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Professional Opportunities for Educators in 2014


Come see me present and be sure use my personal VIP code of EK10 to receive my partner discount of 10% your registration at any of these 7 events. 2014 has been fantastic so far! This year, I was awarded the 2014 Pre-K - 12 MACUL Teacher of the Year Award.

Twitter as a Tool For Academic Discourse

A Principal's Reflections

To accomplish their goal, these teachers began with an informational text on the history of the Roman Forum to ground their use of social media in historical discourse and academic content.

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Got Twitter? Make it Better! #TCEA14


At the 2014 TCEA Convention and Exposition , I presented a concurrent session called Got Twitter? I assume folks reading this already know the basics of using Twitter and how to follow, Tweet, and Retweet. Participate in a Twitter chat. Got Twitter?

Costs and Benefits of Social Media in Education

Reading By Example

I cannot check Twitter, Facebook or a Google+ Community, so I seek different forms of cognitive engagement, such as connecting with my family more and attending to the immediate experiences in front of me. The opportunities provided through social media are not only couched in learning.

Costs and Benefits of Social Media in Education

Reading By Example

I cannot check Twitter, Facebook or a Google+ Community, so I seek different forms of cognitive engagement, such as connecting with my family more and attending to the immediate experiences in front of me. The opportunities provided through social media are not only couched in learning.

Experiences in Self-Determined Learning: Moving from Education 1.0 Through Education 2.0 Towards Education 3.0

User Generated Education

Moving Forward in the PAH Continuum: Maximizing the Power of the Social Web: Lisa Marie Blaschke. Heutagogy and Social Communities of Practice: Will Self-determined Learning Re-write the Script for Educators?: Collaboration and social negotiation is encouraged among learners.

Showing How Awesome You Are-Building Your Brand

The Web20Classroom

The same with my Twitter account. Oh and you can link to all your social media accounts too. A blog or portfolio site can be a great way to share presentations you do, exemplary lessons you create or projects you''ve worked on.

An Open Letter to NJDOE Commissioner David Hespe #NJED

A Principal's Reflections

Over the years, and in my latest book , I have written about how social media has presented me and my school with numerous opportunities that I never could have imagined would be possible.

100,000 Thank You's

The Web20Classroom

I''ve presented at conferences all over the country and the world, even keynoted a few, worked with educators in just about every state, have 1 book published and 2 more on the way. I recently crossed the 100,000 follow mark on Twitter.

2014 Global Education Conference - Final Day!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Follow the conference through Twitter using the hashtag #globaled14. Mrs Fabiana Casella Social Media for Gender Equality: Exploring Popular Online Platforms for Mainstreaming Discussions on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities - Ramil Andag (BSE Social Studies) Student Achievement in a Global Community: Educators Fostering Transformative Actions in a Standardized System - Kate E.

Here's what you missed at the MidWest Technology Conference 2014 #METC14


I had the pleasure to attend and present at the Midwest Technology Conference in February. I co-presented two workshops this year. Social Studies: [link] - tons of resources on creating effective flipped videos. Fake twitter feeds.

Effective Digital Leadership: Moving Our Schools Forward


Notes from a concurrent session at TASA Midwinter 2014. Public Relations In Royce City ISD, every campus has a Twitter account and shares reminders with parents and students via Twitter. Professional Growth Don uses Twitter for a professional learning network.

5 Things Every Digital Citizen Should Know #digcit

The CoolCatTeacher

A conversation with Alice Chen on Episode 55 of the 10-Minute Teacher Show From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Twitter handle: @wondertechedu. She is also a consultant and presenter who regularly speaks at regional and national conferences.

The Free and Online 2014 School Leadership Summit Starts Wednesday! (Full Session List)

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Our second annual School Leadership Summit is this week, and we hope you will consider joining us for some or many of the 60+ free online presentations and keynote addresses.

Changing the learning landscape

Learning with 'e's

Changing the learning landscape is a one day workshop on social media and learning in higher education that will be held at the University of Warwick on April 24. Social media enables individuals to discuss, share, and learn via different kinds of media, such as text, video, photos.

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In the Hands of the Students: The Classroom Computer

Inquire and Inspire

Enhancing Presentations: Combined with a projector, a single computer becomes a powerful tool, especially when used by students. presentation tools available online which, when used by students, often results in a significant increase in student engagement and achievement.

Twitter Equals Growth Mindset?

The Principal of Change

This could be something to applied the idea of educators using Twitter. With the Twitter now implementing video in the service, it will be something that people will not only be open to learn, but I am sure will do interesting and new things with. It is probably one of the reasons why Twitter moved from the idea of “what are you doing”, to “what’s happening” in the update box. For those reasons Twitter will never connect all educators.

Take ThingLink App Smash Challenge

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

App Smashing challenges us to discover new possibilities for teaching and learning with an iPad and presents us with greater possibilities for making the device meet our goals. Promote through social media. Use Rich-Media Tags to present your ideas.

iPad 97

The Rise of Online Professional Development!

This was a paid online event which used Google Hangouts on Air to host live and recorded keynotes and presentations. To have a successful online event, the technology needs to be readily available, easy to set up and use, and must fit the needs of the presenters and attendees.

Notes from Leadership for the Digital Age with Alan November - Day 2


For my notes on Day 1 of this academy, which took place January 15, 2014, click here. Swivl - Apparatus that lets you use an iPad to video record a lecture or presentation. Moves the camera to follow presenter around the room. Imagine sharing student presentations to the world!)

Edublog Awards and Year in Review


Each year this event serves as a reminder of the importance of social media in education, as well as a great place to find new blogs and other resources for ideas in your work. This requires signing in Twitter, Facebook or Google. 2014 was a good year.

The Hottest Posts Everybody's Reading

The Innovative Educator

Entry Pageviews Stop Letting Good Students Do Bad Presentations Nov 19, 2014, 3391 Does Twitter have a minimum age requirement? Nov 5, 2014, 2065 Going #GAFE (Google Apps for Ed)? Nov 2, 2014, 1609 Conversation topics for educators in the age of social media. Nov 12, 2014, 1429 Great Digital Citizenship Activity for Teens to #SayThanks. Nov 23, 2014, 1257 Here’s the roundup of what''s been popular on The Innovative Educator blog.

The Hottest Posts Everyone's Reading

The Innovative Educator

Entry Pageviews One mistake presenters should never make and 8 str. Dec 7, 2014, 4237 Screentime Is Good For #Students + #StuVoice Dec 14, 2014, 2881 Student-Friendly Social Media Guidelines Make a Gr. Dec 21, 2014, 1817 Does Twitter have a minimum age requirement? Jun 13, 2013, 1596 If You''re Not Giving, You''re Not Teaching Nov 26, 2014, 1079 Here’s the roundup of what''s been popular on The Innovative Educator blog.

Most Popular Posts of 2014 and All Time

The Innovative Educator

In 2014 The Innovative Educator blog shared 166 posts with its readers. Most of the popular posts focus on best practices for presenting and screentime. Post Comments Page Views Date 5 Ideas to Make Lectures and Presentations Interactive 52 5262 8/31/2014 Going #BYOD ? Post Page views Does Twitter have a minimum age requirement? It is quite a rewarding feeling to be able to share and learn with others. I t hank those who stopped by to learn with me.


How to Train Your (New) Principal

The Daring Librarian

The Daring Librarian (@GwynethJones) May 25, 2014 Teachers: Be Kind. It''s not honorable, it''s not professional, and it''s just not cool to be disrespectful or disloyal to your leaders - past or present. Oh and and I hope it goes without saying that social media venting is verboten !

The persistence of distance (learning)

Learning with 'e's

Teaching en masse has emerged as a significant trend because of a lessening need to create co-present learning environments such as classrooms and lecture halls. Central to this present debate was the preoccupation of humankind to name things in order to understand them better.


Learning Revolution Free PD - Student Tech Conference - Mrs. Field's 25% Holiday Discount - Inventor's Bootcamp - Nepali Schools

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The Learning Revolution Weekly Update December 3rd, 2014 The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. This open, online event will be held on Saturday, January 31st, 2015 , and will feature keynote speakers and crowdsourced presentations by students.

Learning Revolution Free Events - Hack Education with Audrey Watters - Common Sense Media's Graphite - @coolcatteacher Vicki Davis

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The Learning Revolution Weekly Update May 27th, 2014 The secret of education is respecting the pupil. After the unconference is our now-annual evening social/party, which will feature Kevin Honeycutt and the iPhone band. Follow us on Twitter: #liveclass20.

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HOW TO EDCAMP! Notes from a workshop by Kevin Jarrett

Saving Socrates

No keynotes, no paid presenters, no schedules in advance, no commercial (but weird cause can have sponsors). We run into problems when people do presentations about their widget and that is not ok. Hey I want to learn about twitter, fine put up a session about twitter.Good organizing team operates with as little ego as possible, I need raffle tickets, someone gets them, I need breakfast, I will do it. If you are active on facebook, twitter, get word out in your schools.

Learning Revolution - Week's Free Events - May Is Ed Tech Month - Geo-Educators - Natural Math - Oxygen Masks and You

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Don''t miss this terrific opportunity to present to or learn from others, and that will kick off a month of great ed tech events. You can connect with the Geo-Educator Community through a variety of online platforms including Twitter , Facebook and the secure educator site, Edmodo.

Learning Revolution Week's Events - Evernote in the Classroom - Yong Zhao - Google+ vs. Ning

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The Learning Revolution Weekly Update June 10th, 2014 Children want the same things we want. Connect With the Learning Revolution Project on Social Media. The Learning Revolution, as a new project, could use some help building our social media presence and credibility. You can also follow us on Twitter for weekly updates, conference schedules and activities. These skills and much more can be applied through Graphite, a free service by Common Sense Media.

The Journey to Becoming an Author

A Principal's Reflections

My unexpected journey began with a decision to give Twitter a try in 2009. This should never have happened either as I was convinced that any and all social media tools were a complete waste of my time and would not lead to any improvement in professional practice.

'I Learn Things on Twitter That I Don’t Learn at Harvard': Clint Smith on Inequality and Technology


Smith is not one for silence ( he delivered a TED talk about the “danger of silence” in 2014 , in fact) and has used digital venues including Twitter to encourage others to speak up and recognize how history shapes the present. And when it comes to Twitter, are users merely “preaching to the choir,” or is it truly an effective medium for changing minds? There are so many different teachers who have found good effective ways to use Twitter in their classroom.

Creating Products to Show and Share Learning

Learning in Hand

Furthermore, I can share what I have made with the world through my website and social media. With websites and social media, students certainly have the ability to reach a potentially global audience. Luckily, we can find student-created media online.

Learning Revolution Events - AltEdFilmFest - Homeschool+ - Gaming in Ed Call for Proposals - Open Letter from a Highly Creative Child

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The Learning Revolution Weekly Update August 5th, 2014 One of the reasons people stop learning is that they become less and less willing to risk failure. Volunteering to help moderate sessions is a great way to get to know the presenters and to get better connected with our online learning communities. It is designed to socially and intellectually prepare students for high school and college. Second Monday of each month is the Teacher Librarian Twitter Chat.

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