The 2013 Highlights from Kleinspiration!


I enjoy the GHOs, email exchanges, texting back and forth, phone calls, webinars, and more. Happy New Year ~ from Kleinspiration This year was filled with many joyous moments. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family and caring friends.

Google Tools for Teachers - Free Webinars on 11/16/13

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

On Saturday, November 16th, Simple K12 will be hosting a full day of free webinars on Google Tools for Teachers. I''m excited to be presenting webinars at 2:00 and 3:00 PM EST and I''m looking forward to learning from a talented lineup of SK12 presenters!

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Webinar: SAMR Through the Lens of 21st Century Skills

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

SAMR Through the Lens of 21st Century Skills October 15, 2013, 4:00 PM CST Are you looking for ways to leverage the power of technology to help students develop 21st Century Skills? 21st Century Learning 21st century skills free technology innovate SAMR technology integration webinar

Professional Development On Your Time, Your Way

The Web20Classroom

Simple K12 Webinar Series ( [link] ) The girls over at Simple K12 have been offering free webinars on a wide variety of topics for a while now. The webinars range from 30 mins to 1 hr and are completely free to watch live. (If

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5 FREE Tech Tools For This School Year

Two Guys and Some iPads

Some of the apps we recommend are (click the name to download or visit site): Apply for a FREE 4D Studio for Education account Sign up for weekly 4D Studio webinar DAQRI iOS Android Fetch!

Wahoo! The 2013 Global Education Conference - Still Time to Present + Plan to Attend!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

A recent and exciting challenge transpired as co-facilitator of the virtual participants in the 2013 Flat Classroom Conference in Yokohama, Japan. Please mark your calendars for November 18 - 22 for the fourth annual Global Education Conference ( [link] ).

Why Every Conference Should Be A Connected Conference-#ASCD13

The Web20Classroom

I''ve spent the last several days attending the 2013 ASCD Annual Conference in Chicago. When are they going to provide spaces, speakers, sessions, webinars and more than encouragement to educators to get connected?

Join the @MasteryConnect Community and Connect with A World of Common Core!


See All of the Fantastic Features: - click here - Learn More About Mastery Connect: Free Group Webinars. Common Core Common Core State Standards common core webinar education Mastery Connect MasteryConnect standards teaching teaching communities

SAMR Through the Lens of the Common Core

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Learn More S AMR Through the Lens of Common Core Standards Webinar: 12/3 @ 4:00 CST, sponsored by Are you looking for ways to leverage the power of technology to help students develop 21st Century Skills?

SAMR: Design a Flexible Toolkit for Success

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

SAMR: Design a Flexible Toolkit I just finished putting the finishing touches on the presentation for a webinar I''m hosting on Tuesday of this week, SAMR: Design a Flexible Toolkit for Successful Tech Integration. This free webinar is sponsored by Infinitec and registration is open to all.

Nominations for the 2013 Edublog Awards


Best free web tool -- Twitter Best educational use of audio / video / visual / podcast -- Math Movie Network (math videos created by students with the guidance of Shawn Avery ) Best open PD / unconference / webinar series -- Classroom 2.0

Webinar Resources: SAMR Through the Lens of the Common Core

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

I had a lot of fun presenting a webinar today for Infinitec. Here is a link to the slideshow for review! Click to view

Free #mlearning Webinar with @SNewco

The Mobile Native

Mobile Learning: "The Time is Now" Wednesday, July 10th at 4pm ET REGISTER HERE In our community''s next webinar, we will see how mobile learning devices have been successfully implemented into the curriculum at St. BYOD Mobile Learning Webinar

2013 Global Education Conference Kicks Off Today - List of Sessions

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Jerry Blumengarten The 2013 Global Education Conference starts today! Anonymous “Love this concept.always watched webinars online never attended a conference.boy look at what I''ve been missing." From the 2012 GlobalEdCon attendees: "This conference is a great example on what global means. Speakers, presenters and public from all over the world talking, showing and listening about education. The world is indeed flat."

Edublog Awards 2013 - Nominations

Kairos EdTech

This is my first time participating in the Edublog Awards. Because blogging has been an instrumental part of reflecting on and improving my teaching and coaching practices, I''m excited to nominate the following candidates for these awards.

Grab Your Free ThingLink EDU Upgrade

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

It''s no secret that ThingLink EDU is one of my favorite and most frequently used tools. I love ThingLink because it provides users with the ability to turn any image into a multimedia rich interactive graphic. Add video, images, audio, and links to any content on the web with the click of a button.

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Webinars This Week

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Please join me and Simple K12 for back to back webinars this week. SK12 common core elearning free technology SAMR tech integration vocabulary webinars

Learning theories for the digital age

Learning with 'e's

I created the slideshow below as an accompaniment to an invited webinar I presented for ELESIG - hosted by the University of Nottingham. I pointed out recently that many of the older theories of pedagogy were formulated in a pre-digital age.

The Learning Revolution - 2014 School Leadership Summit - ISTE Unplugged Dates - More!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

We are excited to announce that the keynote sessions from the following conferences can now be watched on YouTube: School Leadership Summit 2013 , Homeschool Conference 2013 , STEMxCon 2013 , Library 2.012 and 2.013 , and the Global Education Conference 2012 and 2013.

ThingLink: Design Engaging Learning Experiences

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

A Few Ways to Use ThingLink In preparation for my Simple K12 webinar this week, I put together this interactive image to illustrate some effective ideas for using ThingLink. SK12 graphi higher order thinking multimedia SAMR thinglink webinar

Webinar: Marzano's 6 Steps to Effective Vocabulary Instruction

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Monday, April 08, 2013 @ 5:00 PM EDT Academic vocabulary is one of the greatest predictors of student success across all areas of the curriculum. Marzano sk12 vocabulary webinar

Connected Librarians Day (Free) Events - Monday, October 14th

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Ito et al (2013) define “connected learning” as “broadened access to learning that is socially embedded, interest-driven, and oriented toward educational, economic, or political opportunity” (p.

Next Webinar: Improve Writing Skills with Google Docs

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Webinar on Tuesday Please join me and Simple K12 for a webinar to explore the integrated writing and research tools available in Google Docs to help students improve writing skills.

mQlicker – Create Interactive Presentations

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

I have used it successfully with a few small audiences and intend to use mQlicker in the next few weeks during a webinar and also a break out session at a conference.

Digital Differentiation Webinar Series in July

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Please join me and Simple K12 f or an afternoon of webinars that will highlight digital tools and resources to help teachers design learning experiences that effectively incorporate Digital Differentiation. digital differentiation elearning flexible learning paths multimedia udl webinar

Collaboration Rocks! Librarians & Social Studies Teachers Talk Live

The Daring Librarian

February 4th at 8pmE US Time UPDATE : It was a GREAT webinar! Please make sure to visit the for the Session Wikipage Blackboard Webinar & chat text archive, more resources, and a larger version of their informative slides below!

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EduTech Smackdown Open Mic Night

The Daring Librarian

Our highly anticipated, most attended, & crazy fun LIVE webinar event is BACK! For resources, chat & webinar archive visit the Session Wikipage Participant Link We’re creating (that''s you, too!) 3rd Annual Edutech Smackdown!

Livescribe announces Discounted Education Pricing on SmartPens.

Educational Technology Guy

29, 2013 —Livescribe for Education announced today at the Florida Educational Technology Corporation (FETC) national conference their new their new Smartpen Education Bundles and customized training programs that offer significant savings for K-12 educators and higher education institutions. The Sky wifi smartpen pilot program will culminate later in 2013, at which time Livescribe will share the highlights and results of the program.

RSCON4- Join me and the EduPuppets for this Great Online Conference

My Paperless Classroom

The entire conference will be held online using the Blackboard Collaborate webinar platform. Useful links (click on any item for more information): Opening plenary- Sugata Mitra , 2013 Ted prize winner and instigator of the Hole-in-the-Wall experiment, will speak about The Future of Learning.

SAMR - Flexible Toolkit Slideshow

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

I enjoyed presenting the Infinitec webinar today and truly appreciate all the attendees! The final webinar in this series will be held on December 3rd at 4:00 PM CST. The webinar is free and registration is open to all. webinar

Unpacking the Common Core: Tech Powered Projects

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Earlier today I presented a webinar for Simple K12. There is still time to catch some awesome Common Core webinars today at Simple K12. SK12 common core projects sliderocket slideshow webinar I packed a lot of content and resources into the 30 minute presentation so I am publishing the interactive slideshow here. The slideshow has plenty of links to explore. These resources can be viewed at your own pace.

GlobalEd.TV February Webinar - "How Do We Define Competence in Global Education?"

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

She was the High School Principal at Campus Eugenio Garza Sada, Tecnológico de Monterrey from 2001 to 2013. Webinars focus on theories and best practices for globally-connected learning in schools and community organizations GlobalEd.TV

Webinar: Unpacking the Common Core -Technology Powered Projects

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Thursday, June 13, 2013 10:00 AM EDT Technology can be a powerful tool to help us meet the Common Core Standards and prepare our students for success in school and beyond, and a great way to use that technology is with student projects.

Thursday Interview: Andreas Schleicher and What We Can Learn about Education from International Data

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

This is a special event held in partnership with the Asia Society as part of their year-long Global Learning for Educators webinar series.

Tuesday and Wednesday - Big Kickoff Days for Connected Educator Month!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

But we really hope you’ll be able to come, because this isn’t going to be your typical ‘sit and get’ webinar – because CEM is about community, our events are highly interactive and participatory; watching a recording won’t be the same as the opportunity to be there, mixing it up with the panelists, really being heard, and getting your questions answered.

Google Docs for Learning Glog on Edudemic

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

If you''re looking for more Google Docs resources, be sure to check out my Google Docs page on this blog or attend one of my upcoming webinars. Read on Edudemic I was excited to see my Google Docs Glog featured in a post by Jeff Dunn on Edudemic last month. This morning it has been getting some attention on Facebook and Twitter, so I thought it would be a good idea to direct the readers of this blog to the post, 1 2 Effective Ways to Use Google Drive in Education.

5 Free Summer Professional Development Resources from ASCD

The 21st Century Principal

Summer Boot Camp Webinar Series ­— This five-part summer webinar series just kicked off and will run through August. The full ASCD webinar archive dates back to May 2010 and features ASCD’s collection of targeted, expert-led webinars. ASCD is offering what they call “high-impact, in-depth professional development resources” at no cost. Nothing better than Free!

Instructional Shifts to Support the Common Core

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Learn more I''m hosting a webinar onTuesday, 11/19 at 4:00 PM EST to explore Instructional Shifts to Support the Common Core. SK12 CCSS common core digital tools essential questions multimedia student centered learning webinar

The Role of Open Educational Resources (OER) in Making Education Available to All

A Principal's Reflections

The following is a guest post by Juliana Meehan - Teacher of English at Tenafly Middle School and candidate for New Jersey principal’s certification through NJ EXCEL, currently interning with Principal Eric Sheninger at New Milford High School. She is also co-creator of IOCS project.

OER 15

Personalizing Learning for All Students With OpenCourseWare

A Principal's Reflections

To learn more check out this free webinar on IOCS over at at Cross-posted at SmartBlog on Education. Around this time last year I received what I thought was an odd request.