Happy Holidays & a Look Back on the Best of 2012 from @KleinErin at Kleinspiration


Thank you all for helping to make 2012 very merry! A Few Highlights from 2012 Though there were so many terrific items and ideas shared, below are a few of my personal favorites. Students can retell main parts of a book, report on a historical event, or explain steps in a math problem.

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The Biggest Give-Away Yet - Thank You Readers and my Personal Learning Network!


Rejecting book reports, comprehension worksheets, and other aspects of conventional instruction, Miller embraces giving students an individual choice in what they read, combined with a program for independent reading. Omg - Really - I have the Best of Friends & Supportive Readers!

NearPod - create and share lessons on iPads in classroom - free

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Students receive content and assessments on their device and then can submit answers and responses. The teacher can use the Reporting tool to monitor what the students are doing and collect their responses, assess their learning and gather data.

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Mastery Connect: Expanded Features for Free Users


Mastery Connect, winners of the 2011 Edublog Award for Best Mobile App, understands that they cannot achieve their goal of helping teachers share and discover common assessments, track mastery of standards, and collaborate in a global professional learning community by resting on their laurels.

Put Your Year End Funds to Work with TenMarks


Personalized Learning - Assessment data + engaging, smart worksheets = differentiated learning at its best. Assessment with Intent - Identify learning gaps and reinforce concepts to build strong math foundations.

Engage With Your Learning Community: MasteryConnect (a CommonCore Resource)


MasteryConnect makes it simple to share and discover common formative assessments and track mastery of state and Common Core standards. You can now view common assessments on the iPad.

I have a confession.

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

I''ve been teaching for 14 years and I can''t get students to improve their writing based on my assessment alone no matter how many times I try. I try and band-aid the situation telling the students (and myself) the process will be assessed on Marking Period A, while the final product will be part of Marking Period B''s grade (ok, in rare cases Marking Period C or D). The other part of the problem is in the assessment from the teacher and the effects (or lack of) of the assessment.

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How teaching informed by Assessment fosters student Self-Management Skills: Simplifying Approaches to Teaching & Learning Series (Part 6)


We conclude this series with the last but not least IB requirements for teaching and learning in the Diploma Programme (DP): assessment and self-management skills. This final installment covers h ow to cultivate students’ self-management skills through teaching informed by assessment.

On the Horizon: Harnessing Emerging Technologies in Education #SXSWedu


Notes from opening session of SXSWedu 2012. Keynote Speaker: Larry Johnson , New Media Consortium NOTE: New Media Consortium folks have produced the Horizon Reports for the past 10 years. The NMC Horizon Report is not available weekly. Reflections of what has been learned by Horizon Reports over the past 10 years: Larry''s Big Takeaway after 10 years: Our strategic thinking is increasingly based on world that no longer exists.

Report Highlights Epidemic of Chronic Absences

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A new report suggests that significant education achievement gaps present across the country exist due to the increasing frequency of chronic absenteeism, especially among low-income and minority students. The report stresses the importance of looking at all causes of chronic absenteeism.

Technology Alone is not a Silver Bullet for School Improvement.


First, because it reported that in order to afford the cost of the 1:1 program the district actually downsized its staff and increased class sizes. Salaries are the largest part of our budget and I would encourage everyone to view our annual report which details our budget. We use our own internal data as formative assessments at regular intervals to prepare for those state tests.

Are We There Yet? Integrating Tech & Learning #SXSWedu


Notes from panel discussion/concurrent session at SXSWedu 2012 Geoff Wurzel, TechNet Wurzel was one of the influencers on Senate Bill 6 and the creation of the Instructional Materials Allotment in Texas. Assessments for Learning IV. Why haven''t we heard of the Project Red report? Answers: The report has been highly publicized.

Web 2.0 Tools


They have to write a report, and create a presentation. This required students to type a report in a word processing document, then use poster board to cut out, and paste, draw, sketch, etc. Perfect for self-assessment purposes for foreign language classrooms.

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Goodbye ABCs: How One State is Moving Beyond Grade Levels and Graded Assessments


The program—short for “no grades, no grades”—is hallmarked by the schools shifting to a more competency-based assessment structure and removal of grade levels. that of 'Grades,'” Earick writes in an upcoming report on the project. Those barriers include “(1) student assessments that don't accurately reflect students’ true understandings and skills and (2) methods for grouping students (by age) that often poorly align to their true needs as learners.”.

Elizabeth Merritt on Museums and the Future of Learning

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

With co-author with Scott Kratz, in the report " Museums and the Future of Education ," she writes: The U.S. As her report concludes: The future of education may well be one characterized by self-directed, passion-based learning.

Lessons from WDW 4: Care

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It means constantly assessing every part of the organization to see that examples of the quality are celebrated and that negative examples are prevented. Do set clear expectations and strategies for how those values will guide the work of those who report to you?

Learner analytics

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As was identified in the 2011 NMC Horizon Report ( I served on the advisory board of the UK JISC version), it seems that learner analytics is going to be a big thing for education over the next four to five years.

Live Thursday, April 12th - Marc Tucker on Redesigning American Education Based on the World's Best Education Systems

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Date : Thursday, April 12th, 2012 Time : 5pm Pacific / 8 pm Eastern ( interna tional times here ) Duration : 1 hour Location : In Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate). Join me Thursday, April 12th, for live and interactive FutureofEducation.com conversation with Marc S.

GlassLab Set Out to Prove Games Could Assess Learning. Now It’s Shutting Down.


Launched in 2012 with a three-year, $10.2 million grant from the Gates Foundation and MacArthur Foundation, GlassLab aimed to prove that educational games could be just as fun as their mainstream titles, and serve as reliable formative assessment tools. The first word in GlassLab’s name stands for games, learning and assessment). The games also offered teachers reports on how their students were faring on learning objectives, based on their gameplay actions. “We

Touch and go

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I have contributed to the dialogue on this blog and there is much to discuss in relation to pedagogy, teacher roles, assessment and curriculum issues. Entitled ' The iPad as a Tool for Education ' the report is one of the most comprehensive yet on the impact of tablets in schools.

Appy-Picking Month: Speech4Good


In addition, I have been attending a workshop focusing on fluency assessment and therapy in which the application was recommended as one way to visually/auditorily practice fluency techniques. Use the information found in your speech report.

SmartAsset Report Analyzes Best Places to Be a Teacher

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports the median annual pay for elementary and kindergarten teachers was roughly 40.4% The City and other portions of Pennsylvania ranked fourth in the 2012 Thomas B. (Photo: Pixabay, Creative Commons).

Part 4: Pacing and Scheduling

The Electric Educator

Image by Tricia Wang via Flickr In our courses, everything is given a due date: reading, projects, labs, videos, and assessments. We can pull reports detailing a students activity for each day.

Transactional and Negotiated knowledge

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In the study, transactional knowledge or knowledge that was represented in a format that was identifiable, could take the form of documents, models, visual representations, interviews or testimonials, assessments such as quizzes and tests, credentials such as diplomas or training credits, web or training tools, and brands. The quarterly report was important to the organization because it could be used as currency for future projects with the project funder.

Math Scores Drop, But Achievement Gap Narrows for U.S. Teens in International PISA Assessment


The results are in: The National Center for Education Statistics today released its findings for the 2015 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). The assessment, which has been administered every three years since 2000, measures math, science and reading literacy of 15-year-olds in 73 education systems around the globe. average math literacy score fell 18 points below the 2009 average and 12 points below the 2012 average.

Spending on Ed-Tech Hardware Hits $15B Worldwide, Report Finds

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billion added since 2012, said Colin Messenger, senior analyst at Futuresource Consulting, in a release about the company’s most recent study, “Technology in Education: Global Trends, Universe Spend and Market Outlook.”

Has the Game Really Changed? Reporter’s Notebook from the 2017 Games for Change Festival


GlassLab , a nonprofit backed by the MacArthur Foundation and Gates Foundation to build learning games, assessment dashboards and a distribution portal, used to feature prominently in the event but has since been in limbo. Across all domains, language gains are one of the biggest effect sizes,” she says, referencing a 2012 study published in the Review of Educational Research.

Education Behemoth Pearson to Cut 4,000 Employees, 10 Percent of Workforce

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” New school accountability measures in England and Wales caused a steep drop in vocational course-taking, from 700,000 enrollments in 2012 to 320,000 in 2015. The announcement about Pearson’s job cuts came in the company’s January trading update, in which the company said it expected to report adjusted operating profits of £720 million for 2015. Marketplace K-12 adaptive Assessment blended learning Financial Reports Online Learning Pearson

Race to the Top Damage Assessment: A 21st Century Principal's Perspective

The 21st Century Principal

When the 2012 PISA scores were released, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan declared the American Education system “stagnant.” Duncan''s Department of Education and President Obama even released a report, not independently created mind you, to declare how successful their Race to the Top program has been. He said the results were “straightforward and stark: It is a picture of educational stagnation.” Whether or not that’s true is debatable.

Learning Revolution - Week's Free Events - RSCON5 - The Wonderment - ISTE Reports - Genius Hour for Teachers

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The professional development offered in the Summer Institute 2014 will provide you with resources, strategies, curriculum design, assessments and more! Conference strands include Game-Based Learning: How to Use Games in Educational Settings, Games & Assessment, Connecting Educators With Game Developers: Make Your Voices Heard, Students as Content Creators & Game Designers, Research on Game-Based Learning, and Professional Development.

Finding the Ideal Front-of-Classroom Interactive Display

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Student feedback and assessment with optional audience response accessories. Large-format touchscreen LED displays, introduced in 2012, offered a new alternative with expanded benefits, reduced maintenance requirements and better overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

Why Technology in Classrooms Doesn’t Always Boost Education Results

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Here’s why: “The report suggested that “we have not yet become good enough at the kind of pedagogues that make the most of technology; that adding 21st century technologies to 20th century teaching practices will just dilute the effectiveness of teaching.”. This report is no surprise.

Research shows lower test scores for fourth graders who use tablets in schools

The Hechinger Report

A Reboot Foundation report finds a negative tie between the use of tablets in school and fourth-grade reading scores. Photo: Tara García Mathewson/The Hechinger Report.

The Edtech Revolution: 2010 – 2017


In 2012, Chromebooks accounted for only 1% of the devices sold to US classrooms; now, they make up more than half of the edtech market. “More tech-based monitoring and assessment tools will be incorporated into to the instructional mix.”

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AI, Personalized Learning Are a Dynamic Duo for K–12 Classrooms

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Currently, the primary ways adaptive software adapt are with content, assessment , and sequence. . Truely adaptive software can assess, deliver content, and modify a student’s path through curriculum according to a set of programmed instructional heuristics.