Gamification to encourage learner autonomy

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Things I'm not so sure about Each student would need to have a computer or mobile device for this to work effectively. It would be great to see this on mobile, but I think that is being planned and it does run in the safari browser on iPad.

Gamification for the Win! Escape from Detention

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The game itself was produced in Corona , said Alex Hachey , Mindgrub’s creative lead, at the Baltimore Mobile Meetup in December. android catina escape escape from detention game gamification HCL HiTech lab howard county public library ipad app iphone app mindgrub technically baltimore Tekye

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Technology won't replace teachers, but.

Learning with 'e's

Some very useful examples of technology to solve problems were presented at both conferences, and there were discussions around digital literacy, gamification, mobile learning and digital pedagogical strategies.

Digital classrooms

Learning with 'e's

There were sections on digital literacies and mobile learning, both of which we considered to be important for the success of education and learning in the future. For students with mobility issues in particular, this may turn out to be an important leveler.

The 2013 Reform Symposium This Week - Online, Free, and with Amazing Speakers and Presenters

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The fourth annual Reform Symposium Free Online Conference (RSCON) starts this Friday, October 11th, running for three days and in conjunction with Connected Educator Month.

The Mobile Learning Imperative in Higher Education

Kevin Corbett

The Mobile Learning in Higher Education [ INFOGRAPHIC ]. 57% of college students use a smartphone (2013 data seems low to me). With mobile devices being used at younger and younger ages, what are the implications for Higher Education? More on Mobile Learning.

The mLearning Moment in K-12 Education

Kevin Corbett

education system is having its mobile learning (mLearning) moment, with devices in some form in the majority of schools and more predicted in the next 1-2 years. 67% of those with no mobile learning technology at present said they were very or somewhat likely to adopt it in the next 1-2 years.


7 Shifts To Create A Classroom Of The Future

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Ed note: This post has been updated from a 2013 post). Game-Based Learning & Gamification. Tomorrow’s Learning Today: 7 Shifts To Create A Classroom Of The Future. by Terry Heick. (Ed So we’re taking a stand here.

Resources from Miami Device

Learning in Hand

Innovative Interactive Presentation Tools to Bring Your Classroom to Life by Bryan Miller Interactive response systems have evolved from the formal clickers, to now operating on mobile devices. Then consider coming to Mobile Learning Experience 2015 in Tucson, Arizona.

Reinventing The School Desk: Tip Tap Tap And The Internet of Things

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Classrooms are embracing interactive whiteboards and mobile devices with enthusiasm. Gamification for Learning. Tip Tap Tap was formally incorporated in February 2015, however the business and technology development began back in 2013.

A Dictionary For 21st Century Teachers: Learning Models & Technology

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Gamification. Mobile Learning. The United Nations defines mobile learning as “Mobile learning involves the use of mobile technology, either alone or in combination with other information and communication technology (ICT), to enable learning anytime and anywhere.

Learning Revolution Events - Future of Museums Events Are This Week - AltEdFilmFest - Homeschooling - Gaming in Ed

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Both events are focused on four main themes from the NMC Horizon Report > 2013 Museum Edition : Bring Your Own Device, Location-Based Services, Crowdsourcing, and Makerspaces. In September, we''ll be hosting the inaugural Gaming in Ed conference, a great opportunity for you to share about what gamification looks like in your classroom, library, or household. Is your library mobile friendly? The Learning Revolution Weekly Update July 22nd, 2014 Every individual matters.

Education Technology and Data Insecurity

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Pokémon Go, a free augmented reality game developed by Niantic (a company spun out of Google in 2015), became the most popular mobile game in US history this year. Pokémon Go generated more than $160 million by the end of July, hitting $600 million in revenue within its first 90 days on the market – the fastest mobile game to do so. This is part eight of my annual review of the year in ed-tech.

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