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The post Digital Badges in the Classroom (What, When, & How) – SULS096 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Let’s talk digital badges with the experts: Cate Tolnai and Jen Gibson! Digital badges can help us engage students (even remote learners).

2014 Was One Wild Ride

A Principal's Reflections

With 2014 coming to a close in a few days there is no better time than now to reflect on this past year. Here are some professional highlights from 2014: Digital Leadership was published by Corwin on January 14, 2014. NMHS teachers began to earn digital badges in earnest as a way to gain acknowledgment for their informal learning. CBS Channel 2 NYC visited NMHS again on May 16, 2014. My last day as Principal was September 3, 2014.


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Making Time vs Finding Time

A Principal's Reflections

While online consider making some time to learn and then apply a new skill while earning a digital badge to acknowledge your informal learning. Change digital badges Innovation Personal Learning Network professional growth period time management One of the most utilized excuses in education when it comes to change is lack of time. At one point or another, we have all used the time excuse when it comes to our professional work.

31 Days of Digital Goodies

Teacher Reboot Camp

Included in the Digital Ideas Advent Calendar. One way to engage students is to create interactive digital calendars. December is the month for advent calendars, so I’ve created the Digital Ideas 2014 Advent Calendar to give you a hands-on example of how this works. Keep reading to find out how to make your own interactive digital calendar. Check out the 2013 Digital Ideas Advent Calendar for more great ideas !

Student Reflection with Digital Portfolios

Teacher Reboot Camp

Included in the Digital Ideas Advent Calendar with a new idea each day! Three months ago these teachers were new to integrating digital storytelling projects, integrating technology, social bookmarking, and connecting with teachers online. After the course, they have contributed to our collaborative Pinterest boards, created and shared on Twitter, attempted missions and received digital badges, and kept digital portfolios.

31 Days of Digital Goodies

Teacher Reboot Camp

Included in the Digital Ideas Advent Calendar. One way to engage students is to create interactive digital calendars. December is the month for advent calendars, so I’ve created the Digital Ideas 2014 Advent Calendar to give you a hands-on example of how this works. Keep reading to find out how to make your own interactive digital calendar. Check out the 2013 Digital Ideas Advent Calendar for more great ideas !

Awareness, Assessment, and Access: Improving Adult Digital Literacy

Digital Promise

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, the Rhode Island Family Literacy Initiative (RIFLI) , one of Digital Promise’s Beacon Project communities , holds computer classes for adult English as a Second Language (ESL) students. ” The classes are popular and full of students like Argelia, an immigrant in her 40s from Guatemala who knew she needed English, but was surprised to find out her job as a nursing assistant equally required her to be digitally literate.

2014 Global Education Conference - Day Three!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Mancenido (Undergraduate, Bachelor of Elementary Education - Special Education) 2:00am Connecting Education to the Cloud for Digital Citizenship - Chryssanthe Sotiriou, High School EFL Coordinator 3:00am Democratization: Stuctural Change of Regimen and of the Living Experience at Schools - Olek Netzer, Ph.D. Wednesday, November 19th, is day three of the fifth annual Global Education Conference.

Change is a Mindset

A Principal's Reflections

Creation of a digital badge platform to acknowledge the informal learning of teachers implemented in 2013 by Laura Fleming. Change Digital Leadership educational leadership Innovation New Milford High School Opinion For many years New Milford High School was just like virtually every other public school in this country defined solely by traditional indicators of success such as standardized test scores, graduation rates, and acceptances to four year colleges.

3D Virtual Learning a New Reality

A Principal's Reflections

This year alone Laura Fleming , our stellar media specialist, has successfully created a Makerspace for our students as well as a digital badge platform to acknowledge the informal learning of teachers. For example, Laura as the library media specialist, limited by a dated library, turned to online resources and a digital space as 21st century libraries should comprise fluid, flexible learning spaces. It has been yet another exciting year at New Milford High School.

Roadmap to a Job-Embedded Growth Model

A Principal's Reflections

Sample activities include: becoming a connected educator by developing and engaging in a Personal Learning Network (PLN) researching best practices developing innovative learning activities creating interdisciplinary lessons engaging in face-to-face professional development learning to use new technologies earning a digital badge collaborating on projects with colleagues.

5 Takeaways from my #NotAtISTE14 Experience

This year, I wasn''t able to make it to the ISTE 2014 Conference. Badges & Ribbons - The most fun part of participating in #NotAtISTE14 was being able to create our own digital badges and collecting digital ribbons! I''m still sorting through all the real ribbons I collected at ISTE 2013, so I was having a blast adding digital ribbons to my badge this time around. Click the link to download your own badge and ribbons!)

Educators Connect Learning Through Citizen Science

Educator Innovator

This visibility is an additional benefit of digital science projects. Fewer silos could also lead teens and others to track their interests across projects, perhaps through digital badges or other “engagement” dashboards, creating public portfolios or other displays of their work for future employers or educators to use. Citizen science—scientific research conducted by nonscientists—is rapidly becoming a tool to bring relevant, hands-on learning to young people.

Open Learning Opportunities for All Young People

Educator Innovator

I’ve seen this dynamic again and again in my research on ed tech, where well-meaning tech folks are creating goodies theoretically accessible to everyone, but they end up giving more advantages to kids who are already well on their way to being digital elites. And, you probably don’t have coder friends or much as far as school offerings in the digital arts or programming in these days of dwindling school budgets. This article was originally featured on BoingBoing.

Lights on Afterschool: Bringing Together Educators, Schools and Communities

Educator Innovator

As part of our partnership, we’re excited to offer any event host the opportunity to earn a digital badge as a “facilitator” via the Educator Innovator badge portal. The facilitator badge is a great way for event hosts to be recognized for all the time and effort they’ve invested in organizing their events. You can get your badge in two easy steps: Register your event on the Lights On Afterschool website ; and then.

Creating Hive Pathways to STEM Success

Educator Innovator

However, one of the primary goals of Hive is to accommodate this movement, facilitating Connected Learning by making accessible a variety of different opportunities and types of programs across which youth move, perhaps with the help of digital badges. This post originally appeared on Hive Chicago. How we can leverage a Hive network-effect to create pathways to STEM success for students from populations currently under-represented in STEM.


Educators Make, Play, and Connect This Summer

Educator Innovator

In Dallas, it might mean exploring community action with digital storytelling. Connecting all these activities are digital badges. Designed by the Mozilla Foundation, open digital badges are a new form of credentialing for the digital age. Participating organizations design the badges, outlining the skills kids will learn and the pathways they’ll take to acquire those skills. We know. You want to relax this summer.

Learning Revolution - Week's Free Events - May Is Ed Tech Month - Geo-Educators - Natural Math - Oxygen Masks and You

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Thursday, April 10th in Milfold, MA CoSN - 2014 Massachusetts CTO Clinic , Join the Massachusetts Educational Technology Administrators Association (METAA) for their 5th annual CTO Clinic. Participants will first learn about teaching students digital citizenship using a free K-12 curriculum aligned to Common Core Standards, available online or on iPads. How does your library manage digital collections? CEET Meet: Disrupting Assessment with Digital Badges.

Higher Education is Not a Newspaper, Except When It Is (2014)

The value of this sort of unbundling increases greatly when the education provider (or employer - but that’s a topic for another time) apply some sort of formal validation for the student’s successful completion of that one course (enter “digital badges”) or these discrete courses can be combined with credentials earned in other settings, such as through volunteer work or, of course, both.

Making Learning Relevant Campaign Underway

Educator Innovator

The research that led to the development of the Connected Learning framework included a study—the largest of its kind—looking at how hundreds of youth use digital media, social networks, and the internet for learning. ” This initiative, spearheaded by the Digital Youth Network , involves a growing number of cities, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Washington DC, that seek to leverage the power of connected learning during the summer months.

OZeLive Starts Today - "Ed Tech Down Under"

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Walters Kids Afield-empowering kids to explore the natural world via digital photography - Robin K. If you''re in the Americas, the inaugural (and free) OZeLive virtual conference starts today, Friday, at 4pm Eastern. If you''re in Australia, New Zealand, or the South Pacific, the conference starts tomorrow, Saturday, at 8am Australia Eastern Time. Or if you are anywhere else in the world, you can see all of the sessions in your exact time by using the conference schedule page: [link].

PLE 35

Learning Revolution Free PD - OZeLive - We're Nominated for an Eddie - Games for Change

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The Learning Revolution Weekly Update December 9th, 2014 The test and the use of man''s education is that he finds pleasure in the exercise of his mind. Monday, December 15th at 4pm edWeb Webinar: Top 5 Digital Tools of 2014 , What are the top apps, websites, and games for learning of 2014? Join Common Sense Graphite Certified Educator, Dr. Ruth Okoye, to learn about five of the top tools for 2014 by Graphite.

Parchment Merges with Credentials Solutions to Take On Transcripts and Certifications


Next for the newly joined company is expanding the network of issuers who receive and send credentials including transcripts, diplomas, certificates and digital badges, says Parchment CEO Matthew Pittinsky, who will lead the new company.

The Winners and Filmstrips of An (Almost) Decade in Education Technology


I define education technology as any tool that supports learning, digital or not. But today, edtech is commonly understood to mean digital technology. Digital badges. The real power of digital technology to increase learning remains untapped.


Game On: Teachers Should Continue to Gamify Classrooms

EdTech Magazine

Microsoft purchased “Minecraft,” an immensely popular world-building game, in 2014, and immediately churned out an education edition. Break Out of the Digital Mold. Teachers can create digital breakouts using several Google functions , including Sites, Forms, Drawing and Slides. Finally, microcredentials or digital badging are another terrific way to make learning more fun. It validates their skills by giving them a badge to display.

Class Badges to Promote Digital Literacy

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Badge - I Teach Above the Line Class Badges is a free online tool designed to help teachers use digital badges as rewards for accomplishing learning goals. The badges can be a useful tool for teachers to keep track of individual student accomplishments as they help learners focus on making progress. I really like Class Badges because the badges serve as a useful reminder for teachers to work with students on an individual level to set goals and assess progress.

How Do You Patent an Edtech Idea, Anyway?


So when she developed Read Ahead , a tool to transform any digital text into a guided reading activity in seconds, her thoughts went to patenting it. “I When we finished a working prototype in 2014, we could tell it was something unique. Who Owns Digital Badges?

EdTech 124

What Problems Has Edtech Solved, and What New Ones Did It Create?


Open digital badges. When its creator, Mojang, was sold to Microsoft in 2014 , educators had every right to be freaked out that a homegrown educational modification might die. Technology can collect and harness more data than ever before.

EdTech 152

The Beginning of a New Era in the Online Degree Market


The first of these programs, launched in 2014 with Udacity, was Georgia Tech’s master’s in computer science, which costs only $7,000 and now enrolls more than 6,000 students, making it the largest computer science master’s program in the U.S. The online degree market has been one of the fastest-growing and most resilient segments of American higher education over the last two decades.

MOOC 130

Planning for the Total Cost of Edtech Initiatives

For example, while Linson’s district avoided grants for most of their initiative, they knew that many teachers would need assistance using the new digital tools. Ann also attended the 2014 White House Connected Superintendents Summit and was named a 2012-2013 NSBA Technology Leadership Network 20 to Watch Educator. The district was one of three schools recognized nationally by ISTE for its digital badge program.

Can Online Courses Help Fix Teacher Professional Development?


Back in 2014, I made such an attempt , and although it was successful not only for our district, but for other districts as well, disruption in the professional learning space, has been limited. They can even support these efforts by allowing for time to complete coursework during the school day, and even providing support within the district for those enrolled in the courses, supporting teachers who are new to the digital professional learning space.

Uncommon Learning

A Principal's Reflections

They have embraced this digital world as it provides consistent relevance and meaning through an array of interactive experiences. These initiatives allow students to use real-world tools to do real-world work, focus on developing skills sets that society demands, respond to student interests, empower students to be owners of their learning, and focus on ways to create an environment that is more reflective of the current digital world. The world today is changing at a fast pace.

What Education Technology Could Look Like Over the Next Five Years


Access to mobile technology especially has helped students feel comfortable in the role of digital creator. Exposure during teacher training would help seed good practices early and ingrain digital literacy as an important skill for students to learn. The report notes, “This challenge is exacerbated by the fact that digital literacy is less about tools and more about thinking, and thus skills and standards based on tools and platforms have proven to be somewhat ephemeral.”.

Join Us in Chicago for the Fourth Annual Global Leadership Summit - March 15, 2019

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

She is an Ashoka Fellow, was named one of The New Leaders Council’s 40 Under 40 Progressive American Leaders, and was winner of the Tides Foundation’s Jane Bagley Lehman award for excellence in public advocacy in 2014. A recipient of the 2014 Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching, Stovall spent a semester in Wellington, New Zealand, studying educational debts between white and indigenous M?ori

As the Higher Ed Opportunity Act Turns 10, Here’s How the Landscape Has Changed


Supporters of innovation have championed approaches like digital badges, alternative credentials, competency-based education (CBE), and work-based learning for the convenience, flexibility, and efficiency they have to offer. In 2009, the “original income-based repayment” (IBR) became available for borrowers, and 2014 brought “new IBR”. Ten years ago, on August 14, 2008, President George W.