2012 Presidential Election Knowledge Cards: Complete Student Candidate Guide via @Citelighter


2012 Presidential Election Knowledge Cards by Citelighter I wanted to share with you a Presidential Debate Ontology that about a dozen Knowledge Experts (college students from top 25 universities, and top 5% of their class) created. You can access the individual knowledge cards by clicking on the colored dots. Click Here to Access the Free Presidential Election Knowledge Cards! If you''d like a premium access code, please contact me by clicking here !

Your All Access Pass to the Bammy Awards!


2012 I recently had the pleasure of attending the first ever Bammy Awards in Washington D.C. For the June 11, 2012 press release, click here. 2012 Bammy Awards awards for education Bammy Awards education awards teacher award teacher awards Twitterati Nick Provenzano, Eric Sheninger, Kyle Pace, Erin Klein, Joan Young, Adam Bellow The Bammy Awards Washington D.C. this September. The Bammys are presented by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International.


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Looking Back At 2011 And Looking Forward To 2012

The Web20Classroom

This idea of access to education is only going to grow, I believe, into something pretty amazing. Its the access to information and the ability to create new learning that''s important. For the past few years ( here and here ) I started a tradition (if we can call it that) where I look back at the year in #edtech and try to make predictions as to what''s going to take hold in the coming year. No science behind any of this.

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2012 Edublog Award Nominations


Best educational wiki Karen Janowski and Joyce Valenza''s UDL Tech Toolkit is a one-stop shop for tools to help any learner access the curriculum. Best mobile app Toontastic , again, cause Animation=Language, and because Launchpad has continued to develop context and allowed school-based SLPs to access them with the All-access Pass.

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2012 miGoogle Conference

The Electric Educator

Over the past few months I have been busy coordinating the first annual Michigan Google Apps Summit ( miGoogle ). While it was a lot of work, I was excited to be able to help provide an opportunity for educators from around the state to learn and collaborate together. The summit was made possible by sponsorship from Google, MACUL and Southfield Christian School. Over 300 educators from around the state, representing 100 school districts, were in attendance.

2012 Edublog Award Nominations


My 2012 Edublog Award Nominations Are: Best Individual Blog: Cool Cat Teacher by Vicki Davis Vicki not only blogs about education and educational technology, but she also shares her personal struggles balancing family and professional life. There are advertisements on the site, but when you are accessing a training video, you no longer see the ads. It is Edublog Award nomination time again!

ATIA Orlando 2012 Presentation


The presentation is called Links to Content and talks specifically about resources that make curriculum content more interactive and visual and, therefore, more accessible to students with language and other difficulties. This has always been one of my passions, as I think SLPs (and others) can play a big role in helping students with "entry points" to abstract curriculum topics, and that both web interactives and now mobile apps can provide those accessible (and fun!)

Google now has one click access to Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Educational Technology Guy

Google just announced this week a nice addition to Google Drive - the ability to immediately start a new document. Instead of having to go into Drive and then click on New , you can install Docs (documents), Sheets (spreadsheets) and Slides (presentations) as apps from the Chrome Web Store and use them to immediately start a new file. The shortcuts appear as apps on the new tab page in Chrome. Docs, Sheets, and Slides will appear in your apps list on a Chromebook by default.

Global Competencies and the Common Core

A Principal's Reflections

I attended a session at the 2012 ASCD Annual Conference early on Saturday morning entitled Common Core and Curriculum 21: Global Competency in Literacy, Math, and Science. 21st Century Skills ASCD 2012 Common Core The session was facilitated by an organization called Facing the Future. As we move to the Common Core it is crucial that we sustain a renewed focus on engaging students using global issues across multiple disciplines to keep them hooked and in position for achievement.

mauilibrarian2's Nominations for the 2012 Edublog Awards #eddies12

mauilibrarian2 in Olinda

My nominations for the 2012 EduBlogs Awards are all about being inspired and helped throughout this year. I access it via paper.li. I highly recommend and nominate: Best group blog - Hawaii Book Blog (soon to be Hawaii Reads). Yes, I know it''s a local blog, but Misty-Lynn and Alex give me hope for the future. Every state should have young people like these to carry on and spread the love of books and reading. Best class blog - Mrs. Yollis'' Classroom Blog.

Black Menu - access all of your Google apps from here - Chrome ext

Educational Technology Guy

It installs into your browser and gives you instant access to all of Google''s apps and tools, including Google+, Calendar, Tasks, Maps, Play and more. All of your Gmail labels, recent Docs in Drive, along with folder and other access. Black Menu is a great, powerful, resource that makes accessing your Google apps and tools easier, faster, and more convenient. I''m a huge user of Google''s many apps and services.

miGoogle Conference | Oct. 19, 2012

The Electric Educator

19, 2012 at Southfield Christian School in Southfield, Michigan. Circle" the miGoogle Google+ Page for conference updates and access to our live-stream Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I would like to extend a personal invitation to attend the first annual Michigan Google in Education Summit (miGoogle). This one-day conference will be held on Oct. Speaking proposals are currently being accepted. Submit your proposal an our speaker page.

K-6 Reading Lessons: Common Core Aligned


Reading Works is a Gem for Standards Aligned K-6 Reading Lessons click on any image to access the specific part of the site What is Reading Works ? There are free tutorials to go along with the unlimited access to lessons and passages! You will not be able to access your files. per their site : ReadWorks is presented by educators and the not-for-profit organization Urban Education Exchange (a 501c3).

Conferring Notes & Student Data (Paperless) with the Confer App - created by a National Board Certified Teacher!


My point: though my binders and templates are fantastic, I''m finding that they are becoming cumbersome when trying to access during instruction. Confer: The app that organizes your conferring notes and student data Though I''m considered to be a ''tech-savvy teacher,'' I still struggle with letting go of certain paper systems I''m use to. I feel like I''ve mastered the perfect templates and spreadsheets for so many of my note taking strategies and record keeping binders.

The Biggest Give-Away Yet - Thank You Readers and my Personal Learning Network!


I use these in my classroom on metal rings so that they are accessible to any student in math centers. Omg - Really - I have the Best of Friends & Supportive Readers! scroll all the way down to enter the give-away * Many of my teacher friends often do give-aways to honor and thank their loyal readers. Though my subscriber number reaches well over 1,000, I''ve been planning on doing a give-away once my Google Friend Connect number reached 1,000.

Save, Share, and Organize each Lesson and Classroom Activity with @TeamClaco


Just like with Dropbox, I can access my content from any computer. Once you are logged into Claco, you gain access to all of the free content shared on the site. Click here to subscribe to me and access all of my content and files! I have a few Free Invites for Immediate Access : Click Here to get right in to explore Claco!

So.You Wanna Make Your Own Books and Texbooks

The Web20Classroom

Apple iBooks Author ( [link] )- If you use or have access to a Mac, you definitely should check out the iBooks Author. For many teachers the traditional textbook just doesn''t cut it any more. Between the rapid pace at which information changes and rising cost, many are looking for alternatives. Believe it or not, there are lots of options out there, if you know where to look and you are willing to get your hands dirty. The best part? Kids can create these using any of the tools below.

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Free Common Core Aligned Lessons and Web 2.0 Games to Play on your SMART Board!


I saved each grade level''s lessons and activities within my ClassConnect files for easy access. Here is my post earlier in the week that explains ClassConnect a bit more: click here Step 1 : sign up ( click here ) Once you sign up, you can access all of my free Common Core files - click here Step 2 : start adding your content (files/websites/etc.) Attention: FREE Lessons and Interactive Resources! I am a BIG FAN of open source sharing and teacher collaboration.

Another great feature of Evernote - integrated in Outlook

Educational Technology Guy

It allows me to keep everything - notes, files, and more all accessible anywhere on any device. It also means I can access all of this from anywhere, very easily. I have my important personal and work notebooks set up to offline sync on my smartphone and Nexus 7 tablet so I can always access them, and I have the desktop versions of Evernote at work and home for offline access and backup. I love Evernote. It''s no surprise.

The Foundations of Flipping


And I worry that when "flipping" involves technology, that we''re overlooking access issues. That is, not everyone has hardware, software, high-speed Internet access at home. Best Practices for Teaching Today "Kids don''t show up to learn new stuff. They show up to apply the things they''ve learned at home." Aaron Sams As a new teacher, I often seek advice from other mentors.

My Experience as a Paramedic on 9-11-01

Educational Technology Guy

The Coast Guard had Liberty Island completely blocked from all access. I am a paramedic and I was an Aerospace Engineer before I became a teacher. On this 11th anniversary of that horrible day, I would like to share my experience of that event. I was working at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford, CT as an engineer on that day. We started to get information from phone calls and then we all started checking the internet for news.

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5 Different Ways Technology Has Made Learning Easier - guest post

Educational Technology Guy

And the best part about it is that you can access a lot of it for free. Technology in education has been a hot topic for a while now and understandably so, especially as it continues to grow in importance in our personal, educational, and professional lives. Each facet of technology plays a different part in the way that both teachers teach and students learn. These five technological breakthroughs have all helped improve education and the ease with which students comprehend lessons: 1.

Claco: a free social search engine for content, lessons, and interactive resources!


Click Here to Access my Reading Workshop files! and Click Here to Access my entire Claco Teaching Portfolio! Get your Invitation to Access the Site : Because Claco is in private beta, they''re only able to accept a limited number of applicants at a time. If you''d like access to the site, simply mention "Kleinspiration" in the about section when you sign up. Click here for your guaranteed invitation to access the site! First 50 will get automatic access*.

LeVar Burton - Keynote Speaker #SXSWedu 2012


Making great literature accessible and available to the masses. Will the new app effort include plans to help lower income children access the learning? Srtategic alliances are being created to help with access. We are at an interesting intersection of opportunity between education and technology. As we move forward into the new era of the intersection of technology and education, there are a couple of fundamental tenets he would like to see us to not leave behind.

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4 Ways Technology Helps To Diversify Education

Educational Technology Guy

This way, teachers can access a child’s full understanding and see clearly where the breakdown in understanding is. Parents also have greater access to their child’s progress and are better able to support the schools efforts from home. Written by Jonathan Trent — Writer for NextUC.com , providing expertise in everything from Microsoft Lync to video conferencing to online collaboration software.

Thinking of a new book for the holidays?


So, don''t worry if you don''t have Internet access. I''m offering the book at 25% off for a limited time through December 2, 2012. Amazing Grades! 101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster This past summer I was asked to contribute a chapter to a collaborative project that was happening worldwide. Pat Wyman , international best selling author, has assembled experts from 13 countries around the world to add their best-practices for improving grades.

Implications of the 2012 NMC Horizon Report for 21st Century School Leaders

The 21st Century Principal

This reminder is the 2012 NMC Horizon Report K-12 Edition ( You can download it here. 2012 NMC Horizon Report Near Adoption Technologies Where is technology going in the next 5 years, and what might be some things we can expect as educational leaders? Here''s what the 2012 NMC Horizon Report outlines as the technologies closest to adoption in our schools. Schools are implementing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies that allow students Wi-Fi access using their smartphones.

Launching Writing Workshop: 25 Free #CCSS Lessons with Anchor Charts & Printables


Unit 1 Launching With Small Moments Companion Resource Materials to Support the Lessons: anchor charts and printables Unit 1 Launching With Small Moments Resources Another way to access these free lessons and resources : 1. 25 Common Core Lessons to Launch your 2nd Grade Writer''s Workshop Fall is my favorite season for several reasons. I love the smell of my pumpkin vanilla candles filling the air, the crisp nip in the air, and the anticipation of returning to school.

Bringing the Garden Inside: A Look Into My Classroom!


As children write, I wanted this board to be in an open space that is easily accessible. My Classroom Space I changed the layout of my room a bit from last year. Upon entering, you use to step into our classroom library; however, I realized I wanted a large, open space that lent itself not only to reading but also to game play and collaboration. As soon as you step through our double french doors, you will see our art supplies on the left.

Flipping.It's Not Just For The Classroom

The Web20Classroom

It is becoming very popular in math classrooms because of the ease of access to content through sites like Khan Academy and others. I''ve recently returned from a trip out to San Diego for #ISTE12. While there you could definitely sense several themes with the participants, sessions, and vendors. STEM was one. iPad and other Tablet cases, charging stations and protection plans was another. But overall the biggest topic that people wanted to talk about was Flipping the classroom.

Edmodo - first year using it with my students - so far, AWESOME!

Educational Technology Guy

I can post the information to join the Evernote Group, the online textbook access codes, and much more here and only the students in my class can see it. Parent access. I am currently setting up parent access to Edmodo. For the last few years I''ve used a website and blog to communicate with students, hold online discussions, offer help and post resources. Maintaining the two different systems wasn''t always easy, there were features I wanted, and it was all public.

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How would you like to access the first chapter of any book for free? What about your students?


Book Daily: Book Samples for Book Lovers Take advantage of the benefits of becoming a BookDaily member: Add sample chapters to your sample shelf and have them delivered directly to your inbox. Follow your favorite authors with BookDaily''s "Author Circle" program. Easy email subscription management. Post comments, rate and review books. Personalize your profile with avatars. Print custom bookmarks of your favorite titles and authors.

Web 2.0 Social Networking Tools: A Quick Guide


He has also made it really easy to access this resource along with many others on his Scoop.it If you''d like quick access to his Web 2.0 Web 2.0 Tools in Education Series Social Networking Tools: A Quick Guide Wouldn''t it be nice if there was a resource that explained, in detail, everything you needed to know about social networking: what tools were available, how to sign up, getting started, etc.?

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Why You Should Give Edmodo A Try

The Web20Classroom

This also gives them access to the gradebook (if you want to use that feature.) Recently I attended the North Carolina Technology In Education Society''s (NCTIES) Annual Conference. Each year it gets bigger and bigger and we try to find more and more ways to engage with the attendees to make the conference more meaningful and to carry on conversations beyond just the sessions. So this year we did something new. We partnered with Edmodo to create the NCTIES community.

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Web 2.0 Sharing Tools: A Quick Guide


Google Docs is a platform that is easily accessible and many feel comfortable with. Sharing Tools: A Quick Guide He has also made it really easy to access this resource along with many others on his Scoop.it If you''d like quick access to his Web 2.0 Web 2.0

Tools 179