FETC Virtual Conference - free, Oct 18, 2012

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This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy. FETC is again holding a free virtual conference and expo. It will be held on October 18th, from 10:30am - 6:00 pm, completely online and FREE.

Looking Back At 2011 And Looking Forward To 2012

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Just my feelings from what I have been reading and seeing and what I believe will take a great hold in educational technology. I think more districts will revise cellphone and device policies and we will see more and more schools and districts allow students to bring technology with them.

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Happy Holidays - Most Read Posts of 2012

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I''m finishing up my day at work today with a quick post of the Most Read Posts of 2012. Most Read Posts of 2012: 1. 10 Technology Skills Every Educator Should Have 4. This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy. image from Google.com homepage Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from Connecticut. It''s been an interesting year for me, as I started a new job as the Chief Information Officer for our district.

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Happy Holidays & a Look Back on the Best of 2012 from @KleinErin at Kleinspiration


Thank you all for helping to make 2012 very merry! A Few Highlights from 2012 Though there were so many terrific items and ideas shared, below are a few of my personal favorites. View Mrs. Klein''s seventh grade class projects using itouch technology and Sonic Pics.

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Common Misconceptions of Educators Who Fear Technology

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Education is currently at a crossroads as traditional methods and tools are changing as a result of advances in technology and learning theory. We are beginning to see some schools across the country take the lead in merging sound pedagogy with the effective integration of technology.

Google Announces 90 regional finalists of Google Science Fair 2012

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Today Google has announced the 90 regional finalists of the Google Science Fair 2012. This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy.

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DENny Award Winners 2012 - Discovery Educator Network Awards

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Last night was the DENny Awards 2012, the annual awards where the Discovery Educator Network and Discovery Education honor DEN members for their efforts throughout the years. This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy.

Edublog Awards Nominations 2012

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audrey Nay eddies12 edublog awards edublog awards 2012 george couros Jennifer LaGarde level up book club librarian tiff picmonkey richard byrne sue waters tiffany whitehead When it comes to the Edublogger Awards, I''ve "always (been) a bridesmaid and never a bride" but surprisingly (for me!)

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Edublogs 2012 Nominations

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Nominations for 2012 Edublog Awards are open. My nominations for the 2012 Edublog Awards: Individual Blog - The Innovative Educator Group Blog - Mind Shift EdTech Blog - Edudemic Teacher Blog - Engage Their Minds NewBlog - EduTech for Teachers Library/Librarian Blog - The Daring Librarian Administrator Blog - Life of an Educator Twitter Hashtag - #edchat Free Web Tool - ThingLink Educational Wiki - Web Tools 4 You to Use Social Network - Twitter Learn more about the Edublogs awards.

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Google Code-In 2012 - contest for High School Students

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Google has announced Google Code-In 2012 , a contest for high school students. This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy. It is in it''s third year and will begin on November 26th. The contest is for 13-17 year old students and is all about software development. It runs from November 26th to mid January and there will be 20 grand prize winners. The grand prize winners, along with a parent/guardian, will get a trip to Google Headquarters in Mountain View California.

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2012 Edublog Award Nominations


My 2012 Edublog Award Nominations Are: Best Individual Blog: Cool Cat Teacher by Vicki Davis Vicki not only blogs about education and educational technology, but she also shares her personal struggles balancing family and professional life. Lifetime Achievement: Wesley Fryer I have been following Wes''s work and using his resources since my early days as an instructional technology facilitator. It is Edublog Award nomination time again!

ISTE 2012


I had the great opportunity to attend the ISTE conference 2012 in sunny San Diego California. What an awesome experience to see thousands of educational technology specialists all gathered together in this huge convention center. I was a "tech Ninja" which on paper the description was to answer technology network questions from the attendees. I got too meet a really cool Technology Director from Canada name Todd.

Tapping Into Technology

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apps education reform educational technology With the rise of mobile devices and tablets in the classroom, I’m finding so many examples of organizations that are capitalizing on these tools to create new resources for teachers and students.

CPEP Day 2012 - Central High Team wins big at STEM Competition

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CPEP (Connecticut Pre -Engineering Program) Day 2012 was held this past Saturday, May 19 th , at the XL Center in Hartford, CT. CPEP''s mission is to help under-represented students explore, prepare for, and reach their full potential in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

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Five Questions For The (Technology) Leader

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As the Director of Instructional Technology I am responsible for the vision and direction of the technology program for a district of 80 schools and 57,000 students. Technology is often seen as another thing. "I I don''t have time to worry about technology.

Technology I'm using daily as a School District CIO

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It combines my experience as a teacher and educational technology specialist, as well as my 10 years as an engineer and project manager, into one very exciting, busy, crazy, rewarding job. In the past, I''ve written about the technology I used on a daily basis as a teache r.

Woopid - free technology tutorial videos

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Related: How to Support others with Tech Help Online Tech Tips - great tech help and tips on everything Tech-Ease Tech Support Site Teach Parents Tech - create tech support care packages 180 Technology Tips site 10 Tech Skills Every Student (and educator) Should Have.

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2012 Edublog Award Nominations


Best teacher blog Speech Adventures-Speech Therapy, Technology and Humor by Mary Huston (not a teacher technically, but as an individual SLP in the school setting) has in a short time adventured into many interesting territories, including app commentary, RTI, and even the connection between Cher''s Burlesque and our tendency to get stuck in our own thought patterns.

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NCTIES 2012: My Concurrent Presentations

The 21st Century Principal

My personal favorite time of year is here: the annual NCTIES (North Carolina Technology in Education Society) Conference. NCTIES is an excellent opportunity to explore tech, network, and have fun with educators who are excited about technology. educational leadership NCTIES NCTIES Conference 2012 technology leadership Web 2.0 This year I will be conducting two concurrent sessions.

NMHS Social Studies Teacher Brings Technology to Capitol Hill

A Principal's Reflections

Two of my Social Studies teachers were recently invited to Washington DC on October 4, 2012, to deliver a model lesson that illustrated the effective use of technology. 21st Century Teaching educational technology New Milford High School Nicolette Perna Rebecca Millan

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3 ISTE Points Worth Mentioning.


click the image to view the full flyer ISTE 2012: San Diego, California Point 1 : "Collaborative Mentoring for New Teachers" I''m so excited to attend ISTE this year.

How to Get Students to Pay Attention Using Technology - guest post

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Today, however, teachers can engage their students in a variety of ways using technology. Many teachers have found that the implement of educational technology in their learning environment encourages students to learn. This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy.

Reuse, update and recycle old technology

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Technology changes rapidly and it seems like something you just bought last week is already outdated and replaced by something new. Some people and companies are always buying the latest and greatest technology, but schools, and most people, can''t afford to do that.

Connectedness as the Standard

A Principal's Reflections

Change connected educators educational technology Personal Learning Network Professional Development I am extremely excited that August is Connected Educator month. In my opinion, being a connected learner, leader, and/or educator is no longer an option.

Taking A Step Back And Thinking Critically About Technology

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My concern, as it is with any technology is buying something because it is new or flashy or has the perception to make change. Technology exclusively can''t change learning. critical thinking Technology Thoughts I am probably going to take a lot of heat for this post.

Make your Centers Interactive and Engaging with Hot Dots Technology from @ed_insights


an easy way to integrate technology - scroll all the way down to enter to WIN a set - A bit of honesty. How am I going to manage this technology? My thoughts were that if you added a self-correcting pen and called it technology, the children still wouldn''t buy in to the whole activity.

It is Time For Schools to Seriously Consider BYOT

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As we continue to move even further into the 21 st Century, technology becomes more embedded in all aspects of society. My point here is that many children across the world have access to, and are using, technology outside of school in a variety of ways.

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4 Ways Technology Helps To Diversify Education

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As technology advances, a greater number of countries are embracing the use of it in classrooms. is moving in that direction there seems to be some hesitation in deciding what technology should be used. Here is a list of four ways technology is changing the face of education. When explaining things like DNA structure or how molecules interact with other molecules technology can give you a visual that we have never had before. educational technology guest post

Center for Digital Education - great, free resource on education and technology

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The Center for Digital Education , formerly known as Converge, is a great site with lots of information about education and technology, including news, grants, product reviews, case studies, examples of digital education and much more. educational technology free magazine free resources

5 Recent Advances in Educational Technology - guest post

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5 Recent Advances in Educational Technology Imagine going to school without getting out of bed. Educational technology seems to be progressing at warp speed, with new advances emerging every single day. This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy.

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What is the True Value of Technology?

A Principal's Reflections

None of this would have been possible without technology. Again, something like this would not have been possible without technology. I have shared both of these stories to demonstrate the potential that technology has in re-shaping school cultures and how we learn. Technology is not just a shiny tool that can increase engagement, but a conduit to endless possibilities that can enhance every facet of what we do in education. Cross posted at the Huffington Post.

Change Should Be a Reality, Not a Possibility

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If it were easy we would see innovative programs, authentic learning experiences, successful integration of technology, and students yearning to arrive at school each day. Just because you purchase the latest technology doesn''t mean everyone will use it correctly or productively.

Educational Technology Support


I''m proud to be a partner with the following sites and appreciate how they''re supporting educational technology in various forms. Group, we feel that technology plays a vital role in preparing our children for tomorrow. I''m very thankful for the sponsors of this site.

Moving Schools Forward With BYOD

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Greg is the Director of Technology at Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District and an Adjunct Professor and course developer at the Graduate Schools of Education at Monmouth University and Drew University. 21st Century Education BYOD educational technology Guest Blog Post Leadership

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Vote for SLPs Shortlisted for 2012 Edublog Awards


A couple weeks ago, you might have seen my post nominating some peers (always hard to make these choices) for the 2012 Edublog Awards, and may have seen many other posts if you hopefully follow some other SLP blogs. I am proud to say that SLPs have again represented in this initiative, underscoring our key role in the educational process and in the spheres of social media and educational technology.