Education Weekly News

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Via KPCC : “ Ref Rodriguez has given up the role of president of the Los Angeles Unified School Board – but is not resigning his seat on the board altogether – one week after the announcement he’d face felony charges for alleged campaign finance violations during his 2015 run for office.” The non-speakers: James Damore, the fired Google engineer, and Lucian Wintrich, a journalist with Gateway Pundit. (National) Education Politics.

The Business of Education Technology

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True, 2015 was a record-breaking year for ed-tech funding – over $4 billion by my calculations. And former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who stepped down from his position at the end of 2015, joined the venture philanthropy firm Emerson Collective – founded by Laurene Powell Jobs, Steve Jobs’ widow – as a partner in March. (A This is part three of my annual review of the year in ed-tech.

Learning Revolution Free PD - Gaming in Ed Now! - #YouMatter Special Offer - Connected Librarian Day

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We''ve set up a new student entrepreneurship portal at that provides quick access to the free HPLIFE interactive classes for students to learn business skills, and gives you a chance to sign up for information about the free online conference on student entrepreneurship we plan to hold in 2015. Conversations Education Revolution Google+ Community Critical Thinking - What Do You Mean?