Epic Guide To Game Based Learning

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100+ Game Based Learning Resources to Get Started in Your Classroom From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Games are fun. Game based learning excites learning in my classroom. Additionally, I’ll give you 100+ of my favorite game based learning resources. Game Based Learning in My Classroom. What are serious games? Welcome to serious games.

The New Revenue Source Catching on with Game-Based Learning: Mom and Dad


When Julia Rivard Dexter first launched her game-based learning startup, Squiggle Park , she was hoping to reverse declining literacy rates by creating games that were so fun and engaging kids would want to play in their free time. She envisioned something that could rival a Clash of Clans or World of Warcraft, but steeped in learning research. Launched in early 2017, the basic game is geared toward 3- to 8-year-olds and available free to schools.


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Game Based Learning

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Game Based Learning has been rising in popularity over the years and is a great way to integrate technology in the classroom as well as help keep kids motivated for learning. Below is a cross-post from PBS LearningMedia on Gaming in the Classroom. The Gaming in the Classroom resources include: 1) Star Swiper Give your young learners some counting practice with this fun, interactive game from the popular PBS KIDS program PEG + CAT.

Gamify Learning: 20+ Resources

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Games are an extraordinary way to tap into your most heroic qualities.” -?Jane Jane McGonigal, Author of Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World. People enjoy playing video games. When we play video games we learn, build, collaborate, problem-solve, explore, discover, and achieve goals. What if learning were more like playing a video game? Gamifying Learning from Shelly Terrell.

Game-Based Learning Gains Steam in Higher Education: Triseum Raises $1.43 Million to Transform Educational Experiences for Students

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André Thomas, CEO of Triseum and former Head of Graphics for EA Sports Madden Football, brings gaming to new heights on university campuses combining rigorous learning and resources with state-of-the-art graphic design. million, on the heels of their official market launch and initial game release due June 1st, 2016, raising the total investment to nearly $2 million. When Education Game Development Is Done Right, It Works. Video games are inherently a learning tool.

Top 100 Sites/Apps for Game Based Learning

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This is going to be one of my most ambitious posts yet, as I have curated a gigantic list of my favorite sites/apps for Game Based Learning (a.k.a I''ve done posts on educational iOS Apps and Educational Online Games but I have never combined the two and curated a list that specifically deals w/ GBL. One theme I have noticed is that the subject of Math uses the concept of Game Based Learning quite often.

Games-Based Learning Not Only Helps Students, but Teachers Too

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Game designers are incorporating assessment tools into new learning games in ways that are useful for instructional decision-making, without overpowering teachers with irrelevant data. . Last fall, at Robinswood Middle School in Orlando, Florida, 65 students were learning about air pollution. They weren’t learning by textbook or even a video. an adaptation of the popular commercial game SimCity from nonprofit game collaborative GlassLab.

Using Games to Help Reluctant Readers and Writers (and More)

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Lee Graham on Episode 569 From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Dr. Lee Graham is working with teachers to teach them principles of game-based learning to teach writing. Her anecdotes of classroom behavior-changing results are – pardon the pun – game-changing. Learn more. Listen to Dr. Lee Graham talk about Game Based Learning Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher Stream by clicking here.

How to Use Fortnite in the Classroom

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Mike Washburn shares insight into Fortnite From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Fortnite has a physics engine in the game. Mike is a sought after keynote speaker who challenges educators to never stop learning.

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Top 100 Sites/Apps of 2014

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As w/ the previous year''s list, more and more mobile apps are making the list as mobile learning continues to be the rising trend in education. However, that''s not to say that there isn''t a good amount of websites and Learning Management Systems showing up as well. Otus - A fantastic and easy to use 1:1 learning solution for mobile classrooms (i.e Pixel Press Floors - An amazing iOS app for Game Based Learning that allows students to create their own game by drawing.

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5 Formative Assessment Strategies to Help with Classroom Management

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Sponsor: The US Matific Games are coming this February. Try Matific free now and sign up to join their Math games. This fun, gamified site is sponsoring Math games this February and students can compete to win prizes for themselves and your school. Or we’ll have a learning target for the day, and I’ll say, “OK. Assess how you did on that learning target today.”. In that time, he has received numerous awards, including the 2014 Utah English Teacher of the Year.

5 Reasons Teachers Using Tech are Super Heroes with Kecia Ray

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If you don’t “get” why technology is important, or know people who don’t, take a listen to understand and learn about transformative practices that work in education. They’re doing awesome things to drive inquiry based learning. Idea #1: Use Formative Data to Improve Learning. Kecia: So, the first thing that make a teacher a superhero is the way they use data to improve learning and mastery for their students. Learn about AR and VR.

The Vocabulary Doctors: How to Teach Vocabulary

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Dr. Kimberly Tyson @ tysonkimberly and Dr. Angela Peery @ drangelapeery share their advice for helping students learn blended vocabulary. Learn more. Want to hear another episode on helping students learn? Listen to Ramona Persaud talk about 5 ways to adjust teaching to how the brain learns. Written expressly for K-12 teachers, she hopes to empower teachers to provide effective vocabulary instruction along with using digital tools to support word learning.

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Gaming in Education 2014 Starts Tonight! Schedule and Attending Information.

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Our 2014 Gaming in Education online conference start tonight! Whether you''re passionate about game-based learning or just getting your toes wet, Gaming in Ed celebrates the value that games offer in educational settings. Director Instructional Innovations 3:00pm DISTINGUISHED SPEAKER: Steve Isaacs on "GameMaker Studio: Why Kids Should Create Games!"


Technology Tidbits

Digipuzzle is a nice site for finding educational games for El Ed. This is a relatively new site but there are games in subjects such as: Math, LA, Geography, and more. It''s a fun site that''s easy to use can be a nice tool for centers or Game Based Learning. For my Pinterest board on Game Based Learning click here. educational online games game based learning

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ZooWhiz is a fantastic site that uses Game Based Learning for a wide variety of subjects, such as: Math, Reading, Spelling, and more. Best of all is the student tracking that shows how well a student is doing and which areas need improvement, as well as the high replay value where students earn in game coins to purchase digital items and add animals to their virtual zoo. For my Pinterest board on Game Based Learning click here.


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Bluster is a nice free iPad app for Game Based Learning that focuses on Vocabulary skills for El Ed aged kids. This is a fun multiplayer game that can be played in teams or against an appointment as students try to build vocabulary skills while focusing on such aspects as: rhyming, prefixes, synonyms, and more. For my Pinterest board on Game Based Learning click here. educational apps game based learning Vocabulary

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Teach Your Monster to Read

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Teache Your Monster to Read is a wonderful new site/app for Game Based Learning that I just found out about from Ozge Karagolu''s amazing blog. Basically, a student creates a monster that they can then use to play educational games involving letters/words working on their phonics and reading skills. This is a highly engaging game and best of all has an educational portal where educators can create/manage student accounts. game based learning phonics reading

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Monster Squeeze

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Everyday Mathematics Monster Squeeze is a fun multiplayer iOS game that is free today. This game has students trying to guess the correct number on a number line. There are a total of 5 rounds and this is a very easy and fun app for Game Based Learning in Math. For my Pinterest board on Game Based Learning click here. educational apps game based learning math


Technology Tidbits

Teachley is a wonderful company w/ educational iOS apps for learning basic Math skills (i.e. These simple to use yet highly engaging fun games help students develop their skills while educators can track their progress and assess them in real-time. All games help students build cognitive skills through Game Based Learning not just drill and practice. assessing educational apps game based learning

DimensionU Great Summer Chill

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DimensionU the innovative site for Game Based Learning in Math & Literacy is launching their "Great Summer Chill (online camp)" virtual competition. This is a 5 week fun competition for students of all ages in the subjects of Math and Literacy and helps prevent summer learning loss. Registration opens up May 28th and the first 100 players to sign up receive a free limited edition 2014 Summer Chill t-shirt. game based learning literacy math summer

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Pixel Press Floors

Technology Tidbits

This app is perfect for educators looking to integrate Game Based Learning as it lets users create their video game simply by drawing it. Of course you can use the in app draw tools to create the game as well. Finally, a finished game can be uploaded so others can play it as well (ala Scratch). For my Pinterest board on Game Based Learning click here. game based learning gamifaction programming


Technology Tidbits

Wizenworld is an excellent site for using Game Based Learning in a RPG/Action adventure to reinforce MS Math skills. This is a fun game that reminds me a bit of Zelda but instead of fighting enemies w/ a sword a players uses Math skills to defeat them. For my Pinterest board on Game Based Learning click here. For my Edshelf collection on Game Based Learning click here. game based learning math


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Answerables is a wonderful free site/app for Gamifying a lesson or Game Based Learning. I like to think of it as a Learning Management System meets Game Based Learning. For my Pinterest board on Game Based Learning click here. game based learning learning management system


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Prodigy is a fantastic free online Math game that is ideal for Game Based Learning. This super fun highly engaging game designed for grades 1st-6th and is aligned to Common Core Standards. Prodigy, even has a unique learning engine which allows the game to differentiate instruction and help students w/ areas they are struggling in. Teachers can modify the game to suit their needs and select which skills their students need to focus on too.

Marvel Origins

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Marvel Origins is a excellent free new iOS app that combines Game Based Learning w/ interactive stories to help develop student Reading skills. The way this works is a person reads along w/ the story (narrated by Stan Lee) as they play interactive games, unlock other stories (i.e. This app has high replay value and should help enhance students love of learning reading their favorite comic book heroes. For my Pinterest board on Game Based Learning click here.


Technology Tidbits

BrainRush is one of my favorite new sites for Game Based Learning (GBL). This is a great resource for educators looking to find educational games on a wide variety of subjects such as: Math, Foreign Language, Social Studies, etc. Also, a teacher can create their own or customize an existing game to meet their needs. For my Pinterest board on Game Based Learning click here. differentiated instruction game based learning gamification


Technology Tidbits

Mathbreakers is a new Math game that takes place in a 3D virtual world that is ideal for Game Based Learning. This innovative game focuses on different concepts in Math such as: fractions, multiplication, division, and more. For my Pinterest board on Game Based Learning click here. game based learning kickstarter math

Flashcard Ninja

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Flashcard Ninja is a fun free (today) iOS app for learning addition and subtraction. This highly interactive app has students try to attack the correct number by slashing at them Ninja style w/ a swip of the finger as they learn their basic Math facts 1-20. For my Pinterest board on Game Based Learning click here. game based learning math

Math vs. Dinosaurs

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As far as I''m concerned this is Peaksel''s most robust app yet and great for Game Based Learning. The game has dozen''s of levels for student''s to play through as they solve basic Math (i.e. For those w/ other Peaksel games, they feature excellent graphics, high replay value, and fun game play. Best of all, are the educator features that allow them to choose which numbers and type of equations that occur in the game.


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Answerables is a wonderful new innovative site/game that is perfect for Game Based Learning (or more accurate Game Based Learning meets Learning Management System). The game takes place in the 3D virtual world of Answerables on a planet called Proxima, where the native Ansibles (students) encounter an alien race. This is an ideal place for students to collaborate w/ others and develop their social learning skills.


Technology Tidbits

DimensionU has just released their innovative Math/Literacy game for the web. This game immerses a student in a 3D world as they compete against other players grades 3rd-9th. I highly recommend checking out Meltdown and all DimensionU games by clicking here !!! For my Pinterest board on Game Based Learning click here. game based learning literacy math


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Pick-a-Path has 7 levels w/ 7 stages each for players to play trying to earn as many star fish as possible making it a game w/ high replay value. For my Pinterest board on Game Based Learning click here. educational apps game based learning math Pick-a-Path is a fun mobile (iOS/Android) app for Math that has students practicing concepts such as: powers of 10, fractions, decimals, and more.

Hooda Math

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Hooda Math is a great site for Game Based Learning for the subject of Math w/ over 50 educational games. HM has games for KDG through HS as well as on a wide variety of subjects such as: Fractions, Algebra, and more. They even have more logic based games such as puzzles, Geometry, and Physics. For my Pinterest board on Game Based Learning click here. game based learning math

Math Monsters Bingo

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Math Monsters Bingo is a fun free iOS app for learning basic Math skills (i.e. This game has high replay value and best of all tracks students scores that allows multiple players on the same device. For my Pinterest board on Game Based Learning click here. educational app game based learning math adding, subtracting, etc.).