Bloom's Taxonomy and a Praying Mantis


The students realized that writing a report would be at this level because they were applying some structure and organization to their new knowledge from what they understood. 21st Century Learning collaboration differentiated instruction Innovation PBL

Inspiring Elementary Learners


21st Century Research Report Watching the 5th grade kids at Four Peaks Elementary School collaborate on 21st century state reports reminded me of Reflections of a Techie''s post about the importance of digital research to survive in the post K-12 world.

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Choice Boards for Language Arts


A teacher recently asked me for suggestions for her choice board to differentiate a novel. Options for Choice Boards for Differentiating Novels : Become one of the characters in your book. Act as a news anchor or reporter and publicize an event from the book. differentiated instruction Decide what motivates him/her and what his/her goals are. What would that person want to achieve or need from others if this person were alive today?

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Projects are not Project-Based Learning


Instead, teach it through direct instruction, look it up online or in a book, and then move on. That might be good differentiated instruction, but that does not make it PBL. A project may look appealing, but is it project-based learning?

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Million-Dollar Advice: The High Cost and Limited Return on Personalized Learning Consulting


Ron Ashkenas, partner emeritus of Schaffer Consulting School districts around the country are adopting personalized learning—a pedagogy often described as a way to encourage learning that is individualized, differentiated and student-driven through technology. But for others, the teacher is still central to the picture, using technology as a means to support differentiated instruction. Probably not because we're not there every day providing the instruction.”

The Never-Ending Story: Procedures vs. Understanding in Math

K-12 Schools - Education News

In getting from Point A to Point B, the visitor may be given instruction that consists of taking main roads; the route is simple enough so that he is not overburdened by complex instructions. 2011). Foundations of success: Final report. Leaming and Instruction, Vol.