Creating Social Media Guidelines.The Handout

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Over the past few weeks I have been working on a project for Edutopia and Facebook Education to develop a set of steps to follow when developing social media guidelines in your school or district. This all came about from my presentation at ASCD this year where I outlined how we created a document that promoted the use of social media by our teachers and our students but also gave tips on responsible use. Social Media

Social Media Guide and Resources for Educators

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Social Media is an incredible resource for education. There are many different social media networks, and lots of ways to use them. free resources social media social network Educators can learn, share, connect and more with educators from around the world. They can collaborate and communicate with students, parents, and colleagues.


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Social Media For School Leaders

A Principal's Reflections

This was the first of three in a series presented by the 2012 Digital Principal Award winners. Below is a synopsis of the webinar I did: NASSP Digital Principal Award winner Eric Sheninger, principal of New Milford (NJ) High School, kicks-off the Digital Principal webinar series with his presentation on ways school leaders can effectively use social media in their schools. educational leadership NASSP Social Media

Hey Michigan - Happy Social Media Day! #smday


June 30 is Social Media Day Michigan is the third state to officially declare Social Media as an official day of celebration. I must admit that as a Michigan teacher who is a strong advocate for social media , I''m a bit disappointed that the presence of this event wasn''t as large as I would have expected. Social Media Day Detroit is being held at Sound Board at the MotorCity Casino Hotel. That''s right - it''s official.

Social Media Cheat Sheets - free tips and more for social media sites

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Walyou , a great site for interesting information and more, has a great collection of cheat sheets that have tips, shortcuts, and more for social media sites. Check them out here: [link] Related: Social Media in Education - Connect, Share, Learn, Communicate and more Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook - a nice comparison Google+ - more reasons it''s great for educators. free resources social media

RockMelt - web browser and social media all-in-one

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RockMelt is a free web browser that blends social media into the browser to keep everything in one place. The difference in RockMelt is that it combines your social media networks into your browser. You can easily share what you are viewing online through social media, and quickly chat with friends. RockMelt is like Chrome and Social Media collided like peanut butter and chocolate did in the Resse''s commercials.

Survey: Teens have doubled their social media use

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Teenagers’ social media use has doubled in recent years, from 34 percent who reported using social media multiple times a day in 2012 to 70 percent reporting the same today, according to research from Common Sense. Sixteen percent of surveyed teenagers say they use social media almost constantly, and 38 percent say they use it multiple times an hour.

New Research Explores Teens' Use of Social Media in 2018


Common Sense today published a new research report, Social Media, Social Life: Teens Reveal Their Experiences. GoGuardian Announces Beacon, Self-Harm Prevention Tool for Schools ] Highlights include: Teens are on social media for much of the day. Seventy percent of teens use social media multiple times a day (up from 34 percent in 2012) with 16 percent saying they use it "almost constantly" and a total of 38 percent saying they use it multiple times an hour.

NEWS & TRENDS: Teens and Social Media: 2018 vs. 2012


Down from 49% in 2012 32%  Say their favorite way to communicate with friends is in person.

#ASCD12-A Presentation On Creating Social Media Policies For Schools And Districts

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Our topic was creating and crafting social media policies for schools and districts. Here is our presentation : And here is our resource document : And the video we created to help educators understand the importance of the use of Social Media in Education: The message here is a simple one. Earlier today I had the honor and pleasure of presenting at the Annual Conference for ASCD.

Culling Your Social Media Past


One of the challenges, however, is that much of my social media is pretty wide open and easily accessible through a google search of my uncommon name. And partly because of the potential for online abuse, or at least parasocial behavior, and partly because of the change in search capabilities, the kinds of conversations I had openly on Twitter in 2011 or 2012 are often the kinds of conversations that I would have on Slack or in private messages in 2016 and 2017.

4 Social Media Listening Strategies for 21st Century School Leaders

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In their book Why Social Media Matters: School Communication in the Digital Age authors Kitty Porterfield and Meg Carnes argue that for school leaders to use social media effectively, they not only use it to communicate out information, they must also engage in listening to what stakeholders are saying. It is through social media that people sometimes reveal their true feelings. Next Up: Social Media Listening Tools for 21st Century School Leaders.

Social media for teachers

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Illustrated by Peter Grundy From Scholastic Instructor SOURCES: Social media PD: Project Tomorrow, “Speak Up 2011.” YouTube: NielsenWire, “August 2012, Top U.S. social media social media in education Twitter: Semiocast. Online Video Sites.” Facebook: Yahoo! Finance, “Number of Active Users at Facebook over the Years.” Pinterest:, “Pinterest Stats”;, “The Astounding Power of Pinterest.”.

Lessons from WDW #7: Social Media

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I''ve been thinking a lot about how schools can better use social media to reach out to the community, improve learning, and celebrate success. If your schools are like ours, you are just beginning to scratch the surface of social media as it pertains to your daily work. Social media enables a dialog among stakeholders instead of the one-way communication of many school communications. If you want to win in social media, address the problem.

How to Engage in Using Social Media as a School Leader

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Many school leaders and policy makers still express a high level of skepticism regarding social media’s potential as an educational tool. Just as Williamson and Johnston suggest, the time has come for school leaders to stop trying to find ways to block and ban social media and embrace it as both an educational tool and a fact of life. Howard Johnston’s book, The School Leader’s Guide to Social Media can help.

Advice for the New Administrator & Educator Using Social Media

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During a conversation today, I was asked, "What advice would you give to the new administrator just beginning to use social media in his or her new role?" Becoming an administrator is a challenge in itself, which means there are enough issues to deal with without making mistakes using social media. This means the novice administrator is often left to her own devices when it comes to engaging stakeholders in social media.

Real-World Consequences of What We Post On Social Media


Talk about a chance to really teach students about the consequences of what they post via social media. digital citizenship digital footprint racism social media Do We Understand We''re Shouting to the World? Photo Used With Permission Under a Creative Commons License Wow! This post on captures some no-holes-barred racist Tweets sent out in the wake of President Obama''s re-election.

Your Social Media Guidelines in One Sentence

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Social media is becoming the norm as opposed to the exception in many schools. Yet the more policies and guidelines we have, the more we deter people from using social media. To me, your social media guidelines can be summed up in one sentence. No personal versus professional, just understanding that the context of social media and that anything online would be considered a public space.

6 Reasons School Leaders Shouldn't Ignore Social Media as Communication Tool

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In their book Why Social Media Matters: School Communication in the Digital Age , Kitty Porterfield and Meg Carnes make a strong case for school leaders engaging in the use of social media as a means of communication. In the 21st century, our stakeholders expect a more interactive form of communication, often that form is social media. Social media is a new way to build relationships."

Top 10 Tips for Using Social Media for Administrators & Other Educators

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According to Andy Beal and Judy Strauss, authors of Radically Transparent: Monitoring and Managing Reputations Online , “Shifting from traditional to social media requires new skills, new tools, and an understanding of social media platforms.” Any school leader bringing an archaic understanding and knowledge of old media to social media is in danger of looking foolish and perhaps in danger of getting himself in major trouble with stakeholders.

Self Harm and Social Media

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On his site he explains: ERHS Nice Words started as a Twitter account on August 18, 2012. Tyler is a powerful model for using Social Media for a social good. If you know of someone who has found a way to use the power of social media for Good, leave some info in the comments. I can feel the voices I hear shifting, even on twitter. A few weeks ago I found a great person, @ERHSnicewords, on twitter. HIs user name is "Against Bullying."

Finally, Definitive Manual for School Leaders on Engaging in Using Social Media

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In their new book, Why Social Media Matters: School Communication in the Digital Age , authors Kitty Porterfield and Meg Carnes write: “Skill in communication is a key ingredient for school leaders’ success in today’s complex education environment, and this communication now includes social media.” School administrators are still spending too much time trying to decide whether social media is an enemy or an ally. Social media is here to stay.

3 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools for the 21st Century School Leader

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In one of my previous posts, “ 4 Social Media Strategies for 21st Century School Leaders ” I described general social media listening strategies from the book Why Social Media Matters: School Communication in the Digital Age by Kitty Porterfield and Meg Carnes. Here are three, free, easy-to-use social media monitoring tools to use to listen to what’s being said about your school or district. Think of this as a social media search engine.

5 Aspects of Social Media Leadership for School Administrators and Other Educators

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Twenty-first century school leaders need to become masters of social media leadership. What does being a social media leader look like? Here''s some items to consider: Being a social media leader means you see the technology of social media as a way to invite stakeholders into conversations, not as an announcement system. Using social media in this manner means greater transparency with what is happening in your school.

Looking Back At 2011 And Looking Forward To 2012

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More Social Networking- This all boiled down to the continued growth of using Social Media and social networks for learning. For the past few years ( here and here ) I started a tradition (if we can call it that) where I look back at the year in #edtech and try to make predictions as to what''s going to take hold in the coming year. No science behind any of this.

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Edublogs 2012 Nominations

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Nominations for 2012 Edublog Awards are open. The purpose of the Edublog Awards is to " promote and demonstrate the educational values of these social media." T he nomination process supports the goal of the contest because it requires nominations via a blog post with a follow up link to that post submitted to Edublogs. What a great way to share, discover and credit the folks whose work inspires us and contributes to our own success!

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DENny Award Winners 2012 - Discovery Educator Network Awards

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Last night was the DENny Awards 2012, the annual awards where the Discovery Educator Network and Discovery Education honor DEN members for their efforts throughout the years. I was honored to have won a DENny for "PL DEN", a play on PLN (personal learning network), for my work sharing and connecting with other educators about Discovery Education resources on social media and the DEN blog for the CT Leadership Council.

RockMelt: Web Browser and Social Media Tool for Administrators and Other Educators

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RockMelt is a Web Browser for educators and others who want to blend their Web reading and social media sharing into a seamless combination. In some ways, it looks like and functions as a customized version of Chrome, optimized for social media. The Apps give users quick access to favorite sites and alllow quick sharing through social networks.

Michelle Luhtala Wins AASL Social Media Superstars Award

edWeb is so excited to congratulate Michelle Luhtala, department chair at New Canaan High School Library in Connecticut, for being selected as a 2017 AASL Social Media Superstars winner ! AASL’s Social Media Superstars program honors school library professionals who enrich the profession and its work on behalf of students by sharing information, expertise, ideas, encouragement, dialog and inspiration using a variety of social media channels.

2012 Edublog Award Nominations


Each year I enjoy the Edublog Awards season, which is ostensibly a competition but really a reminder of the importance of social media in education. In the past few years, quite a few of the SLPs participating in social media have represented in this event, as you can see in last year''s ASHAsphere post. It''s great food for thought and skillfully compiled, collected and elicited by Maggie McGary, ASHA''s social media director.

UDL 66

Teens Know Social Media Is Manipulative. But They Just Can’t Get Enough.


Almost three-quarters of teens said they know social media companies are manipulating them into spending more time online. The survey from nonprofit Common Sense Media, called “ Social Media, Social Life ,” is a follow up to a similar report conducted in 2012, where teens were also asked about their relationship with social media. Compared with six years ago, teens are now spending more time on social media platforms.

What New Research on Teens and Social Media Means for Teachers


As teachers, we all have assumptions -- and likely some opinions -– about teenagers and social media. This week, Common Sense is releasing its latest research report, Social Media, Social Life: Teens Reveal Their Experiences , a deep dive into the social media habits of American teenagers. This research is the second wave in an ongoing study tracking teens' attitudes about social media; we released our original report in 2012.

Your All Access Pass to the Bammy Awards!


2012 I recently had the pleasure of attending the first ever Bammy Awards in Washington D.C. For the June 11, 2012 press release, click here. My friends I''ve made through social media mean just as much to me as the colleagues I see every day. 2012 Bammy Awards awards for education Bammy Awards education awards teacher award teacher awards Twitterati Nick Provenzano, Eric Sheninger, Kyle Pace, Erin Klein, Joan Young, Adam Bellow The Bammy Awards Washington D.C.

5 Different Ways Technology Has Made Learning Easier - guest post

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Social media – You can build fan pages for classrooms, stage Twitter chats for interaction outside of the classroom, and provide web pages that act as a resource guide for ongoing lessons, all through the use of social media. Social media allows us to interact on an entirely different level, and engages students because it’s something they already have an interest in. apps for education cloud file storage file sharing guest post social media YouTube

Coming Soon: EduClipper-It's Like Pinterest for Teachers!


Pinterest has been well publicized as recently becoming the number three social media platform, and the teaching community is a big reason for their success. The ability to see an image, lesson, or idea and "pin it" to share with a thousand or so of your closest allies is a feature that has differentiated Pinterest from other social media platforms in a way that has produced unparalled growth. You can even share it back out on your regular social media platforms.