Inquiry Hub Secondary School – Confluence and Influence

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Confluence and Influence – Inquiry Hub Secondary School. Background: The 2018-2019 school year is Inquiry Hub Secondary’s 7th year since it was founded. Foundations of Inquiry 11 – BAA Course (2012). Applications of Digital Learning 10 – BAA Course (2012). In 2015 Riverside Secondary School started delivering Digital Learning 10 to their Grade 9 students (which is also the grade we deliver it at for Inquiry Hub students).

Verizon Innovative App Challenge for Secondary Students

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The Challenge is a collaborative competition that offers $10,000 grants and Samsung Galaxy Tabs for winning secondary schools and students. Su bmissions accepted : December 1, 2012 - January 18, 2013 Download the Verizon Innovative App Challenge flyer Find out more here.


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Free Common Core Aligned Lessons and Web 2.0 Games to Play on your SMART Board!


I will be completing my 4-8 and secondary files over spring break. Attention: FREE Lessons and Interactive Resources! I am a BIG FAN of open source sharing and teacher collaboration. Blog superstar Richard Byrne was my inspiration for starting my blog. to share free and amazing resources with teachers. As teachers, we all are tight on funding when it comes to gathering supplies and resources.

Adobe Educators' Choice Awards

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Starting this week, educators can win great prizes by simply submitting their best projects, lesson plans, curricula and tutorials to the 2012 Educators’ Choice Awards. The 2012 Educators’ Choice Awards will honor and reward Adobe Education Exchange members who submit the most innovative teaching and learning materials. The contest began this week and the submission period ends October 5, 2012.

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Adobe Educator's Choice Awards - honoring innovative educators - apply now

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The 2012 Educator''s Choice Awards is an awards program for educators. There are four categories: Primary and Secondary, Higher Education, and Creative Suite 6. The contest begins August 6, 2012 and the submission period ends on October 5, 2012. Adobe Education Exchange is a great resource for educators, with resources, lesson ideas, lesson plans, and a place to collaborate with other educators. Any educator can enter.

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Google World Wonders Project - bring the wonders of the world to life

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The Education page has teacher guides (free PDF download) for primary and secondary school, along with historic sites organized by class and topic. Google, one of my favorite resources for education with tons of great apps and resources , has another great resource for education. Google World Wonders Project takes images from Google Street View and make great places of the world, from Pompeii to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, available to anyone.

Watch, Know and Learn With @WatchKnowLearn

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Much of it is for secondary and higher ed, leaving the elementary folks with out a solution. A few weeks ago You Tube announced their commitment to education by moving a lot of their educational content to a separate domain, [link]. This allows schools and districts to, depending on their filtering, unblock the videos found there for use in the classroom. It''s been open for a while now and reaction has been positive. New content gets added daily and the site continues to grow.

The Truly Flipped Classroom

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A Shift in Pacing The vast majority of classrooms, especially at the secondary level, expect all students within a class to learn the given material in one set, standard amount of time. Several years ago, two high school chemistry teachers from Colorado shifted their teaching practice dramatically. Where previously they had lectured to students during class time, then assigned their students homework tasks meant to reinforce the lecture, they flipped that model around.

GED and other high school equivalency degrees drop by more than 40% nationwide since 2012

The Hechinger Report

Red states are where the annual issuance of new high school equivalency diplomas has fallen by more than 50 percent between 2012 and 2016. But thanks to a data collection effort by an expert in adult education at a nonprofit research organization in New York, Center for an Urban Future, we now have evidence of a sharp decline in new high school equivalency degrees in almost every state between 2012 and 2016.

Top Tech Sites for this Holiday Season


Rob James is a secondary school teacher in the UK. Top Tech Sites for this Holiday Season It’s possible to find many tech sites during the holiday season that can be used to explore apps, reviews, and games, while also allowing you to make your own presents. Other tech sites are useful for experimenting with different examples of digital design, while some are just fun ways to play around with making fun cards and messages for Christmas.

Free digital citizenship materials for innovative educators

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The Digital Citizenship and Creative Content program is aimed at secondary students and offers cross-curricular classroom activities that align with the American Association of School Librarians and National Education Technology Standards. Students interact with music, video, apps, social media and other digital content each day, but do they understand the rules that govern this content?

5 Areas of Consideration for Developing a BYOD Policy for Your School or District

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Personal access for personal reasons is secondary. While there is some debate about whether a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy perpetuates inequities and the technology gap, school districts in times of tightening budgets and limited resources are looking for cost-effective ways to increase student access to technology.


Superstorm Sandy Blows innovation through NYC schools

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Celine Azoulay, Executive Director of iLearnNYC is thrilled to be able to support New York City’s secondary school children who have been displaced from their homes or reassigned with 21 st century learning opportunities. Hurricane Katrina brought rise to charter schools in New Orleans and it looks like Superstorm Sandy is bringing rise to online learning in New York City.

Tonight - Ron Ritchhart on "Making Thinking Visible"

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Date : Tuesday, September 25th, 2012 Time : 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern ( interna tional times here ) Duration : 1 hour Location : In Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate). In 1993 he received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Secondary Mathematics Teaching.

Thursday Interview - Preparing Youth to Engage with the World

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Join me Thursday, November 8th, for a one-hour live and interactive interview (and pre-event for the 2012 Global Education Conference ) with Veronica Boix-Mansilla and Tony Jackson about their free PDF book, Educating for Global Competence : Preparing Our Youth to Engage the World. "In Date : Thursday, November 8th, 2012 Time : 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern ( interna tional times here ) Duration : 1 hour Location : In Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate).

Live Thursday, May 3rd - School Libraries: What’s Now, What’s Next, What’s Yet to Come

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Date : Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 Time : 5pm Pacific / 8 pm Eastern ( interna tional times here ) Duration : 1 hour Location : In Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate). Formerly, she was an elementary school librarian, professional development facilitator, and secondary English teacher. Harada, 2012).

North Carolina's NCLB Waivers: Recipe for Educational Disaster

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Test scores will become the focus, and the education of children will become secondary. A veteran teacher once told me in the early days of my career as an educator, "Be careful what you wish for. When federal and state agenices do away with one policy, they almost always come up with something much worse." In my naivete, I obviously did not believe that.

Creative learning spaces

Learning with 'e's

SCIL is an Australian secondary school that practices teaching and learning within open spaces, where student autonomy and personalisation of learning are top priorities. For me, one of the highlights of the Estonian Elearning Conference in Tallinn was listening to Stephen Harris , principal of the Sydney Centre for Innovations in Learning.

Thursday - Ray McNulty on the Courage to Change Education

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Date : Thursday, December 6th, 2012 Time : 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern ( interna tional times here ) Duration : 1 hour Location : In Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate). During his tenure, Ray focused on aligning the Department of Education''s work on three key issues: early education, educator quality, and secondary school reform.

Digital Learnscapes

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Pelecon 2012 was probably our best conference yet. Pelecon 2012 was the seventh conference, and featured invited speakers including Alec Couros (Canada), Leigh Graves Wolf (USA), Helen Keegan, Simon Finch, Keri Facer, David Mitchell and Jane Hart. We invite submissions from primary, secondary and tertiary education, as well as from learning and development and other training sectors.

Appy-Picking Month: Speech4Good


Take notes following the session about secondary characteristics and types of dysfluencies and save the file to the application. The folks at Balbus Speech in my hometown of Boston have designed an innovative app to visualize speech. Because I have few opportunities to work with fluency clients, Jessica Chase from the wonderful Consonantly Speaking offered to cross-post here as part of Appy-Picking Month. Thanks so much, Jessica!! Please check out her great site.

Live (Early) Friday February 24th with Dennis Littky on Big Picture Schools Schools

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Date : Friday, February 24th, 2012 Time : 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 19:00 GMT ( interna tional times here ) Duration : 1 hour Location : In Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate). He is nationally known for his extensive work in secondary education in urban, suburban, and rural settings, spanning over 40 years.

Learning by making

Learning with 'e's

Whether you are in a primary or secondary school classroom, or in a lecture hall or laboratory in a university, you will almost always see the teacher or lecturer directing proceedings, often from the front, usually 'instructing' their students in same way. The transmission model of learning is still dominant in education.

iPad or iFad?

Learning with 'e's

Another school taking the plunge into 1:1 iPad provision is Mounts Bay Academy, a secondary school near Penzance in Cornwall. In 2002 I was so enthused by the idea that a school could provide one laptop for every child in its school that I launched a major research programme to study one of the first schools in the UK to achieve that goal for each of its 41 Year 6 pupils.

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Thursday Interview - Creating Personal Student Brands

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Date : Thursday, June 7th, 2012 Time : 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern / 12am (next day) GMT ( interna tional times here ) Duration : 1 hour Location : In Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate). Christine is a secondary certified math teacher, with Business Education certification and MSc as K12 certified Instructional Technology Specialist.

Interview on Down the Hall Podcast


We’re familiar with blended and online learning at the post-secondary level, with UBC being heavily involved in implementing such courses with programs like the Master of Educational Technology. Graphic Used Under a CC By-SA 2.0 License I recently had the privilege of being invited to be interviewed on the Down the Hall podcast. Down the Hall is produced by the External Programs and Learning Technologies (EPLT) department of the University of British Columbia.

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Net worth of the iPad

Learning with 'e's

Mounts Bay is one of the secondary schools in the UK that has adopted one iPad per child, and at the cost of over half a million pounds, has been the target for a lot of flak from groups such as the Tax Payers Alliance. Much interest was shown in yesterday's post iPad or iFad? It focused on whether schools should provide iPads for all their students.

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Live Interview Tuesday, January 31st - David Loertscher on Physical and Virtual Learning Commons and Building Personal Learning Environments

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Date : Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 Time : 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern / 1am (next day) GMT ( international times here ) Duration : 1 hour Location : In Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate). He has been a school library media specialist in Nevada and Idaho at both the elementary and secondary school levels.

10Q: Helen Keegan

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In the primary (elementary) and secondary (high) school sectors some can be conspicuous, because through various Teachmeets around the world, and also online during Twitter #edchats, they make their work known to the wider community. We are fortunate to have many innovators in education.

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Reciprocity failure

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Children learn in primary and then secondary school, leaving at around 16 years old to enter vocational education (Further education) or they stay on for another two years (in either secondary school or further education) to gain additional qualifications that will gain them entry into Higher Education. I once trained as a photographer. We learnt a lot of practical skills, such as how to light a subject in studio conditions, and we learnt about exposure rates and shutter speeds.

Steps reunion

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A session led by James Edwards (Saltash School) and Ray Chambers (Lodge Park School, Corby) exposed the many ways in which games based learning can be harnessed in secondary education. How often do you see teachers giving up their precious weekends to spend time learning more about their work? Not often, because most teachers spend what little free time they have marking, preparing lesson plans and generally trying to catch their breath.

Common Core: Addressing Text Complexity through Digital Resources


Secondary examples: Synthesize primary sources of information on the same topic from different perspectives. Compare secondary sources of information to the primary source. The Internet is a key resource for text complexity. We are in a day and age where information and resources are at our fingertips.

How to Have Deeper Learning and Better Schools

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Professor Jal Mehta from the Harvard University School of Education has co-written an award-winning book “ In Search of Deeper Learning ” and reflects on how deeper learning can happen at the secondary level.

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How to Assess with Respect with Starr Sackstein

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In 2011, the Dow Jones News Fund honored Sackstein as a Special Recognition Adviser and 2012 Education Updated recognized her as an outstanding educator. She has made the Bammy Awards finals for Secondary High School Educator in 2014 and for blogging in 2015.

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MasterMind Educator Groups: Build Safe Spaces for Innovation

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In this show, 2012 National Teacher of the Year Rebecca Mieliwocki shares how she has facilitated Mastermind groups successfully. Rebecca Mieliwocki is the 2012 National and California Teacher of the Year. A middle school English teacher for 22 years, Rebecca is now a teacher on special assignment specializing in secondary teacher development for Burbank Unified School District in California.

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