A Commitment to Digital Learning

A Principal's Reflections

New Milford High School proudly joined 37 states, 15,000 teachers, and over 2 million students on February 1 for the inaugural Digital Learning Day. In math, Mrs. Chellani began the lesson with mobile learning devices and Poll Everywhere to review prior learning.

Looking Back At 2011 And Looking Forward To 2012

The Web20Classroom

One of the most useful examples I saw this year was at a Moodle conference where in the digital conference guide was a QR next to each session. If you still wanna learn more you can check out my Livebinder all about QR.

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1:1 iPads and Digital Learning in Belton ISD


Image Source On Tuesday, June 19th, 2012, I attended iPadpalooza at Westlake High School in Austin, Texas. Lessons Learned from and Tips for 1:1 Implementations Staff Development is KEY!!! Give them permission to learn with and from their students.

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School Should Reflect Real Life

A Principal's Reflections

Many of us firmly believe in the potential that technology has to transform the teaching and learning cultures of schools. Whether it is used to enhance lessons, assess learning, engage students, or unleash creativity, technology has a defined role in a variety of school functions.

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Digital learning futures

Learning with 'e's

Digital Learning Futures View more presentations from Steve Wheeler As I write this blog post, the above slideshow has received almost 18,000 views in just 48 hours since it was posted up onto Slideshare. Here's to all the possible futures of learning!

Explore Dozens of Resources for Digital Learning Day 2016!


Are you Prepared to Get Your #DLDay on and Seek new Approaches to Improving Learning Outcomes? “Started in 2012, Digital Learning Day has provided a powerful venue for education leaders to.

Happy Digital Learning Day!

The Playground Advocate

I''ll be the first to say that technology alone will not bring about the joyous learning that is the mark of playground-like classrooms. But when we combine the power of technology with purposeful fun, real learning is obvious through the smiling faces of the kids.

Twitter: A Resource For All

A Principal's Reflections

Video credit: [link] On this, the first Digital Learning Day , I have some questions for those of you reading this post. Everyone that knows me is well aware of my professional affinity for Twitter. As I have previously mentioned many times on this blog, it was Twitter back in March of 2009 that served as a catalyst for my transformation into the leader that I am today.

You may blog, but do you glog?


They''re learning how to embed code, arrange graphics in an aesthetic fashion, search the web, and develop a project that displays their understanding. Students enjoy receiving feedback and seeing their peers reactions as they discuss the learning objectives from the content. digital learning digital posters digital projects free classroom technology free technology for teachers Glogster Glogster Edu students using technology teachers using Glogster web 2.0

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Digital Learning Day 2018 – Challenge Accepted!


Digital Learning Day 2018. On Thursday, February 22nd, tens of thousands of educators and students across the country demonstrated how technology can improve student learning as part of the seventh annual national Digital Learning Day ! Initiated in 2012, Digital Learning Day was designed to encourage educators to be intentional about providing high-quality instruction where technology enhances and strengthens the learning experience for students.

A Conference Not to Be Missed

A Principal's Reflections

The annual Edscape Conference will once again be held at New Milford High School in New Milford, NJ on Saturday October 13, 2012. Hundreds of educators from over seven different states and Canada will once again descend upon my school to learn together and network in an effort to move their respective school cultures down an innovative path. We will explore how learning environments can be established to promote critical thought, inquiry, problem solving, and creativity.

New Posted Resources 02/16/2012

The Web20Classroom

'ASCD Express 6.16 - Energizing a Collaborative Community tags: collaborative community favorite 5 Simple Apps That Let You Do More With Evernote tags: Evernote favorite The Top 10 Best Dropbox Services, Addons and Hacks - TNW Apps tags: Dropbox favorite 10 Elements of High Quality Digital Learning | Digital Learning Now tags: digital E-Learning favorite Creative Commons: an Educational Primer | EdReach tags: copyright creativecommons favorite Mobile Learning For Special Needs tags: ipad apps mlearning Special_Ed favorite teachwatts: iPad Resources Up the Wazoo tags: iPad favorite Facebook For Educators tags: facebook favorite socialmedia socialnetworking iPad Academy - Learn How to Use the iPad | Tutorials, Tips & Training tags: ipad favorite 32 Ways to Use Google Apps in the Classroom https://docs.google.com/a/web20classroom.org/present/view?id=ddwwqq6t_22g7rmsjgk tags: google google apps favorite Internet Safety for High School Kids Tips | Common Sense Media tags: internet safety high school favorite EdTech Toolbox: Web 2.0 Tools by Task tags: web2.0 tools favorite Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.'

State and District Leadership Discuss Digital Learning Opportunities


SETDA’s latest research, Navigating the Digital Shift 2018: Broadening Student Learning Opportunities , highlights how state policies are supporting the transformation to digital learning. Of course, schools can’t make the switch to digital overnight.

Learning at the Speed of Technology - David Jakes


Notes from David Jakes Keynote Fall 2012 TCEA TECSIG Meeting October 4, 2012 Austin, Texas All resources posted at davidjakes.me a peer-driven, interest-driven, and unregulated digital media channel. DIGITAL = DISRUPTIVE Mission vs Vision - What''s the difference?

Why Chromebooks Have Expanded in K-12 Classrooms


To put that number in perspective, in 2012, Chromebooks made up less than a single percent of the education market, according to Computerworld. And how do teachers and students use these devices for learning? Digital Learning Chromebooks WiFi for Students

iPads in Students' Hands


They were completely engaged and paid more attention to their learning and why it was important. 21st Century Learning differentiated instruction iPad Professional Development This was our first year with iPads in the elementary classrooms, purchased with Title funding.

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Lessons from Digital Learning Day

Educator Innovator

Digital Learning Day (DLD), held on February 5, immersed kids from coast to coast in activities like tinkering with robotics, penning blog posts, and painting digital canvases. The next DLD isn’t until next year, but thanks to social media it’s easy to look back at all the amazing ways kids engaged with digital learning at this year’s event. ( #DLDay even trended on Twitter!). By 2012, it had risen to 88 percent. By Kathleen Costanza.

Working out the Worksheet

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

Prior to the digital revolution, I used worksheets as the hub for lessons and content. Now that the digital revolution is in full swing, I am trying to devise means for moving to a paperless and digital classroom while facing the following challenges: Availability of technology: there is a reason why I''m focused on BYOD with this blog; I do not teach in a 1:1 district.

Technology Alone is not a Silver Bullet for School Improvement.


I have been here since 2003 and I am "digital native" but I have taught here both before and after the laptops. Additionally, the things I ask my students to do in class allow me to truly see their creativity shine, and demonstrate their true gifts, and their actual learning, so I learn to see the student behind the textbook so to speak. We use a lot of project-based learning where students are involved in collaborative problem solving of real-world problems.

Are We There Yet? Integrating Tech & Learning #SXSWedu


Notes from panel discussion/concurrent session at SXSWedu 2012 Geoff Wurzel, TechNet Wurzel was one of the influencers on Senate Bill 6 and the creation of the Instructional Materials Allotment in Texas. Rob Lippincott, PBS PBS is working toward making more content digital (after spending over 40 years making TV educational). Examples of their initiatives include PBS TeacherLine, PBS LearningMedia, CPB Ready to Learn (PBS Kids), PBS Kids Lab (learning games).

Thursday - Tom Vander Ark on Getting Smart

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Join me today, Thursday, September 27th, for a one-hour live and interactive FutureofEducation.com interview with Tom Vander Ark on his book, Getting Smart : How Digital Learning is Changing the World. Tom is founder of GettingSmart.com , and also CEO of Open Education Solutions and a partner in Learn Capital, a venture capital firm investing in learning content, platforms, and services with the goal of transforming educational engagement, access, and effectiveness.

Live Thursday, February 2nd - Panel on Personal Learning Profiles

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Join me today, Thursday, February 2nd, for a live and interactive FutureofEducation.com panel discussion on "Personal Learning Profiles," also referred to in variously as "personal success plans," "learner profiles," or "personalized learning paths."

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Blended Learning in AJUSD


We want classrooms filled with student collaboration and discussion about their learning, connecting to the world around them. Some rights reserved by tgbarrett Blended learning Students learn in different ways, and at different paces.

The Social Learning Summit Is Tomorrow - Online and Free

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 21st, is worldwide 2012 Social Learning Summit , a one-day virtual conference being held as a partnership of Classroom 2.0 in teaching and learning, and the URL for attending is [link]. Hall Social Networking to Promote Language Learning by Revathi Viswanathan Student Learning 24/7! Creating and Connecting with Digital Stories in the Early Years by Jason Graham WoW - We''re Reading, Reflecting and Working as a Team!

Live Interview Tuesday, January 17th - Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach on "The Connected Educator"

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

In The Connected Educator, authors Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Lani Ritter Hall integrate professional development that is currently working in schools with a new model connected learning communities. Connected learning communities are a three-pronged approach to effective professional development using the local (professional learning community), contextual (personal learning network), and global (community of practice) environments.

Online Degrees Slowdown: A Review of MOOC Stats and Trends in 2019


This wave of activity and spending by MOOC providers and universities gave me a feeling of deja vu: it reminded me of the 2012 MOOC hype. Education Technology Digital Credentials Digital Learning in Higher Ed Higher Education MOOCs

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The Winners and Filmstrips of An (Almost) Decade in Education Technology


Marie Cini is the president of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning. I define education technology as any tool that supports learning, digital or not. But today, edtech is commonly understood to mean digital technology. Learning analytics. Digital badges.

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Learn how the Alliance for Excellent Education can help you and your students! | @All4ed


Jeff sits down with Terri Schwartzbeck and Sam Patterson to discuss the Alliance for Excellent Education, Digital Learning Day and how you can have a Future Ready School. Show Topics * The Alliance for Excellent Education * 4th Annual Digital Learning Day * What is Future Ready?

Helping Teachers Provide a Deeper Reading Experience

EdNews Daily

Jay Goyal, the CEO and Co-Founder of Actively Learn, began his journey to EdTech after graduating from Duke University with a B.S. He then arrived at Microsoft where he met up with his childhood friend Deep Sran, and together they founded Actively Learn.

More MOOC Madness? UK’s FutureLearn Raises $65M to Expand Global Footprint


FutureLearn launched with a dozen university partners in 2012, the same year that other MOOC platform providers—namely Coursera, edX and Udacity—also launched and whose growth have somewhat overshadowed FutureLearn’s (at least here among U.S.

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Tackling the education-to-employment gap

The Christensen Institute

Earlier this year, CareerBuilder and Capella Learning Solutions announced an innovative partnership, RightSkill , to bridge the growing talent gap in the United States. Qualified job seekers are enrolled in a RightSkill learning experience to learn, refine, and practice their job-ready skills.

Moving From 5% to 85% Completion Rates for Online Courses


However, since 2012—when MOOCs gained widespread recognition —instructional designers have made significant strides in designing scalable learning experiences that people successfully finish. Avoid on-demand learning and instead impose deadlines.

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Shifting to digital – what is the story ?


Since SETDA’s seminal 2012 resource, Out of Print: Reimagining the K-12 Textbook in the Digital Age, traditionalists take comfort in the fact that in spite. Best Practices Digital Content Digital Learning Interoperability OER Policy digital content digital learning leadership open educational resources policy procurement

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A Case for Educational Innovation Without ‘Disruption’


There’s a budding field called the science of teaching and learning, where scholars are figuring out what works when it comes to educating students. Learn More at www.destinationsacademy.com/school-districts. There’s actually more going on than in 2012 when the bubble happened.


How a University Took on the Textbook Industry


Perched in lime green desk chairs, dozens of employees of OpenStax work here to transform physics, calculus and psychology materials into digital textbooks that students can study at no cost. The books are openly licenced, digital-first and free.