Learning Styles: Fact or Fiction? What This Decades-Old Theory Can Teach Us


2] Whether the evidence points for or against learning styles, however, this theory can remind us that some students may need individualized instruction or resources to best help them learn. How to Shift from Learning Styles to Differentiated Instruction.

Bloom's Taxonomy and a Praying Mantis


Together, we created some criteria for how we would assess it. 21st Century Learning collaboration differentiated instruction Innovation PBL

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Grow a Learning Culture through Peer Coaching


Teching it Up K-12 -- Success Stories, Part 2 In Part 1 of "Teching it Up K-12 -- Success Stories," originally presented at the Arizona CIO/CTO Forum 2011 , we focused on the importance of a learning-centric vision.

Math in One-to-One


She grouped them according to pre-test data and ongoing formative assessment. Wells the opportunity to work with all the students, tailoring instruction to their individual needs. 21st Century Learning differentiated instruction One-to-One

21st Century Learning & Writing


There should be a balance between teacher led instruction and student led discussion, interaction, and collaboration. Final remarks Writing should be learned through a balance of instruction, collaboration , peer discussion, application, and reflection. The #elemchat on Dec.

Projects are not Project-Based Learning


Does the assessment measure the learning? Instead, teach it through direct instruction, look it up online or in a book, and then move on. That might be good differentiated instruction, but that does not make it PBL.

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Learning in Hand

Enhancing Instruction with Digital Games by Andrew Miller Uncover how and why games engage us in specific and meaningful ways. Pick and play games for intentional moments in the classroom, such formative assessment, differentiated instruction, and reflection to name a few.