Professional Opportunities for Educators in 2014


2014 has been fantastic so far! This year, I was awarded the 2014 Pre-K - 12 MACUL Teacher of the Year Award. NETA : April 24 - 25 (2014) Nebraska In a few weeks, on April 24th, I will fly to Nebraska to keynote their annual state technology conference, NETA: 2014 Mission Possible.

What 2015 Holds for the Future of Education

Digital Promise

As we all take time to reflect on 2014, now is also a good time to look forward to 2015. At Digital Promise, we saw tremendous growth in 2014. “In 2015, I think school districts, ed-tech companies, and researchers will emphasize the student as a key element of learning.

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Reflections from #iste2014 in Atlanta: Relationships are Key!


Genius Hour Panel: @coolcatteacher, @donwettrick, @angelamaiers, @kleinerin, @klirenman, @smartinez, @hughtheteacher ISTE 2014 - Atlanta, Georgia This is my third year attending ISTE. Dinner with my best friends - Atlanta 2014 ISTE is about the learning experiences.

Kicking the Tires: A Pathway to Better Ed-Tech Pilots

Digital Promise

We found that school districts don’t always trust the product information that tech companies provide them and don’t regularly use third-party sources of information, either. Would you buy a car without taking a test drive?

Improving Ed-Tech Purchasing

Digital Promise

For example, 6 percent of providers report satisfaction with current procurement processes, compared to 68 percent of district stakeholders. Many providers have a hard time learning what districts are looking for and how they do business, leading these companies to spend a lot of time on selling and compliance. For the promise of learning technology to truly become reality for students and teachers, classrooms have to be equipped with the tools that fit their needs.

Five Recommendations for Developing Better Education Technology Products

Digital Promise

EdSurge and Digital Promise designed the Digital Innovation in Learning Awards precisely to suss out excellent examples of five core principles of successful education technology organizations. What other best practices do you value in education technology companies, nonprofits, and startups

Planning for #ISTE14 - Check out these tips from an OCD educator to stay organized!


Planning for ISTE 2014. For example, I love seeing the keynotes in person. My ISTE 2014 Sessions I would love to have you at one of my sessions this year. I start looking at the social events I''ve emailed myself from Twitter or received from companies.

Teacher Lesson Planner + Personal Organizer + Data and Assessment Binder = Teacher Anchor (All in One Awesomeness!)


When I knew she was coming out with her newest item, Teacher Anchor , I decided to hold off on purchasing my new planner from another company. If you view the video above, you will see more examples showing off specific templates.

Using @RemindHQ For Leadership

The Web20Classroom

So much so, I am an advisor to the company. The Remind Blog has some great examples of how different teachers are using it to better communicate with students and parents, so do be sure to check that out. In the past, I''ve written about how much I love using Remind.

BEST Back to School App for ALL Teachers!


For example, you can find out who is going on a field trip, who is confused about a new topic you introduced, or even, who likes the messages you’re sending. This is the story of how the company began.

7 Ways to Creatively Ask Questions in the Classroom Using iPads!


For example, we were working on graphing the other day and it took some children a long time to jot down the graph. The Answer Pad is the company that launched the app, TapIt Free. For example, my group name is all lowercase.

iPad 285

Schools That Work For Kids

A Principal's Reflections

Image credit: [link] On a typical Saturday morning for example, you would think that there is a play date going on in our playroom where the Xbox is. It had the golden arches as well as the color red associated with the company’s brand.

TONS of #RightDevice Tech Resources from @IntelEDU 's New Learning Community to Support Teachers!


I was recently contacted by Intel, a technology company that hopes to assist educators all over the world with their newest technological advancements and devices. This must be completed before June 2, 2014 - 12:00pm PST.

Ed tech companies promise results, but their claims are often based on shoddy research

The Hechinger Report

Examples from The Hechinger Report’s collection of misleading research claims touted by ed tech companies. All three of these companies try to hook prospective users with claims on their websites about their products’ effectiveness.

3D Virtual Learning a New Reality

A Principal's Reflections

Using her connections, she formed a partnership with a company called Proton Media that provides essentially an enterprise solution called Protosphere intended for corporations to explore the possibilities of 3D virtual learning and collaboration in the cloud. For example, one best practice is to design experiences for the avatars to get up and move as much as possible. It has been yet another exciting year at New Milford High School.

Almost 70% of teachers are not engaged. Here’s why that matters so much

The Hechinger Report

While these qualities may seem like frills, they’ve been demonstrated over time to have powerful correlations with harder metrics, like a company’s profits or a school’s test scores. For example, in 2009, Gallup studied 78,000 students in 160 schools in eight states, finding that a one-percentage-point uptick in a school’s average student engagement was connected to an average six-point increase in reading achievement and eight points in math.

Join the H&R Block Budget Challenge–It’s Back for 2015!

Teaching With Soul

He still struggles with this concept a bit, as I did at his age, even though I’ve tried to be an example. PS: This is a sponsored post by H&R Block, but I only recommend products or services I believe will benefit my readers and are from companies I can recommend.).

Eric Mazur wins first ever Minerva Prize for Advancements in Higher Education

Turn to Your Neighbor

For example, Dr. Brian Lukoff worked as a post-doc in the Mazur Group with me and is the co-founder, with Eric and Gary King , of Learning Catalytics. Last year, Pearson acquired the company that grew out of our work, and I have joined Pearson full-time to work on product development and strategy.” The Minerva Project announced Eric Mazur, developer of Peer Instruction , as the first winner of the Minerva Prize for Advancements in Higher Education.

Crafting Questions That Drive Projects

Learning in Hand

His dent in the universe is almost as big as the dent his company has put in my pocketbook (brief pause for chuckles). Though, you can find some examples and structures to help you out. You are the CEO of a company that is designing a new social media app.

3 Principles for Creating a Culture of Creativity in Schools to Unleash Technological Innovation

The 21st Century Principal

For example, in some states, students who "fail" standardized tests are branded failures by being held back a grade with retention policies that tell students, "Failure is not an option." The early reaction of school districts towards cell phones and social media are a great example of this.


The Thinking Stick

Target is a perfect example. I personally choose option one; I believe that companies are truly doing their best to keep information protected. Yes…every company should do everything in their power to keep your data safe…but will there be hacks?

The Future of Learning, via Museums #MCN2014

Improving Education Environments

It would be easy to make Coursera a straw man here, the company that embodies the walled garden and all that is wrong with online learning. One example is the concept of federation, eloquently brought to education by Mike Caulfield in his federated wiki example.

Creativity Inc: How to Sustain Creativity in Your School, District or Organization

The 21st Century Principal

"I would devote myself to learning how to build not just a successful company but a sustainable creative culture." Ed Catmull There is no doubt that Pixar is one of the most creative companies in the world today. Engaging the whole company is fixing problems is another one.

9 Reminders for School Leaders When Reviewing Value-Added Data with Teachers

The 21st Century Principal

You can’t take the word of companies promoting these models as “objective” and “fool-proof” measures of teacher quality. Though many states and companies providing VAM data fail to provide extensive explanations and discussion about the limitations of their particular value-added model, be sure those limitations are there. For example, the ACT is commonly used in VAMS to determine teacher quality, but it was not designed for that purpose.

Data 81

Let’s Get This Right: Teach Programming Hand in Hand With Design

Slate and Tablets

As the founder of a company who takes immense pride in our product design, and who values it more than most ed tech companies do, this cannot be more wrong. This is an interesting case study but is yet another example of irresponsible reporting.

What Are the Real Motives Behind the Common Core State Standards? Let's Be Honest with Ourselves!

The 21st Century Principal

But, as a skeptic and admitted cynic about the reasons the Common Core were developed, my cynicism says that perhaps these standards were developed as a commercial opportunity for corporations like Pearson and other test companies to make more money off the public school systems. Then there are companies like SAS waiting in the wings to sell data analysis software to all 50 states.

MSNBC, CNN, Fox News Ignore Career Educators in their Public Education Coverage

The 21st Century Principal

In other words, all our cable news companies failed, for the most part, to involve those of us in the schools and classrooms in their discussions and coverage of educational issues. The question then becomes: Why do cable news companies refuse, either deliberately or inadevertently, to include educators in their discussions about educational issues? For example, it’s the educators at the school and classroom level who can attest to what Race to the Top has done to education.

Update! Pearson Sees Most of NC Users as Satisfied with PowerSchool Huh?

The 21st Century Principal

When a company makes those assertions you just have to wonder who they''re talking to. For example, the main capabilities that need to always work for high schools ( I can’t speak for elementary or middle schools) are: Attendance Data: Need to flawlessly be able to enter and retrieve accurate attendance data. Perhaps its nice when your company has a virtual monopoly on a product.

Games-Based Learning Not Only Helps Students, but Teachers Too

Educator Innovator

Its first partners are iCivics , the game development nonprofit founded by former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, and Filament Games , a for-profit learning-game company that has worked with iCivics for many years. SimCityEDU, for example, pulls 3,000 data points for every player.

Genius Hour and the Global Cardboard Challenge

Educator Innovator

For many years, employees at Google had been encouraged to spend 20 percent of their work time on projects of their own choosing—anything they are passionate about—so long as it’s company-related. The idea found its way to other companies, and now it’s been adapted for schools and classrooms. The following article was first published in The Storybook and focuses on how the Imagination Foundation’s Global Cardboard Challenge is being used to unleash the genius in every child.

Adobe 43

MobyMax Wins 2018 Tech Edvocate Award for Best Global EdTech Company


was awarded the 2018 Tech Edvocate Award for Best Global EdTech Company. was awarded the 2018 Tech Edvocate Award for Best Global EdTech Company. It’s no secret that digital solutions are growing and that print companies are struggling.

I, cyborg

Learning with 'e's

He had to purchase it from the megalithic company, and now explores its potential use in learning contexts. Is it acceptable to walk into a public toilet while wearing one for example? Slightly self conscious wearing Glass Are we headed for a cyborg future?


Learning with 'e's

He warns that sometimes companies innovate too quickly, and end up trying to ship products that nobody is interested in. The Sinclair C5 electric car was a classic example of over specification. There are two kinds of disruption.

Questions For Zuckerberg’s $100M Waste

Slate and Tablets

It’s important for schools to realize this and take the example from the rest of the world. I’ll tell you what, if I wasted a $100M dollar investment for my company, I’d fire myself for my own good. In case you’re not aware, the New Yorker recently wrote an article regarding Mark Zuckerberg’s $100M donation (Business Insider summary linked here) to Newark and its failure to actually do anything useful. You should check that out before reading below.

Learning Revolution Free PD - It's All About the GEC (GlobalEdCon) - Amazing Keynotes - Announcing the Student Technology Conference

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The Learning Revolution Weekly Update November 12th, 2014 One learns by doing a thing; for though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try. As a not-for-profit company, our ambition is to raise achievement and empower learners with skills for learning, skills for employment, skills for life. Deadlines 2015 Student Technology Conference, January 31st, 2015 Upcoming deadlines: The call for proposals for the 2015 Student Technology Conference open November 15th, 2014.